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Are you looking for more information on Defaulting Rules in Purchase Orders and Agreements?

Check out 'Defaulting Rules in Purchase Orders and Agreements: For Better Configuration and Ease of Use ' Doc ID 1613717.1. 

How To Track A Serial Number Across Organizations

While we transact serial in organization, after transaction it only appears in the current organization.

Subledger Accounting: Proration Types in Multi Period Accounting

Looking for an overview and explanation of different Proration Types in Multi Period Accounting (MPA) feature in R12?
Multi Period Accounting (MPA) enables users to create accounting for a single accounting event for more than one GL period.  This functionality is primarily used to recognize revenue or a prepaid expense across multiple GL periods. Within Multi Period Accounting, application provides different ways to Prorate the amounts.

RMA Calculates Tax as a Positive Value

Are you seeing positive tax values on Return Material Authorizations (RMAs) and negative tax values on the actual Credit Memo? 
If this is occurring, the calculated order total will be incorrect.  Also if you are using
credit checking with exposure, the exposure calculation will also be calculated
incorrectly.  Which may cause an incorrect credit hold.

How healthy is your Order Management data?

Ever wonder how healthy your Order Management data is?  The new Order Management Analyzer has been released to assist you with this area!!  The Order Management / Sales Order Entry Analyzer is a 'Health Check' script which you can proactively use at any time to review the data relating to Sales Orders, including :

Are You Having Problems Finding the Procurement Community?

Since migration there have been some users reporting they can no longer find the Procurement Community or they are getting lost. Well let me help make it simple!  Just use this direct url access:
See the Procurement Community here.

Understanding External Bank Account Masking

Struggling with Bank Account Masking functionality in Oracle Payments?
In support we often see questions asked related to the masking of External Bank Accounts so if you also want to learn more about this functionality then take a look at the following document:
External Bank Account Masking (Doc ID 1918242.1)
In it you will find the answers to the following common questions:

Do you find it a challenge diagnosing issues with creating Requisitions to Purchase Orders Automatically?

Do you find it a challenge diagnosing issues when there are problems with creating Requisitions to Purchase Orders automatically?  Well it has become much easier with the newly enhanced 'CREATEPO Workflow - Data Collection Script' available in Doc ID 1415918.1.Run the diagnostic and the output will include all the necessary information for problem solving; including: 1) Profile Option Values2) Default values for CREATEPO attributes

XDOException: No corresponding LOB data found

Hello There.. while I was working yesterday on XML template, I came across below error and would like to share with all of you. After the template is uploaded and report is ran the request completed in WARNING. When you check the log you will get message that OPP is failed for the request. When you check the OPP log and you will see following error for the request as below :- [8/22/14 11:47:42 PM] [OPPServiceThread0] Post-processing request 62447806.

Channel Revenue Management and General Ledger Integration

Back in February of this year, we told you about the EBS Business Process Advisor: CRM Channel Revenue Management document which has detailed information about the Channel Revenue Management application business flow and explains integration points with other applications.  But we thought that you might like to have even more information on exactly how Channel Revenue Management passes data to General Ledger.

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