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Quick Reference for Popup Alignment

I don't know about you, but I always forget what what the various popup hints used by actually relate to in terms of look.  So to save myself time more than anything I've put together a simple visual reference to show how each hint positions the popup.

Top 10 Oracle University Self-Study Courses

Oracle University’s Self-Study Courses offer a great way to
brush up on your skills or learn new career-enhancing techniques. Many include
exactly the same content as our classroom and digital courses.

Top 10 Most Popular Self-Study Courses

Learning Usability (UX) with Oracle ADF.

I'm running an event Building Usable Apps with ADF and ADF Mobile with Ultan from  the UX team at Oracle's UK Reading offices on the 17th-18th October and will cover many aspects of building usable applications based on Oracle ADF and Mobile.  This is an opportunity for Oracle partners to learn about the UX side of application development - and remember, the expectations of users on mobile applications is much higher given the commodity nature of mobile devi

Career Kickoff @ Oracle in Dublin

My name is Martin, originally from Stuttgart, Germany and
now working and living in Dublin. I joined Oracle in February 2013 as a
Business Development Consultant (BDC) and would like to share my experiences
over the first couple of months with you.

New Beginnings


Oracle purchased Stellent in November 2006. Soon the Stellent Content Server product became the Oracle Content Server, then Oracle UCM and finally it became the Oracle WebCenter Content. As you see, the product name has changed 3 times in the past 7 years. However, the user interface hasn’t changed that much. Oracle rebranded it in 10gR3 version and has given the software only minor updates ever since. The interface is functional, but perhaps too complex for some end users and lacks the look and feel of modern web applications.

SOA, Cloud + Service Technology Symposium call for presentations

The 6th International SOA, Cloud + Service Technology Symposium
is scheduled to take place in Mexico City, Mexico on November 5-6,

Kostenloses Webseminar "Eine neue Datenbank per Mausklick"

Eines der Highlights des neuen Datenbank Release 12c ist die
Möglichkeit, Datenbanken auch als "Pluggable Database" (PDB)
innerhalb sogenannter "Container Databases" (CDB) zu verwalten. Das schnelle "Ein-
und Ausstecken" von PDBs eröffnet viele neue Möglichkeiten für
Konsolidierungsprojekte und Datenbank Clouds. Außerdem ermöglichen PDBs eine
bessere Ressourcen-Nutzung und -Verwaltung.

AK8- OS8- 2013.1- New major release code is available NOW

Well, they said it would be release on October 8th, and they did not disappoint.

The new code, internally called 2013.1.0.1 and what marketing is calling ZFSSA OS8 or AK8 is out now. Download from MOS.

The numerous updates are  hard to all get a handle on at once. This readme file will help:

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