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ORAchk adds Order Management and Process Manufacturing

ORAchk release is now available for download from document: ORAchk - Health Checks for the Oracle Stack (Doc ID 1268927.2).  This latest version brings over 70 new eBusiness Suite checks.

OBIA Statement of Direction updated

Further to my last post on the ETL future of OBIA, Oracle have now posted an updated Statement of Direction for the BI Apps.

Here is the blog post linking to the Statement of Direction: OBIA SOD


To PIM or not to PIM - What is that Abbreviation?

Ahhh, go back to a simpler arrived for your first day at a real job after graduating with your degree in Manufacturing Operations. One of the EBS Products you worked with was the Advanced Product Catalog (APC). You really liked the product and things couldn't have been better. You enjoyed your job and became an APC dynamo. One day you heard some analysts and consultants talking about PLM when referring to APC. You thought, what?!?! The Product is called APC. You know what PLM is in the industry, but Oracles EBS Product is APC. Oh well, you moved on.

Are you seeing the following error when applying Procurement patches:Oracle Forms Object POXOPROC.pll did not generate successfully: wrong number or types of arguments in call to 'UPDATE_WO_ADD_DES_DIR_ITEM'

This is a courtesy post to notify our customers that it has been
observed that when attempting to apply some PO patches, the following
Oracle Forms object does not generate successfully:

  • au resource POXOPROC.pll

So far
this has been observed while applying the following patches, but there
might be other patches for which this error occurs as well:

RMA Overshipped Quantities

Existing functionality in Order Management, allows users to book a (sales order referenced) RMA for a quantity based on the originating ordered Quantity. However, businesses have requirements to book RMA™s based on shipped quantities, especially in the case of over-shipments, in addition to the current provision based on ordered quantities.

Subledger Accounting Setup for Cost Management

New Costing white paper describing
the setup of the Cost Management Subledger Accounting Feature available
in Release 12 for purchase order and miscellaneous transaction.  It includes a step by step guide on how to configure the SLA feature for business transactions.  The document contains the following sections:

How To Purge Quotes

New functionality has been released to allow purging of Quotes in R12.1.3.  The ability to purge Quotes is included as standard functionality in release 12.2.4 and this functionality has now been backported to 12.1.3 via Patch 19388406:R12.ASO.B.  (The functionality is not available in R11i).For details of the R12 Purge Quote functionality refer to the following documentation:

Mobile Sales Orders

With Oracle Mobile Sales Orders for Oracle E-Business Suite, sales staff can view the latest customer sales order status and take action while on the go!! You can download Oracle E-Business Suite smartphone applications directly from the Apple Store and run them on Oracle Business Suite 12.1.3 or 12.2 (12.2.3 or above). 

EBS My Oracle Support Accreditation

Back in June we told you about the availability of the My Oracle Support Accreditation for E-Business Suite.  We just wanted to remind you about this great program which is aimed at giving you a targeted learning experience designed to increase your expertise with My Oracle Support core functions and build skills to help you leverage Oracle product solutions, tools, and knowledge.

An Explanation of Automatic Asset Numbering and Skipped Numbers

What is an asset number?
An asset number uniquely identifies each asset.  If you enter an asset number in Fixed Assets, it must be unique and not in the range of numbers reserved for automatic asset numbering. 

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