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Date formatting in PeopleSoft Pagelets

Following on from last weeks post on number formatting in Query you may have noticed that date and datetime fields display with different formats in PeopleSoft Query and Query Pagelets .  See Fig. 1 & 2 below for examples of this difference.

PeopleSoft-Taleo Out-Of-The-Box Integration Deprecated

Oracle have made the interesting announcement that the delivered integration between PeopleSoft (HCM 9.1 or 9.2) and Taleo is being deprecated. This is a positive move from Oracle and simplifies things greatly from a client and partner perspective.

Scheduled Jobset going to Completed

If you have a scheduled jobset that is going to completed, then it could be because there is a restartable app engine in the job definition. To fix, find and restart the app engine that failed through the restart request option in process monitor. If the app engine is failing due to an error, you'll need to fix this first. Once it runs to success it will complete the job and also set the jobset status back to Active from Complete.

I’m Javier Delgado and this is how I work

July’s entry in the ‘How I Work’ series is PeopleSoft Blogger Javier Delgado. Javier is a PeopleSoft consultant and manages the PeopleSoft Practice at BNB (Business Network Builders). Javier has been writing on his ‘Javier’s PeopleSoft blog‘ site since 2007, however it’s only in the last couple of years that he’s started posting really regularly.

Big Data initiatives driven by IT

Big data, undoubtedly, one of the most trending buzzwords in the tech word in the 21st century. For, it is not just the large volumes of data nor the pace in which it is growing made it trending, but the strategic value that can be derived out of it for the growth of organizations made [...]

OpenWorld and UKOUG Apps 15 Sessions

I’m delighted that the sessions that I’ve submitted to both Oracle OpenWorld and UKOUG’s APPS15 conference have all been accepted.

The sessions are as follows:

Web Service Target Locations

Web Service Target Locations are defined under: PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Configuration > Service Configuration Click on the "Setup Target Locations" hyperlink: On the target locations page, set the relevant values as suggested e.g.

UserName not defined in database

If you get this message with the web services listening connectors e.g. SOAP or REST: UserName not defined in database. (158,55) Then check the Default User ID set for the ANONYMOUS Node (used by IB for web services) and make sure that it is a valid username and that the user account is active (e.g. not locked out).

Pinging and Posting from PeopleCode

I had a need to Ping a server to see if the server could get to it.  I also tried to post to it.  This code could be helpful for others, so I want to share it.  A post should normally go through the Integration Broker, but I first developed it at a time when I had a product that was supposed to go on servers with diverse versions of Integration Broker.
The Ping code doesn’t seem very reliable for some reason.  Something on the Java side doesn’t always work.  Still it might be helpful.

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