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JCertif Express Tour in Africa

By Guest Blogger Max Bonbhel, JUG Africa President, JUG Congo Leader, JCertif Founder and Managing Director and more!

Three months ago, I made
a long trip to speak for the JCertif Express Tour hosted by Africa JUG and GDG. I was touring Africa visiting JUG Leaders in Casablanca, Abidjan, Yaounde,
Douala, and Brazzaville.  

Explore the Fundamental Connections Between Stock Value and Project Management

Senior executives are today more accountable, even vulnerable, than ever before to poor share price performance. There are numerous reasons for this, but the increasing negative impact for organizations means that senior executives need to take a more active role in making the right decisions throughout business operations.

According to research conducted by the global consulting firm Booz & Co.1, over the last decade the average tenure of a global chief executive has dropped from 8.1 years to 6.3 years.

JavaOne 2013 Trip Report

JavaOne 2013 San Francisco was held September 22-26. This was a particularly important year from a Java EE standpoint with the release of EE 7 and GlassFish 4 - the content reflected this fact. JavaOne 2013 can certainly be considered a success by most measures. It's clear the best and the brightest in the Java ecosystem continue to see participating in JavaOne as a badge of honor and a privilege.

Great Customer Service Quotes for the Social Enterprise

Service ChecklistDid you know that this is Customer Service Week? Whether it’s B2B or B2C, the focus is shifting to customer experience and customer-centricity; not just in marketing but across entire organizations as the reality sinks in happy customers are good for bottom lines.

Oracle Master Agreement & License Definition Rules Update

All partner orders that reference a standard OMA (5 year term) or a Term OLSA must now include an End User LDR document executed by the end user. View the complete external announcement.

WebLogic Partner Community Workspace

To share the latest information with the community we use the WebLogic Community Workspace (WebLogic Community membership required)
At the workspace you can find training material, product presentations
in ppt format, product roadmaps, sales kits, market

Impressions from Oracle Open World 2013...

Impressions from Oracle Open World

By Markus Flierl

Sales Kits for SOA & BPM – Oracle Partners FY14

We want that you are aligned with the Oracle sales team and prepared
like the Oracle sales team.

Upcoming Technical Training by PTS

See below upcoming sessions for the Oracle Database 12c Technical Briefing Roadshow delivered by PTS (Partner Technology Solutions):

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