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Oracle cloud computing resources, news, and support articles.

Amazing use of cloud computing and IoT

The Internet of Things is “exploding”, and it's not hard to explain why it's happening now.

US government saved $3.6 billion on cloud and data center consolidation

By now, the cloud is hardly some new concept to be approached with caution. In fact, adoption is growing so fast, that nearly two-thirds of global tech professionals say they expect their companies to run 100 percent of their IT in the cloud by 2020.

Why ongoing monitoring is the key to your company’s cloud success

Companies are in a race to move to the cloud and managing and monitoring cloud computing services has become even more important. The ongoing adoption and consumption of cloud services presents performance monitoring challenges for IT departments.

Windows 10 is slowly making way to the enterprises

After more than a month since its release, Microsoft revealed that more than 75 million devices<

How to take your Cloud for a “Test Drive”

Cloud computing has become a reality of modern enterprise infrastructure. Managing and operating networks and IT services isn’t getting any easier, and more organizations are realizing the benefits of remote hosting of IT services.

How cloud computing is changing network monitoring

More and more enterprises are increasingly adopting and relying on cloud services and tools with great success. But adopting cloud tools and services can introduce changes enterprise leaders and IT teams may not see coming.

Planning a move to the cloud – Tips, tricks and risks to consider as well as tools that are available to help

With cloud computing becoming more widely utilized, it is important for organizations to understand the best ways to maximize benefits and minimize risks of a move to the cloud. The transition to the cloud is not one to be taken lightly.

5 dramatic cloud computing fails

Cloud computing provides a great number of benefits for both businesses and casual users, but while cloud servers may “live” in fluffy, perfectly white shapes in the sky, they are not immune to human errors.

Big companies are still reluctant to move some applications in the cloud

There is no doubt that cloud software is gaining ground among corporate users of all sizes, but while startups have been quick to adopt cloud computing, many corporate organizations have been more cautious to make the switch.

Self driving cars, just around the corner

Transportation and information technology are two of the most important industries spread worldwide, with whom each and every one of us has a daily interaction.

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