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Blue Shirt Brigade aka SAP Mentors at #SAPPHIRENOW #ASUG2010

The SAP Mentors are coming: 37 in Orlando and 17 in Frankfurt. Most of them will be wearing the blue rugby shirts that first were seen at TechEd last year. Not only that, but they will also have little video camera to capture and give their impressions and perspectives from SAPPHIRENOW/ASUG2010.

Reader Survey - Share Your SAP User Sentiment at ASUG/SAPPHIRE 2010

Already on the ground in Orlando - and deep into an SAP Enteprise Architecture pre-conference deep dive, I received word from Ray Wang, one of the key analysts in the enterprise space, about a groundswell organization to poll SAP user sentiment. And that’s where you come in. Please help us gau

See the Results of the 2010 SCN Satisfaction Survey

Our 2010 SAP Community Network satisfaction survey results show that you, our members, feel very positive overall about the value of SCN. It also provides insight into who you are, why you go to SCN, where you spend your time, and what you value the most. Read the blog by SCN editor-in-chief Keith Elliott.

ITEB Sessions at the ASUG Annual conference - 2010

This blog is to introduce a few of the Integration Technologies and E-Business (ITEB) SIG Sessions at the ASUG Annual conference - 2010

Great Expectations

My many great expectations when I head out to Orlando for SAPPHIRE NOW

Do your doors have locks? Are they installed? If not today, when?

Security of SAP environments requires ongoing review of identified issues. SAP has taken steps to make this process easier for you, are you taking the steps to use this information to protect your landscapes? Learn some additional details related to Early Watch Reports and the Security Marketplace page that you may not be aware of.

Saturday - #ASUG2010 #SapphireNow Pack and Go Day

Saturday, before heading to the ASUG Conference, I threw a few things in the bag.

SAP Easy Access Menu instead of WEBGUI transaction call via Portal iView: what can be done now?

What about having Portal iViews calling ABAP transactions via WEBGUI and all you can see is the SAP Easy Access Menu? How to solve this riddle?

Simple BSP iPhone Monitor for SAP PI

This blog is about how you can display a minor version of SAP PI’s monitor on the iPhone.

Start your SAP career right from school

This text is about how I have started my SAP career still attending the university, what I have learnt and what you could find useful to know if you´re young and enthusiastic and would be interested in working in SAP now or in the future.

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