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Leadership Required: Business for Social Responsibility Conference in New York

A very timely conference on the subject of the leadership required to manage the sustainability of our world. On the eve of the event the citizens of the United States elected a new president after 8 years of George W. Bush (it was quite a scene in Times Square…).
Valuable perspectives were provided on Corporate [...]

Linking Manual JEs to Transactions

Use Supporting References in SLA and you can see SLA generated and manual JEs in the same inquiry.
First you have to define a supporting reference eg PO Number, then define which Event Classes and the source that has the PO Number, whoohooo this even goes across appl_ids so following PO example, assign it to Invoices [...]

Why Online Accounting in Payables is sometimes confusing

One of the blessings in Payables R12 is the possibility to create online accounting.This allows the user to enter invoices and payments and post the accounting immediately in General Ledger. I found out that unexpected behaviour of this process can cause (temporarily of course after reading this post) a reconciliation difference.

One Laptop per Child – the perfect gift

Written by David Haimes
I blogged some time ago about the One Laptop per Child Foundation and how myself and others had taken part in the give one get one program last year. I think the XO laptop is an amazing machine and more importantly I fully support the goals of the foundation.
I got an [...]

Getting Cumulative Sum Using Oracle Analytical Functions

Great technique used to get cumulative sum

FSAH and AGIS Intercompany Implementation thoughts

Written by David Haimes
As Intercompany transactions are very likely to cross systems they are a good candidate for integration in a ‘Hub’ of some sort.
In R12 the Financials Services Accounting Hub (FSAH) allows integration of third party systems to Oracle and is incredibly powerful and flexible.
Let’s use a simple example:
Company A and B both use [...]

Discoverer Plus 10g: contact with Server lost: DiscoApplet Error DiscoNetworkException CORBA.COMM_FAILURE. ICX Territory!

An interesting one today; a Discoverer Plus Workbook called via an eBusiness Suite Menu errored out with:

Free SAP Tips

Every day I discover new things in SAP. I want to share them with you.

If you want to receive free SAP Tips when I discover them just send an e-mail to freesaptips at gmail dot com.

Here is the first one:
Free SAP Tip
by Daniel Toba @ SAP Blog

ABAP debug

You want to enter in debug mode but you are in a modal window and cannot access the T-code box to type /H. Here is what you need to do to get into debug.

Open Notepad.

What is my typical day as an SAP Consultant?

I got inspired by the previous post and wanted to share some of my daily SAP activities. I'm not doing all the bellow actions in one day, of course:
So, here they are:
1) A good day is starting with a good coffee. Back when I was working in Romania I had two ways of drinking coffee depending where I would have been. When I was going to my company office I would drink the coffee at the office while reading my emails. Sometimes I was doing the same when I was going to the client’s site. But sometimes I just drank the coffee after the breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

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