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Evolving Priorities and Re-Shaping Talent Acquisition

Globalization has made the world really flat and an impact in one corner can put everything off balance. The market experienced volatile economic conditions in the earlier phase of this decade, however with a slow but steady recovery. An extreme makeover is also evident as we approach the second half of this decade. Clearly the [...]

Do you ‘Glow in the Dark’?

I’m in awe of many people. I’m lucky to have met and worked with some truly smart and outstanding individuals. (I just wish I wasn’t so reserved and was able to tell them!)

If I was asked to pick a handful of the most talented people however, Seth Godin would undoubtedly be up there.

Home Working on the Increase

I noted with interest a job posting earlier today. It has all the usual requirements (PeopleSoft, ERP, infrastructure, project management skills etc), but what jumped out at me was the phrase:

This is a 100% home based/remote working position. You will never be required to visit an office.

Although home-working is definitely on the increase – many clients now allow people to work remotely some of the time – this is the first that I’ve seen that is guaranteed, 100% remote.

A sign of things to come?

Measuring Tuxedo Queuing in the PeopleSoft Application Server

Why Should I Care About Queuing?

Queuing in the application server is usually an indicator of a performance problem, rather than a problem in its own right.  Requests will back up on the inbound queue because the application server cannot process them as fast as they arrive.  This is usually seen on the APPQ which is serviced by the PSAPPSRV process, but applies to other server processes too.  Common causes include (but are not limited to):

I’m Graham Smith and this is how I work

I’m genuinely delighted that Graham Smith has added his profile to our ‘How I Work‘ series. Not just because he’s one of the World’s best known PeopleSoft experts, or just because he’s recently joined Cedar’s family of PeopleSoft consultants, but mainly because I was sure he’d give some really interesting answers.

Checkbox with Error - PeopleCode Friday #1

This is the first in what I hope to be a regular Friday feature on PeopleCode.  I hope you find these useful.

HR Analytics & BIG Data – The Rise of Employee Analytics

If we call the late 20th century as the information age, 21st century could well belong to Analytics. Leave alone the BIG Data that is lying across various social platforms, there is a real BIG data sitting inside the organizations.
The impact Analytics brings to the table in various walks of life in an organization is [...]

Formatting Rich Text Comments in BI Publisher

In the last years, BI Publisher has become the go to tool to cover most reporting needs in PeopleSoft, replacing other technologies such as Crystal Reports and SQR in many scenarios.

UKOUG Apps 2015 Conference

Two days of high quality PeopleSoft presentations and great networking opportunities sum up the annual UKOUG APPS15 conference at the ICC Birmingham on Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th December.

Bringing higher efficacy, agility and predictability for data migration success

As the competition is gettingstiffer day by day, businesses and brands are striving hard to differentiate themselves from the competition. “Customer centricity” has become a way of life while delivering services/products to end users. Digitization has made it easy and possible for businesses to create ever lasting impression in customers’ minds.
While it may sound facile [...]

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