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Why Customers are NOW loving FSCM

Why customers are now focusing on FSCM.

Time to take SCN to the NEXT Level and Beyond...

Taking SDN/SCN to the next level seems to be something that everyone I have spoken to wants and there is a lot of enthusiasm around this. I believe the true potential of SDN/SCN has not even been touched on. It has all the basics like the foundations to a house but needs more to make it complete.This is some ideas I have that might make the SAP Community work

BPM Curriculum Rollout announcement

BPM Curriculum Rollout announcement, University Alliance, Mark von Rosing

Learning SAP for Pleasure?

Can people really learn for knowledge and not for work.

Monitoring XI/PI queues on your iPhone -- Part 3 - Create charts

Part 3 - analyze the queue data collected from SAP and present it as a bar chart

The blogs: Roots of the tree of knowledge

This text is about blogging, about the fact how useful it is for a Community when one writes a blog and this way creates some persistent value and knowledge. I would like to hear your opinions on blogging on SDN and share mine.

Prime Drivers for SAP Mobility

What are the prime drivers behind SAP's accelerated on-device push? A mandate from the SAP executive team, the smartphone explosion, and innovation from fast-moving startups with an SAP edge top the list. SAP EXECUTIVE MANDATE:SAP co-CEO McDe

[Oracle] Migrating SAP systems on Oracle with less effort

If you are a SAP service provider, a SAP system hosting company or a customer who runs SAP systems on its own, you need to migrate SAP systems from time to time. Under certain conditions you can reduce the work and effort of migrating the oracle database between different platforms by using some nice oracle features.

Monitoring XI/PI queues on your iPhone -- Part 1

Monitoring PI queues with SMQ2 is slow. The blog talks how to provide a visual overview of your PI system queues. It talks through creating a website which a perl script, google Charts. It is also nicely viewed as an iPhone app.

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