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Oracle cloud computing resources, news, and support articles.

Cloud computing and grid computing are not the same

While cloud computing and grid computing are both concepts that involve large-scale computer networks, they are certainly not the same thing.

Internet of Things Estimates and Forecasts- Infographic

The Internet of things is the product of sensors, technology and networking all coming together to allow buildings, infrastructure and other resources to swap information. I truly believe the IoT will change everything and will be, as IDC put it, “a new construct in the information and communications technology world.”

Cool cloud startups in 2014

Cloud computing is producing a great number of big and successful companies.

USB sticks can bring great security risks for your business

The speed at which cyber attacks are evolving is not being matched by the speed at which businesses are improving their capabilities to address cyber security risks, especially when it comes to USB sticks.

What’s the deal with Shadow IT?

Shadow IT is a term that describes IT systems and solutions built and used inside organizations without IT approval.

IoT is opening the way for smart cities

Although there is not yet a formal and widely accepted definition of a “Smart City,” the final objective is to make better use of the public resources, increasing the quality of the services offered to the citizens, while reducing the operational costs of the public administrations.

Living IT in the modern digital economy

I recently had a discussion with Chris Keene from BMC.  Chris is president of the Data Center Automation and Cloud Management product line.  We shared common thoughts around the challenges enterprise businesses have with compliance and managing infrastructure.

Internet of Things Trends – Infographic

The Internet is moving beyond the confines of smartphones and tablets and helping to power billions of everyday devices, including factory assembly lines, workplaces, and parking meters. The Internet of Things is the intelligent connection of people, process, data and things, and if 2013 was the year of big data, then 2014 certainly is the year of IoT.

Is cloud computing right for your small/medium size business?

Cloud computing provides a great list of benefits to large companies and users all over the world, from providing scalability on demand services to empowering the mobility of the workforce. However, the path to adoption for small and medium size businesses (SMBs) is less clear.

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