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Cool camtasia demo

Cool camtasia demo on Shays Blog. Good details if you are interested in how to do PPR in ADF.

Going to be busy most of today lecturing to a packed house on the next release of JDeveloper which has WLS as the integrated server as well as a multitude of additions. I would guess there are somewhere on the order of 300+ people in the room and it's getting quite hot (we're on a break right now). I'll post more later on how it goes (so far so good).

How to enable trace for a CRM session

I was being asked to examine a performance issue within one of our CRM application screens, after some users complained about a specific long time action. First thing, I tried to enable trace for the CRM session, but It turned out that it’s definitely not simple to identify a CRM session. Especially in my case, when a session opens two (sometimes more) database sessions. It’s quite impossible actually. So how it is possible to trace those CRM sessions anyway?

Always something new...

So of course we're working on new versions of JDeveloper pretty much all the time but it amazes me the amount of scrutiny the releases have been receiving lately. I've already mentioned the fact that they are getting uptaken by internal developers but I sat in a meeting yesterday with the QA team and found out that in addition to the internal development efforts that QA has been building an app that takes the major points of pain from the internal development efforts, as well as our early adopters and blends them into a test application.

ORA-27123: unable to attach to shared memory segment

Hello,Of late, in one of our test unix (Sun Solaris) boxes, a database user is trying to connect to the database, but getting an error “ORA-27123: unable to attach to shared memory segment” with permission denied issue.

One more customer on R12

One of our HR customers in the Netherlands upgraded to R12 last weekend. It was mainly a technical DBA exercise. Operating system became linux, the database became a full 10 and the upgrade scripts pumped the eBusiness Suite up to the 12.0.6 level.

Release 12.1: Oracle Payroll for India

I never saw a functional business driver to migrate towards the 12 Release. R12.1 should overcome that. I hope. I hoped. For payroll, only some stuff for our India colleagues is present.For some more details in the other HR modules, check the RCD doc.

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