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Oracle customer relationship management (CRM), Oracle CRM On Demand and Oracle Siebel resources, news, and support articles.

Siebel File System Utilities

The Siebel File System is a well known component of the Siebel infrastructure and needs no further explanation.

How not to Change Positions

I did the following proof of concept a short while ago in order to demonstrate to customers how end users with more than one position can see a list of opportunities which are assigned to any of the positions they hold.

Humbled in Vacation

Out of the office for a one week stretch. As usual, I couldn't stay away from the web and noticed that the follower count on the friend list is now at 102.

This finds me flabbergasted and deeply humbled.

Internet Nostalgia

Makes me feel old in a way but it also solves the riddle around the odd sound of analog modems that defined "connecting to the internet" for a whole generation.

Siebel Usage Collection

It happens quite often during research that I stumble across some interesting chapters in the Siebel Documentation. As the stuff is already documented, I usually decide not to blend it into a post of rather repetitive nature.

Siebel Integration Basics

Here is a good site to understand Siebel Integration with posts, quizes, videos..

Cascade Delete Property for Link

This property is to clear the relation or unmapped child date to be removed from the DB. Cascade Delete has 3 types of values. 1) None 2) Clear 3) Delete 1) None: When we are deleting the Parent record if we don’t want to untouch the child record we will set the property as “None” for the Cascade Delete. 2) Clear: [...]

Siebel Logs

Here is a useful post to manage Siebel Logs; “If you have worked on Siebel CRM I am sure that you have heard the term LOGS lot of times. They are one of the most important and useful things if you are a Siebel Developer. But still most of us actually know how to use them to our [...]

Creating SiebelMessage (Hierarchy)

This section helps you to create an Hierarcy type input using  EAI Siebel Adapter. Click the Simulator under the Administration – Business Service. First of all;  select the Service Name as “EAI Siebel Adapter” and Method Name as “Query” Then in the Input arguments click the New button. Set Type to “PropertySet” and define two Property Name; [...]

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