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Posting Performance Issues Reported After Database Upgrade

Posting is the main General Ledger process that updates the account balances for detail and summary accounts. As the program is submitted multiple times almost every day and the volume of data processed by this concurrent request is sometimes huge, getting a good performance for each run is crucial for having up-to-date balances available for reporting purposes at any moment. 

New Troubleshooting Help for Holds Applied at Invoice Validation

Understanding why holds are applied at Invoice Validation time has always posed challenges for customers.  Now there is new help available in the form of a Troubleshooting Causes and Solutions document:
R12: Main Invoice Holds placed during Invoice Validation process: troubleshooting and solution (Doc ID 1682809.1)
Use this document to find causes and solutions for the following common Invoice Holds:

Changing My Lab

As we continue to see more inroads made by cloud and SaaS technology, I have to admit to a downside...what can I work with in my local lab.

My local lab consists of two iMacs, an Apple Airbook, several arrays of 1-TB external hard drives from OWC, and a serious effort in leveraging virtual machines (I'm personally a VMware fan).  It wasn't too long ago that I could run most Oracle technology on my little lab platform.  And I like it that way...I prefer to have total control over all my prototyping and development environments.

New OM 12.1 Cumulative Patch Released!

ORDER MANAGEMENT 12.1 JAN 2014 CUMULATIVE PATCH 19018023 has been released!!The best way to stay ahead of data and program issues is to apply the latest cumulative patches (RUPs) at your first opportunity.

During R12.2.3 Upgrade QP_UTIL_PUB Is Invalid

Release 12.2.3 upgrade below pll files recompile failed.  The following Oracle Forms objects did not generate successfully:

Announcing RapidSR for Oracle Payables: Automated Troubleshooting (AT)

What's New?
Customers are now able to create an accounting SR, upload the Master GDF diagnostic, and have the system automatically analyze the MGD output and update the SR with a solution summary.  In most situations we anticipate this to be much faster than waiting for an engineer to pick up and process the SR.  We call it RapidSR because it is FAST!
This first automation phase involves AP Accounting issues and covers the following impact areas:

New Service Contracts Functionality - Contracts Merge

A common contracts problem is that assets are spread across different contracts and customers want to consolidate different contracts into one.  Up until recently the only way to do this (other than at renewal time) was to author new contracts from scratch or amend existing ones manually.  With Release 12.1.3+ (via Patch 17861639:R12.OKS), users can now move assets from multiple source contracts to a single target contract using the new Contract Merge functionality.  This helps in improving the maintainability of

My Oracle Support Accreditation for E-Business Suite

The My Oracle Support Accreditation Series delivers a targeted learning experience that is designed to increase your expertise with My Oracle Support core functions and build skills to help you leverage Oracle product solutions, tools, and knowledge.

About User Groups

I'm hanging out in the middle of nowhere this week...Fort Riley, Kansas.  Here to visit my granddaughters.  Which means I'm missing ODTUG's KScope14 conference.  Missed the OAUG/Quest/IOUG Collaborate14 this year as well.  Will also be absent at OAUG's ConnectionPoint14 in Pittsburgh.  Will be missing a few others that are usually on my calendar as well (But I made it to UTOUG Training Days, Alliance14, and the MidAtlantic HEUG conference - will also make it to the ECOAUG later this year).

Journal Lines Reconciliation - What's Different in Release12?

General Ledger Reconciliation feature allows accounting users to reconcile transactions for accounts that should balance to zero, cross-referencing such transactions with each-other through reconciliation references. Either Manual or Automatic, using references from GL or Subledgers, including complete accounting code combinations or just the natural account segment value, when the balance for a group of transactions is zero the transactions are marked as reconciled. 
What's different in Release12?  

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