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Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 Runtimes

Details on the runtimes for CR for Visual Studio 2010.

ECC-->CRM Initial Configuration Important Tables

This blog provide information about four key tables from ECC side, which plays very important role in data transfer between ECC and CRM

First-Hand Lessons in Leadership, Operational Excellence, Mission, and Honor from the United States Navy

Ever wonder what life is like on a US Navy aircraft carrier? I will have the privilege of briefly experiencing the Navy life in person this weekend on a personal trip that I expect to be quite inspirational, instructional, and moving. My resulting blog series (I promise to take lots of photos) will share my civilian perspective and themes that relate back to the business world.

Peformance Tip - Passing Conditional Date Ranges to the Database

This blog and sample report demonstrate how a conditional If-Then-Else statement can be passed server-side by Crystal. Having the database server process the records will increase performance substantially.

The Community without borders

A little pathetic blog about what you (hopefully) cannot experience on SDN.

Inside SAP?s Sustainability Push

If you haven’t noticed already consider this an official heads up: SAP has embraced sustainability in a big way.  And while SAP has been very public about its sustainability initiatives, questions persist for many existing and prospec

Filter Data Dynamically in Xcelsius

While Xcelsius does not addressed both dynamic filtering and summarization of data out of the box, Filtered Summary plugin does. This component provides maximum flexibility to combine filtering and summarization capabilities together. We built this component with an Xcelsius developer in mind by providing a data preview tab in the property sheet. This gives the developer a quick preview of how the data will look before it is placed into the destination range.

Integrating Abap and Non-Abap CMS Processes - Revtrac Scenario

Integrating Abap and Non-Abap CMS Processes - Revtrac Scenario

Export complex Bex query data into DSO

This blog demonstrates how to fetch data from complex Bex query (with cells definition) into extract table using custom report and schedule it in process chain without using events triggering.

Fire and forget during PI message processing

Use the standard jms api to send a message from the mapping runtime or an adapter module to the application servers jms queues.

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