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Saving a few lines of ABAP Code

Well whatever you could save now a days :)
Not that it's going to earn much interest from the Banks.

SAP Training Materials - allmost FREE

I just find out a very good resource if you want to learn SAP without investing thousands and thousands of your money!

Click here to see what you can get for less money! They have a huge discount these days, you can get all their SAP materials for only 47 USD.

A sad day

11th Jan would remain etched in my memory forever. I lost my source of inspiration, and also an inspiration for this blog - my beloved mother. This blog would remain silent for sometime to come, that also explains my previous irregular blogging.
While I gather strength and courage to get back to blogging, I would request the patrons of this blog to bear with me.

Howto connect Mini-USB plug to HTC phone

I ordered a power adapter for my amazing little Android developer phone aka HTC Dream last week. When I unpacked it, I was a little disappointed because it looked like it was the wrong plug to be delivered, namely a conventional Mini-USB plug rather than a HTC ExtUSB one. I contacted the seller and complained, but he was desperately trying to convince me that it would work. Lucky enough, before making a total fool of me, I gave it a second try - and voila, it works!

Oracle eBS and SOA session...

It is still two months ahead us, but I already signed up for this session. Amis is presenting the EBS and SOA session on 19 March. The session is located in Nieuwegein and is in dutch.So, if you are living in the Netherlands and interested in eBS and SOA, check the Amis site !!

Create your own workspace - Set an Accounting Methods Builder context

Using the AMB (Accounting Methods Builder) context
functionality you can create a dedicated work area which allows you to copy
over an AAD (Application Accounting Definition) from the default context into
your personal context, make changes to this AAD and, when satisfied, copy
back the AAD to the default context.

The following is intended as a quick tutorial on how to use
the AMB context functionality. SAP ISU social network

I created a social network for SAP ISU Consultants to share knowledge and ideas.

You can find it here:

I like my SLAM – Why can't I reuse it?

Recently I had a discussion regarding custom Subledger
Accounting Methods and their reusability. As you know, out of the box we
provide 4 seeded accounting methods (Standard Cash, Standard Accrual,
Encumbrance Cash, Encumbrance Accrual) and these can be reused at will as such
a seeded SLAM can be attached to any ledger, regardless how that ledger’s chart
of accounts looks like.

Still Here

Just wanted to post a quick note to let you all know that this blog isn’t dead yet! For the folks who have posted comments/questions on library partitioning: thank you for your interest – and sorry that I have not been able to respond just yet. I will be following up soon.
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