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AK8- OS8- 2013.1- New major release code is available NOW

Well, they said it would be release on October 8th, and they did not disappoint.

The new code, internally called 2013.1.0.1 and what marketing is calling ZFSSA OS8 or AK8 is out now. Download from MOS.

The numerous updates are  hard to all get a handle on at once. This readme file will help:

Oracle Linux 5.10 has been released

We're happy to announce the availability of Oracle Linux 5.10, the tenth update release for Oracle Linux 5.

ORACLE TEAM USAのヨット・クルーを支える、Javaテクノロジー

(Java Magazine Vol.12より)

Oracle OpenWorld 2013と同時期にサン・フランシスコで開催されたヨット・レース、第34回アメリカズ・カップを制したORACLE TEAM USAチームの勝利は、もちろんクルーたちの努力の賜物ですが、実はその裏でオラクルのテクノロジーが関与していることをご存知でしたでしょうか?

OpenWorld Recap - Oracle Cloud Application Foundation with WebLogic, Coherence, and more….

Interest in Cloud and Mobility drove
significant focus on Oracle Cloud Application Foundation products at this
year’s Oracle OpenWorld .

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Release 1 Updates (2013/10/08)

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Release 1 Media Pack について、2013/10/08 にあった更新内容をお伝えします。
  • Oracle WebLogic Server on Oracle Database Appliance 2.6
上記メディアへの差し替えを実施しました。Oracle Engineered Systemsの一つである"Oracle Database Appliance"のシステムでOracle WebLogic Serverを利用いただくためのインストール・メディアです。

JavaOne 2013 Conference Report

18th JavaOne concluded a few days ago!

Started with a wet and cold #GeekBikeRide ...

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Getting Started with Oracle SOA B2B Integration: A hands On Tutorial

Book: Getting Started with Oracle SOA B2B Integration: A hands On Tutorial

Before OpenWorld I received a copy of a new book by Scott Haaland, Alan Perlovsky & Krishnaprem Bhatia entitled Getting Started with Oracle SOA B2B Integration: A hands On Tutorial.  A

Going Camping with Mobile Business Intelligence

The mobile
market is changing user expectations for consuming data, and those expectations
are out-pacing available desktop and laptop software. Matt Milella, Director of
Product Development for Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile Apps, joined me in
an Oracle AppCast to discuss this phenomenon.

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