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Oracle cloud computing resources, news, and support articles.

Join the debate @ Customer Concepts Exchange on LinkedIn

We are pleased to invite you to join the Customer Concepts Exchange community on
LinkedIn. This is a popular and fast growing community for anyone involved with
customer interaction in their business.

Customer Concepts WebTV

For the Autumn we are running a series of webinars across WE. Please invite
your targets to watch them on demand.

Oracle Eloqua Road to Revenue Tour Comes to Europe

The Road to Revenue Tour provides marketers with the latest tips, topics and
chances to learn and network with others to help them succeed. This free,
half-day event is a forum for all marketers to learn the latest ideas and
practices that can help you and your organisation excel.

Oracle Daysで、Oracle Database 12c情報をキャッチアップしよう!

Oracle Database 12cリリース後、新機能を紹介するいくつかのセミナーが実施されましたが、
そのいずれにも行きそびれてしまった方、是非、Oracle Daysにお出かけください。

Oracle Daysの中で開催される”Database & Business Analytics Summit”(10月22日<火>開催)のデータベース・クラウド(統合)トラックでは、Oracle Database関連の最新情報をみなさまにお届けします。



OMM Policy Update: Reminder

Effective September 1st, 2013 all OMM deal registrations approved for a public sector entity end user will be ineligible for either the OMM Resale Compensatory Fee payment or OMM Referral Fee payment. This change is being effected for legal and regulatory compliance reasons and to bring global consistency to the OMM policy.Eligible OPN Incentive Program rebates and OMM Resale and Referral Fee payments for commercial entities will remain unaffected. In addition, the process for submitting a net new registration for a public sector entity will remain unaffected.

OOW 2013: Recap - Thanks a lot!!!

OOW 2013 is over for a while now. And yesterday we've received the session results from our talk and the HOL. And we have to say Thank You Very Much! For your time, for the great discussions, for your feedbacks. This is the highest session count we've had in the past years.

Poster: Adaptive Case Management (ACM) in Practice

Knowledge-driven processes are typically unpredictable in their
execution. Experts working on them decide what’s the next best action to
take. This is in contrast to traditional BPM, in which all possible
paths of a process are predetermined and modeled into the process. Case
management is a way to control and implement these unstructured
processes. With the poster below we'd like to bring some of the key
aspects of Adaptive Case Management (ACM) on one page.

Save the Date: JD Edwards Summit

The JD Edwards Product Development Team, in collaboration with the North America Alliances & Channels and Worldwide Alliances & Channels organizations, is excited to announce Oracle's 5th Annual JD Edwards Summit - Monday, January 27th through Friday, January 31st, 2014, in Broomfield, Colorado.

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