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JRE Plug-in “Next-Generation” – Part II

In my last post "JRE Plug-in “Next-Generation” – to migrate or not?" I wrote about a Forms launching issue in EBS right after upgrading JRE (Java Plug-in) to version 6 update 11 which works with the new next-generation Java Plug-in architecture. The problem happens inconsistently and it only works when I disable the "next-generation Java Plug-in".

New binary release of Lucene Domain Index for 10g-11g

Lucene Dev team just released a new production version (2.4.1) of the Lucene IR library, it was not announce yet, but its available at Apache download area.
So We released a new binary distribution compiled and tested with this new release.

Highlighting features with latest Lucene Domain Index - Part II - pipeline table function

Some time highlighting functionality affects more than one column, so lhighlight() operator is not enough.

Moved - You're now watching my shiny new official blog

After some weeks of evaluation, I've decided to move my blog over here. The interface is compelling and the tool support, líke e.g. offline authoring, rocks.

Upgrading your talent

A McKinsey Quarterly article about how to manage talent in downturn here, points to an interesting case in point - Often the easiest is not the best.
The article talks about how organizations should carefully look at redesigning jobs and roles to effectively allow their employees not just to stay in the organization but also increase their productivity and improve their morale.

Back to Blogging

I would like to place on record my sincere thanks and gratitude to the support that I got from everybody through messages, posts during this period. It certainly helped me get motivated enough to start blogging again.Though it did take a long time for me to start blogging again, I am glad I am back.
So here I am back to Blogging, and with a promise to bring you more and best of HR Bytes in the days to come.
Thanks again for all the support

Highlighting features with latest Lucene Domain Index - Part I - lhighlight() ancillary operator

Once of the features more wanted of Lucene Domain Index was highlighting. Highlighting features in Lucene core distributions is provided from a long time ago, but the question was how to integrate it easy in the SQL syntax.

Firefox with eBusiness Suite: Oracle JInitiator Plugin does not start - always get "must install plugin", Vista, Patch 5397653

This problem has bothered me for a while in a couple of scenarios, so time for another post ... after quite an absence I must admit. I'm well over my post Conference 1 & 2 catchup now. On with the enthusiasm!

Update: Firefox 3.x is now certified with EBS. See Steven's post for details.

To SAP with Love: Focus on University Alliance than SAP Certifications

Please SAP, Focus on improving the University & Corporate Alliance Program. You will get your chance to certify them later. Think about Future.


I have certain patch to apply in my system, but unfortunately adpatch is coming out with following error for any patch.
Determining valid on-site files...
AutoPatch error:
The following file is missing:
AutoPatch error:Error reading product file driver files complete; make tapes
AutoPatch error:Error determining valid on-site files
You should check the file..........................appl/admin/SID/log/logfile.log for errors.

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