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Financial Services Accounting Hub(FSAH) is now called Financials Accounting Hub (FAH)

The Financial Services moniker was always misleading because there is nothing specific to the Financial Services industry in the product, now this has been fixed and the official name is Financials Accounting Hub. So that one is cleared up.
I have had a number of people asking for more details on this product, you [...]

Now with threaded comments

I have enabled threaded comments on the blog, which should help make conversations easier to read and follow. Thanks WordPress for this feature. I’ve been surprised, delighted and more recently unable to find time to keep up with the number of comments on the blog.  Some stats:
I have 75 posts and [...]

Simplicity is the key to Usability

Reading Meg’s post on the Talented Apps blog I was inspired to write a quick blog post rather than leave a long comment. Meg talks about how we can strive to improve the usability of our applications, something that we need to continually work on. We did what we thought was the [...]

What a difference a year makes

Written by David Haimes
This blog turned one year old this week, so a short review of the year is in order.
I started this blog after Open World 2007, mostly as a way to put answers ‘out there’ to the questions I was being asked multiple times during the conference. I was hoping to do [...]

Linking Manual JEs to Transactions

Use Supporting References in SLA and you can see SLA generated and manual JEs in the same inquiry.
First you have to define a supporting reference eg PO Number, then define which Event Classes and the source that has the PO Number, whoohooo this even goes across appl_ids so following PO example, assign it to Invoices [...]

One Laptop per Child – the perfect gift

Written by David Haimes
I blogged some time ago about the One Laptop per Child Foundation and how myself and others had taken part in the give one get one program last year. I think the XO laptop is an amazing machine and more importantly I fully support the goals of the foundation.
I got an [...]

FSAH and AGIS Intercompany Implementation thoughts

Written by David Haimes
As Intercompany transactions are very likely to cross systems they are a good candidate for integration in a ‘Hub’ of some sort.
In R12 the Financials Services Accounting Hub (FSAH) allows integration of third party systems to Oracle and is incredibly powerful and flexible.
Let’s use a simple example:
Company A and B both use [...]

Quiet Period Over

I was hoping that I’d find time to blog regular updates during the Open World week, but this proved a lot more difficult than I anticipated. There was simply so much going on during the days and evenings plus I had to continue with my day job; building Fusion GL and Intercompany Applications (that’s [...]

Is cool again?

After last year’s Oracle Open World I asked if Oracle was cool again and that post was picked up by eye on oracle and created quite a bit of debate. Now we are approaching Open World again and I see Oracle has put it’s mix social network front and center taking over the [...]

Got my OOW badge

I collected my badge here at Oracle HQ, so I can avoid the crowds at the Moscone. Now what I don’t have is a ticket to the Party on Wednesday Night, which is held on Treasure Island with UB40, Seal, Elvis Costello and some Country artist who’s name I don’t recall (sorry – [...]

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