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Siebel Unified Messaging Framework - Part 3

Today it's time for the final part of the UMF mini-series. We'll discuss how to capture the responses (button clicks that is) of the end users when we use UMF to display a message without the need for browser script.

1. Write a business service method to capture the response.

Lifetime Social Value, How Sony Screwed the Pooch

About a year after I started dating my girlfriend, who is now my Fiancee, she needed a new laptop. I helped her do the research and suggested a Sony laptop. Two months after it went out of warranty, the motherboard died. This was a well known issue at the time and was all over their website. Elaine called Sony, but they wouldn't budge and would only offer an unreasonable fee of over $600 to fix the problem. During this time, laptop prices had gone down and this fee made no economic sense.

Siebel Unified Messaging Framework - Part 1

Those among you who stuck your heads into the Siebel Customer Order Management module might be familiar with the Siebel Unified Messaging Framework (UMF) used

New Google Search Gadget

With a bow to Mahendra and kudos to the good people at Google Custom Search, I am pleased to announce the latest gadget on this blog which allows you to quickly search for keywords inside and outside this blog.

MS Office Integration for Siebel CRM - Part 2

In the previous post of this mini-series we introduced the so-called SFA web servcies for Microsoft Office integration with Siebel CRM. These templates are provided for MS Excel (discussed in the previous post) and MS Word.

MS Office Integration for Siebel CRM - Part 1

Sometimes it's the tiny features that best show off an application's ability to integrate into a service-oriented architecture.

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