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This is How We Do It: Social Media at Oracle

Hey. Here's an interview I just did at Oracle OpenWorld 09 on our social media efforts at Oracle. Just advance the stream to about 31 minutes and 20 seconds.

When Reality Does Not Meet Hype: AT&T + iPhone Probably the Worst Customer Experience I've Ever Had

I know we are all supposed to love these little slippery shiny plastic boxes specifically engineered to drop out of you hand, with batteries and memory that can't be upgraded giving you yet another reason to pay Apple more money.

I've resisted for some time. I was actually given one that I gave away without using it as it didn't have the features I use most often, notably MMS and Bluetooth Stereo. When the newest one launched, I did a bit of research online and decided I'd take the plunge despite my issues with its purposely designed obsolescence.

The Extra Hurdle for Marketing Through Social Media: You Gotta Make 'em Feel

So we've been chatting recently with a vendor, Corporate Visions. They follow the

The Importance of Being Earnest in Social Media; or What Facebook and Twitter Should Do to Save Themselves from Becoming Irrelev

So who hates their personal e-mail inbox? I do! Yahoo has just become complete spam. I have maxed out the number of filters on the paid account, tagged every possible item that even remotely looks like spam as spam and yet it keeps coming.

The Need for Feed: RSS & Twitter, Why They May be Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

The challenge with all things social media is keeping them up-to-date. Blogs can be a serious drain as they beg for content like Audrey in 'Little Shop of Horrors.' If you are using Twitter to communicate with your network and push relevant content, you may be experiencing the same thing. Even keeping up with 140 character posts can be a grind.

Recently, I've started experimenting with pushing some of the content that I feel is most relevant to the people I interact with as well as the public at large. It's been fun to watch the reactions and the results.

The Unicorn Factor @ The Twitter Conference

140, The Twitter Conference just ended - a conference focused on the tools and trends of the real time web . We were there to see what we could leverage immediately in our marketing efforts. One of the presenters revealed the perfect quote originally served up as a tweet to sum up much of the content at events like this - 'All Unicorn, No Cupcake.' We got some Cupcake nonetheless, taking away a few gems.

Combining Similar Rows

First, we create a table named combine test; CREATE TABLE combine_test AS     SELECT 100 eft_no, 4 bank_code, NULL eft_amount, ‘success’ eft_desc FROM DUAL UNION ALL        SELECT 100, 2, 100, NULL  FROM DUAL UNION ALL        SELECT 120, 4, NULL, ‘pending’ FROM DUAL UNION ALL        SELECT 120, [...]

Lead() function

If we had an orders table that contained the following data: ORDER_DATE PRODUCT_ID QTY 25/09/2007 1000 20 26/09/2007 2000 15 27/09/2007 1000 8 28/09/2007 2000 12 29/09/2007 2000 2 30/09/2007 1000 4 And we ran the following SQL statement: select product_id, order_date,  lead (order_date,1) over (ORDER BY order_date) AS next_order_date from orders; It would return the following [...]

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