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Transactional Delegation in MSS

Delegation of work is a commonplace requirement these days. We already are aware of ways of delegating work to substitutes to carry out approvals from UWL (Universal Worklist) in the portal or the SAP Business Workplace(SBWP) in the back-end. However, we sometimes have requirement of the nature where the Delegate Manager needs to have transaction access of the other managers team, for eg. accessing application under ESS in MSS for the delegated team members or check the team calendar for the delegated team. This blog provides a brief description of designing the same in the system.

Integration Md04 & Qm Module.

This blog deals with the integration between QM module and MRP. How the inspection lots will be displayed in MD04, and how the use of Handling Units affects the result.

SCN has over 2 million leaders!

SCN has over 2 million members which are contributing to make a difference in the world of SAP. This is one of the main reasons which make SAP a leader in the IT world. AND this is also the reason which makes everyone on SCN a leader. Every individual member on SCN is a Leader! A leader without title...

Learning about Sustainability as a Corporate Strategy

April 22nd 2010 was the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. To mark the event SAP Community Advocate Marilyn Pratt visits with SAP Chief Sustainability Officer Peter Graf virtually and interviews Dr. Steven Stokes VP of Sustainability Research at Gartner

XY: From MM/SD functional to BPXer

This blog is about a changing career course from MM/SD functional to some new fields, especially user interfaces and NetWeaver portal in order to become a good BPXer/ solution architect in the future.

Simple checks that can avoid serious issues post patching/ minor upgrades

Over the last years, I was part of the team that undertook various patching and upgrade activities in the SAP landscape. In the initial stages, despite meticulous planning, several rounds of brainstorming sessions and a clear project plan, we had always ended up with some serious issues post the installations/ upgrades. And the result was that we always ended up spending lot of effort in resolution and also lost valuable business hours because of such issues.These made me document a simple check list that can possibly avoid such issues and save lot of time and effort.

A commentary on the upcoming Portal features in NW 7.3

In this blog series I would like to share with you some of the upcoming features of the SAP Portal in Netweaver 7.3. I have been attending the current series of SAP Partner Edge sessions and I would like to share my thoughts on what I've seen so far...

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