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CRM & Siebel Feed

Oracle customer relationship management (CRM), Oracle CRM On Demand and Oracle Siebel resources, news, and support articles.

How to use the Siebel Bookshelf

The ever so heedful reader might already have noticed a new page on this blog.

BI Publisher Report on Siebel Virtual Business Components

A commenter recently asked: "Can we build BI Publisher reports on a Siebel Virtual Business Component (VBC)". The answer is "Yes, we can!".

Setting the Table Owner Password in Sybase Databases

Imagine someone asks you to demonstrate how to log on to a local Siebel database using the ODBC driver. The scenario includes logging on as the table owner "SIEBEL". Imagine further that they ask you to do so against a local database which has been copied "from somewhere" and no one remembers SIEBEL's password...

Siebel CRM Fix Pack

Recently, Oracle made Siebel CRM Fix Pack available to customers. As usual, the download is available on My Oracle Support. The Patch Id is 9318567.

BI Publisher Debugging

When you work a lot with BI Publisher, be it to migrate Actuate reports for Siebel CRM or for other purposes, there is a certain need to debug those reports which throw errors.

Low Cost Fuzzy Query in Siebel CRM

another one of these lurid headlines...

Siebel CRM 8.2 on the Horizon (Updated)

Since February 4th, Siebel Business Applications 8.2.0 are available under limited availability from Oracle's E-Delivery website.

Vintage Siebel Screenshots

Frequent readers of this blog might be aware of the Siebel file system utilities. Recently, I came across the ssemuzip.exe utility which allows us to extract the "encrypted" .SAF files back to the original files.

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