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FSAH and AGIS Intercompany Implementation thoughts

Written by David Haimes
As Intercompany transactions are very likely to cross systems they are a good candidate for integration in a ‘Hub’ of some sort.
In R12 the Financials Services Accounting Hub (FSAH) allows integration of third party systems to Oracle and is incredibly powerful and flexible.
Let’s use a simple example:
Company A and B both use [...]

Quiet Period Over

I was hoping that I’d find time to blog regular updates during the Open World week, but this proved a lot more difficult than I anticipated. There was simply so much going on during the days and evenings plus I had to continue with my day job; building Fusion GL and Intercompany Applications (that’s [...]

Is cool again?

After last year’s Oracle Open World I asked if Oracle was cool again and that post was picked up by eye on oracle and created quite a bit of debate. Now we are approaching Open World again and I see Oracle has put it’s mix social network front and center taking over the [...]

Got my OOW badge

I collected my badge here at Oracle HQ, so I can avoid the crowds at the Moscone. Now what I don’t have is a ticket to the Party on Wednesday Night, which is held on Treasure Island with UB40, Seal, Elvis Costello and some Country artist who’s name I don’t recall (sorry – [...]

Financials Sessions at Oracle Open World 2008

A lot of people are asking when various sessions are, readers of this blog are probably interested in Oracle EBS financials, Helle posted on Oracle Mix a couple of useful links. I recommend looking at this pdf which lists all the financials sessions including demogrounds, apps lounges, presentations etc.
My session is listed there, I [...]

Driving 2.0 – Socializing The Freeway

I drive from San Francisco down the Highway 101 to Oracle HQ everyday (sometimes on a Saturday too), I sometimes see people I know on the freeway, I often see the same cars, I certainly see people do (IMHO) idiotic things and I occasionally see people do (IMHO) courteous and considerate things.
So an idea came [...]

The end of US GAAP?

As reported in the Wall Street Journal today, the SEC is proposing to pull the plug on US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and move to the International Financial Reporting Standards(IFRS) which is used in many countries around there world already, notably in Europe. A few weeks ago I blogged about this change [...]

Budgetary Control and SLA Setups

In R12 Budgetary Control is part of the validation of SLA for those products that use SLA.  For non-SLA products (eg GL) then the validation is the same as in previous releases.
The Budgetary Control (BC) flag on the ledger is the highest level flag to check to see if BC is enabled.  However setting this [...]

Advanced Global Intercompany System R12 White Paper

There is a white paper available on metalink (metalink note 418649.1) that describes in detail each set up step you need to perform to set up AGIS.  It is a very nice document with screen shots to show you every step of the way and there are also some viewlets that show you the set [...]

Pull up a chair

As Meg mentioned last week, we’ve been clearing out old chairs and sprucing up our offices in 300 building at HQ over the last few months.  I am very pleased with my office move and the view is pretty good.
The other morning I took this snap as they unloaded an entire truck full of office [...]

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