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Many Clouds for Manufacturing

Manufacturing is set for bright days.  Factory floors are getting busier in Europe and US. China has cooled down a bit – but in overall scheme of things that may actually be OK.  Funds are available for investment.  IT departments are drawing up plans to fix things, modernize the infrastructure and applications. As they think [...]

Starting right with IoT

Just like with every new technology introduction, there’s a lot of buzz about Internet of Things or IoT. Several organizations are referring to it using different terms – Cisco uses ‘Internet of Everything’, IBM uses ‘Smart Planet’, GE uses ‘Industrial Internet’ and some others call it the ‘Cyber-Physical Systems’. All terms refer to the idea [...]

PeopleTools 8.54 is GA!

On Friday the PeopleTools blog announced that PeopleTools 8.54 is now Generally Available (GA). PeopleTools 8.54 brings several usability features including responsive design for mobile devices as well as development features such as Mobile Application Platform (MAP). One of my favorite new features is component specific branding.

PeopleTools 8.54 Sandbox

Following the announcement on Friday that Tools 8.54 was available, we dived straight in (whilst cursing under our breath that it was released at 6pm on Friday night on the weekend of the World Cup final!).

PeopleCode Record Snapshot

The following is a bit of PeopleCode I came up with to get a snapshot of the contents of a given Record object through PeopleCode. You might find this useful as a way of inspecting a record and its contents at a given point in time during PeopleCode execution. This code utilises the WriteToLog function to output the snapshot to the Application Server log directory as a tracesql file.


Next time you need to do some in-line PeopleCode debugging, rather than the traditional approach of using MessageBox, or WinMessage, consider using the PeopleCode WriteToLog function (see PeopleBooks reference). To summarise, the WriteToLog function consists of two parameters:

Accessibility Testing: It’s Essential

If someone were to ask me “Why accessibility?” I’d say it is my passion. As tedious and boring as some people make testing seem, I truly enjoy accessibility testing.
In my career thus far, there have been numerous times when I have come across the terms “defect-free” or “quality” product. If we satisfy the definition for [...]

Introducing the Analytic Keep Clause for Effective-Dated/Sequence Queries in PeopleSoft

Those of us who work with PeopleSoft, and especially the HCM product, are all too familiar with the concept of effect-dated data, and the need to find data that was effective at a particular date.  PeopleSoft products have always made extensive use of correlated sub-queries to determine the required rows from an effective-dated record.

Jethro List: Ctrl + A

This post  is part of my Jethro List.  You can read more about the list on the Jethro List page.
Can I make another suggestion?  Some of the text boxes in App Designer don’t work like regular Windows controls.  Namely, they don’t support things like Control-A to select the entire text in the box.  This is slightly frustrating and also makes App Designer feel antiquated.

Generating a custom Org Chart in PeopleSoft

This week we have a second guest-post from Richard Yip. Richard is a PeopleSoft HCM & Payroll Technical Consultant at Santander Bank here in the UK. He is a long-term PeopleSoft techie and a regular at the UKOUG conferences.  I’m delighted to be able to give him a conduit through which to share some of his good work.

Richard’s previous post can be found here.

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