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RIP Siebel Management Server (and Agent)

It is with mixed feelings that I share with you Oracle Support document1640801.1. Titled "Siebel Management Server Support Statement of Direction - Siebel CRM Innovation Pack 2014" the short article announces the de-support of the Siebel Management Server and Siebel Management Agent as of IP 2014.

Little Helpers: Clear Cache Browser Extension

Among the uncountable browser extensions for Google Chrome, there are many which prove useful for the weary Siebel Open UI developer.

One of these extensions should stand representative for them all, and I really use it a lot.

Google Chrome Developer Tool Goodness: Watch Expressions

The following post does not go without a hat-tip to fellow Siebelian Slava who found an easy way to introspect variables, call functions etc, while debugging a Siebel Open UI application in Google Chrome.

If you are familiar with the Chrome developer tools and Open UI, especially in Siebel version or higher, you might deeply miss the ability to simply type some code into the console. This has been disabled - quite understandably so - for security reasons.

So I leave you with this screenshot and you will understand:

Siebel Open UI: Enabling Drag & Drop in Calendar Views

If you have applied the monthly patch set or later, you would expect to be able to manage activities in the Calendar views by dragging and dropping them onto the calendar applet.

Statement of Direction for Siebel Open UI IP 2014

Earlier this month, Oracle has published a statement of direction (SOD) document for Siebel Open UI on the My Oracle Support portal. The document with the Id 1643468.1 lays out the features planned for release with Siebel CRM Innovation Pack 2014 which is intended to be shipped in late fall this year.

New Oracle University Course: Siebel Open UI Advanced JavaScript API

Oracle University and this humble writer are proud to announce the availability of a new course which extends the existing Siebel Open UI Foundations offering (which is a prerequisite for the new course).

Siebel CRM News of the Day

While sifting through the latest alerts, SODs etc on My Oracle Support, I found some interesting news for Siebel folks. While I usually peruse twitter for quick messaging, I believe it is worthwhile to summarize my Sunday evening tweets so that more people get this important pieces of information.

Siebel CRM Patchset April 2014

As of Friday last week, Oracle has made the latest monthly patchset - April 2014 - for Siebel CRM Innovation Pack 2013 (IP 2013) available for download on the My Oracle Support portal.

The version numbers are and respectively.

Siebel Marketing: Campaign Execution Options

One of my favorite Siebel CRM classes is Siebel Marketing Manager. It is a three day course which I have co-designed. Despite the fact it should be upgraded to the latest Siebel version, it is a solid foundation training.

New Language Packs in Siebel

Beginning with the next patch release, we find new language packs for Siebel CRM. The following list of additional language packs is not complete but shows that interest for Siebel CRM is unbroken in many parts of the world.

  • Maori
  • Gujarati
  • Welsh
  • Catalan
  • Greek
While Oracle has not yet announced a release date for, I was able to grab some early-bird screenshots:

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