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Login problems R12

On our R12 eBS environment we are facing a problem when loggin in. It does not happen all the time, because we use more then one web node (loadbalancer), but when trying to acces the login page the following error is shown..."Unable to generate forwarding URL. Exception: oracle.apps.fnd.cache.CacheException"or a blank page is shown instead of the login page. In the applications.log file ($

Can I get a price check on this AMI?

I almost titled this entry “Cloud + Tivoli = $” in reference to the previous one (“Cloud + proprietary software = ♥”). In that earlier entry, I described the opportunity for Cloud providers to benefit themselves, their customers and software vendors by drastically reducing the frictions involved in using proprietary software (rather than open source [...]

Siebel Unified Messaging Framework - Part 1

Those among you who stuck your heads into the Siebel Customer Order Management module might be familiar with the Siebel Unified Messaging Framework (UMF) used

Ask the Expert 105

Can Anyone let me know the equivalent of %UpdateStats in peoplecode. I know %UpdateStats can be used for object type SQL. 
Thank you for posting your Question.
%updateStats is used to update Index table (database table) which stores key row (Like ROWID, INDEXFIELD DATA) information. Once you execute above statement your table & system table are sync. [...]

Software Testing and Development Newsletter - December 2009

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday and that you are now looking forward to Christmas with your family.  Here's a little news in the meantime...  Enjoy!  And 'see' you next year!  :)

Back issues (back to 1999) are also available from the contents page:

Quotable Quotes

A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.  –Bernard Meltzer

opatch requires response file for Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) : One-off patch installation failed during configuration

While upgrading one of Oracle Software using runInstaller, I received error One-off patch installation failed during configuration . I looked at inventory log$INVENTORY_LOCATION/ logs/ installActions[YYYY]-[MM]-[DD]_[hh]-[mm]-[ss][PM|AM].log and realised error was related to Oracle Configuration Manager ( OCM )
ERROR: OPatch failed because of cmd. args. problem.
To run in silent mode, OPatch requires a response file for Oracle Configuration Manager [...]

How to Burst and Deliver Documents from BI Publisher Enterprise

To continue with one of my previous posts on creating templates the easy way in BI Publisher Enterprise, let’s talk about bursting in BIP. If you are familiar with the bursting control file concept in EBS, Oracle has set up BI Publisher Enterprise a bit differently. There are quite a few resources [...]

JDeveloper 11g IDE Thumbnail Feature for ADF Task Flow Call

There is one very useful feature in JDeveloper 11g related to ADF Task Flows, but it is a bit hidden from the user. Probably everyone have noticed, in the latest JDeveloper 11g R1 PS1 you can directly click on the page in ADF Task Flow and will get thumbnail displayed:

A difficult year draws to a close

2009 has been a difficult year on many levels for both individuals and businesses.  From a personal point of view I am glad that it is almost over.  My business could actually finish the year with higher revenues than in 2008 but making that happen has involved much hard work and some good fortune.  Continuing [...]

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