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UDOO Quad VS Raspberry PI VS Banana PI: Benchmark comparison

I just finished benchmarking the UDOO Quad (running Linaro Ubuntu 12.04). It’s the first quad core ARM SBC I benchmarked and as expected it performs quite nice compared to its single and dual core rivals. It comes with a little price, power consumption. During the tests the board was hooked up to a power supply feeding it 13V DC, at peak levels the board needed more then 700 mA, I can tell you, without a fan the heat sink becomes quite hot…

Enterprise hits & misses – July 28

Jon's cheeky weekly review of which enterprise software articles hit (or didn’t) on diginomica & beyond - for week ending July 27, 2014.

Author information

Jon Reed

Jon Reed has been involved in enterprise communities since 1995, including time spent building ERP recruiting and training firms. These days, Reed is a (cough) blogger/analyst and also counsels vendors and startups on go-to-market strategy. He is an SAP Mentor, Enterprise Irregular, and video content producer.

Click on the link for the full text/media - @jonerp

How to Customize the Field Service Debrief Report

The Field Service Debrief Report shows a summary of all the debrief lines added for a task and it contains the customer signature image.  The report is built using the XML Publisher techstack and is generated with two parts:

Siebel Nostalgia: 5 Years Ago

It has become a habit of mine to provide you with some 'blasts from the past' from time to time. This is not because I have grown lazy (believe me, there's a lot of writing these days ;-) but to serve the 'younger' generation of Siebel Essentials followers who might not have had the opportunity to read all the posts (does anyone ever scroll down that far to the blog archive?).

Exposing View Objects from ADF Library as Web Service from Consuming Projects

While working on large projects, you may split business components among multiple projects to improve the modularity and re-usability of the code. Obviously you can share business components between multiple model projects by packaging them in ADF library. While doing so, you may want to expose view objects from an ADF library as web service through an application module that reside in a consuming project.

Single Page Brochure for XOData

..Following post provides a quick overview on how to use XOData App.

Oracle BPM 12c Installation Improvements and Issues with Mac

Oracle BPM 12c is improved with a great installation process - simplified and stable. You only need to download single installation package, run a wizard and after several clicks it gets installed. All required products are installed for you out of the box, no extra configuration is needed - JDeveloper, BPM/SOA extensions, BPM/SOA schemas in Java DB. Developer can focus on his development tasks, no need to spend days to install and configure development environment.

Best alternatives to the Raspberry Pi

For a lot of people the Raspberry Pi opened the door to a cheap but quite powerful Single Board Computer (SBC). Its success also revealed that there’s a huge market for these kind of devices. The result (as everybody knows): wherever there’s success, there’re competitors.

As some interesting alternatives where launched recently and because the list of competitors keeps growing, I decided to pick the four alternatives I currently like the most.

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