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Oracle Day 2013

Did you miss Oracle OpenWorld? Then this might be just the event for you!

JavaOne and Oracle Open World Presentations available

The slides from all the JavaOne and Oracle Open World presentations have been posted. You can find my slides at:

Oracle Solaris 11 FOSS Web Page at OTN

A Oracle Solaris 11 FOSS web page was recently updated at Oracle Technology Network (OTN).

JSON UDFs first feedback

Yesterday Ulf Wendel created great blog post with deep analysis of JSON UDF functions which I presented at MySQL Connect at September, 21.

Ulf found few bugs in these functions, I reported them all at You can find numbers in my comment to his blog post. But he also raised concerns, which can not be considered pure bugs, rather feature requests, or even design especiallities.

Write recovery code with Transaction Guard

Multiple SOA Developers Using a Single Install

Running Multiple SOA Developers from a Single Install

A question just came up about how to run multiple developers from a single software install.  The objective is to have a single software installation on a shared server and then provide different OS users with the ability to create their own domains.  This is not a supported configuration but it is attractive for a development environment.

Silicon Valley Code Camp Kids Track 2013

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