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Testing Your EBS Environment After Database Upgrades

If you're thinking about upgrading your EBS database then you'll have questions about what impact that may have on your EBS environment.  Customers often ask, "What should I test after I upgrade my EBS database?"

How to Create Custom Invoice Charges Matching Validations for LCM

In R12.2.4 Landed Cost Management and Oracle Payables development teams are delivering Invoice Matching Enhancements which will not only expose the LCM information at the time of invoice matching but they are also creating hooks for users to write their own code for validating from a LCM perspective.

A white paper has been written to help the technical teams understand how validations could be written, including sample code.
The following are supported by those public APIs:

The Power to Request Enhancements!

Is there a feature you would like added to Inventory or Inventory Items? Tired of logging Service Requests with Support to request product enhancements? Well those days are over. You can now submit Enhancement Requests (ER's) for Logistics (Inventory) and/or Inventory Items (APC/PLM/PIM) directly in their respective Communities.

Using Service Contracts Test Import Program

After the Service Contract Import functionality has been introduced, its been a rough ride to understand the interface table and identify bare minimum fields that are required to populate to import a contract successfully.

Debugging Tip for Service Contracts Import Errors

Since Service Contract Import program is NEW, some times finding and fixing the issue while importing contract can be difficult.  When all other attempts fail, completing these steps might lead to a place where you can determine what is the issue. Based on that you can determine what fix is needed. This is an example for the error 'Enter a valid value for one and only one type of covered levels'.

Troubleshooting Common Service Contract Import Errors

There are many errors that you may face while importing Service Contracts using Service Contracts Import Program.

Intro to Service Contracts Import Program

Before release of EBS 12.1 there was no supported way to import contracts into the EBS Service Contracts application - there were no public APIs nor contract load programs provided.  From release 12.1 onwards the 'Service Contracts Import Program' is provided to load service contracts into the application. This note explains the program architecture and details the interface table definitions.

Visit the iProcurement Item Analyzer

The iProcurement (IP) Item Analyzer is a great way to find out why items you expect to see in your iP Shopping page are not displaying.  This simple tool will perform multiple checks then provide clear instructions.  Below is a sample:

The analyzer also performs iProcurement health checks providing valuable recommendations on patching, invalids, profile options and more.

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