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Oracle cloud computing resources, news, and support articles.

How about a cloud assessment?

In a world where everyone is becoming more interested in cloud computing, I believe that awareness regarding the potential and scope of cloud has significant importance.

Happy clouding, 2014!

2014 is going to be an especially exciting year for cloud computing, don’t you think? With the triumph of cloud computing underway, this year will surely hold great developments in the field.

Cloud assessments make the smoothest cloud migrations

Cloud computing has proven its value to enterprises and service providers. On the business side, the cloud represents potentially lower costs thanks to pay-as-you-go pricing and the option to scale easily as the user base grows.

The ROI of Cloud Migration

The ability to calculate the ROI of cloud computing is not a simple exercise, as most people would prefer to think.

Rebuilding applications for the cloud

Enterprise cloud computing is a massive game changer, and the next few years will bring significant changes in the way users access applications through mobile devices and interact with each other through socially enabled, cloud based services.

Environmental benefits of cloud computing

Both cloud computing and sustainability are emerging as trends in business and society. Most consumers, whether they are aware of it or not, are already heavy users of cloud-enabled services like email, social media, online gaming, and many mobile applications.

The best photo apps to keep your memories in the cloud

Today’s photography environment is more complex than ever. It involves digital cameras, smartphones, tablets, and computers. As the number of devices people use to take photos is rising so is the number of solutions and applications through which they take, view, or share photos.

Windows Azure Opens the Door for Federal Cloud Adoption

A few days ago, Microsoft received notice that Windows Azure has been granted Provisional Authorities to Operate (P-ATO) from the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Joint Authorization Board (JAB).

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