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How SLA works – Like going to the Movies….

Actions that you do in the subledger (eg Validate Invoice) raises an event to SLA this is analogous to buying tickets online for a show that will be used at a later time and being held for you at the venue.

Event Class = choosing what type show  eg Movie or Concert or Live Theatre (Invoice, Payment, etc)
Event Type = the [...]

What happened to gl_bc_packets?

Short answer nothing, in R12 its still there and serves as the processing table for budgetary control processing.
Whats different in R12

the source data from gl_bc_packets now comes from SLA, instead of directly from the calling products (eg AP, PO)
the data from gl_bc_packets does NOT go to GL, the SLA journal goes to GL 
the processing unit is [...]

Budgetary Control and Encumbrance Accounting – What’s the Diff?

In past releases these may appeared that they were the same thing or almost the same thing as they were controlled by the same setup, also the terms encumbered, reserved were often interchangable used to mean both or either.   In Oracle Financials these are considered two distinct features.
Budgetary Control – keep track amounts of and determine if there is [...]

Who’s on first?

The choice of primary ledger 4 Cs (Currency, Calendar, Chart of Accounts, aCcounting) may seem to be a choice of what the resulting journals and balances look like in your general ledger, but its also influences how transactions are captured in the subledgers.
A few things to consider:
1) Is it legal?
This is a broad spectrum, from strict rules on transaction [...]

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