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Oracle cloud computing resources, news, and support articles.

Mobile cloud computing is on the rise

The widespread adoption of cloud computing and mobile is changing our lives, the way we do business and how we handle our day-to-day chores. In many ways, mobility and cloud computing play a significant role from both a consumer and enterprise user standpoint.

Cloud Computing Solves The Problem

The world is changing. Massive urbanization, inadequate transportation systems and increasingly limited energy resources are all affecting how we live today and in the future.

Hybrid cloud is gaining ground

Now that we all have our “heads” in the cloud, it’s important to understand where we are headed with Hybrid Clouds.

The Internet of Things creates business opportunities like never before

In terms of business models, the Internet of Things (IoT) shift is generating unprecedented opportunities that can be seized by companies to develop new services, enhance productivity and efficiency, improve real-time decision making, solve criti

Smart home gadgets that make you feel like home

When you were young, did you ever wonder what the future might look like? I did, and it sure looks more and more like we’re heading into what I imagined.

The Internet of Things – There’s no stopping it!

“The Internet of things is coming, be the disrupter or prepare to be disrupted. There’s no stopping it” said Joe Tucci, CEO of EMC, during this year’ Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Cloud computing is changing the world, so it’s time to keep up!

When it comes to emerging technologies, cloud computing has drawn more controversy than any other tech out there.

Simplify Your Business With Cloud Automation

There has been a lot of talk about cloud automation, what it is and how to know if it’s the solution for you.

Cloud storage apps and their “super powers”

Cloud storage is easy to come by these days, and there are many fluffy options up there in the proverbial sky. Maybe you need unlimited storage, or maybe you need a free service to store your data.

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