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Will Desktop as a Service disappear in 10 years?

Service providers today offer a variety of cloud services, from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to Hosted VoIP (or UCaaS).

Big Data in the Cloud at Google I/O

Last week was a great party for the entire Google developer family, including Google Cloud Platform. And within the Cloud Platform, Big Data processing services. Which is where my focus has been in the almost two years I’ve been at Google.

It started with a bang, when our fearless leader Urs unveiled Cloud Dataflow in the keynote. Supported by a very timely demo (streaming analytics for a World Cup game) by my colleague Eric.

After the keynote, we had three live sessions:

How to get past the confidence crisis in cloud computing

More and more businesses are considering adopting cloud computing, drawn by the huge savings and benefits the cloud can provide. However, a perceived lack of confidence in cloud-based technologies is seen as one of the biggest barriers to adoption.

Clean Cloud Is the Future

You don’t have to be an environment activist to support green cloud computing. When thinking about the cloud, we typically have images of a remote place in the sky where people store documents, photos and music, yet the reality is a little different.

Cloud backup for small businesses

If you’re a business owner, preparing for the unexpected is critical.  If you run a small business, one of the important decisions you have to make is in regards to the backup and recovery of your company’s critical data.

How about some Data-as-a-Service for your enterprise?

Data as a Service (DaaS) – not to be confused with Desktop as a Service – has been called the “cousin” of software as a service.

Mobile cloud computing is on the rise

The widespread adoption of cloud computing and mobile is changing our lives, the way we do business and how we handle our day-to-day chores. In many ways, mobility and cloud computing play a significant role from both a consumer and enterprise user standpoint.

Cloud Computing Solves The Problem

The world is changing. Massive urbanization, inadequate transportation systems and increasingly limited energy resources are all affecting how we live today and in the future.

Hybrid cloud is gaining ground

Now that we all have our “heads” in the cloud, it’s important to understand where we are headed with Hybrid Clouds.

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