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Kurs "Creating Java Programs using Greenfoot" jetzt auf Curriki verfügbar!

Oracle Academy & wecken mit neuem Java-Curriculum weltweit das Interesse von Schülern

Towards a Centralized Dashboard for Coding Problems

When you're switching from one IDE to another, you'll sometimes find that similar features have been implemented differently. So too the Eclipse Problems View, which has its NetBeans equivalent in the NetBeans Action Items Window. Kind of nice that what is seen as a "problem" in Eclipse is, more positively, seen as an "action item" in NetBeans. :-)

Go to Window | Action Items or press Ctrl-6 to see the above window.

Don’t miss out! 'In Touch' PartnerCast

Hopefully you have seen our blog post regarding the next 'In Touch'
hosted by David Callaghan, Senior Vice President, Alliances
& Channels, Oracle EMEA.

Oracle Database 12cの日本語マニュアル公開。さっそくマルチテナントを試してみよう!

Oracle Database の最新バージョン、12c リリース1 (12.1) の日本語マニュアルが公開されました。




(マニュアルトップページ→ Supporting Documentation の”管理者ガイド”からもたどれます。)

Partner Webcast – Oracle SOA: Simplifying Cloud, Mobile, and On-premise Integration - 24 Oct 2013

SOA Assessment Tool: Are You Leading or Lagging?

of mobile devices, data explosion, and cloud enablement has caused a dramatic
shift in IT.

Big Data: don't miss the boat and stay focused!

In an interesting post on the his s+b blog: "Big Data: Lessons from Earlier Revolutions", David Meer writes:

Ereignisbenachrichtigung mit DBMS_ALERT im RAC

Generell verhalten sich Applikationen in einer Real Application Cluster Umgebung nicht anders als in Single Instanz Umgebungen auch. Allerdings gibt es zu jeder Regel mindestens eine Ausnahme, wie zum Beispiel bei der Verwendung des DBMS_ALERT Package. Im Gegensatz zur Single Instanz Datenbank, in der die Benachrichtigungen unmittelbar geschehen, stellt das Package in einer RAC Umgebung auf einen Polling Mechanismus um.

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