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Find the orasso password

With the following command the ORASSO database user password can be obtained:

ldapsearch -D cn=orcladmin -w [ORCLADMIN PASSWORD] -p [LDAP_PORT] \
-h [LDAP_URL] -b "cn=IAS,cn=Products,cn=OracleContext" \
-s sub -v OrclresourceName=ORASSO | grep \

What is the ECCN of Oracle E-Business Suite 11i ?

Sudarshan asked this question today.

Most of the Oracle Product's ECCN is given here.

The ECCN of E-Business Suite 11i is 5D002.

Ldap_Search: DSA Is Unwilling To Perform

Today I wanted to make an shell script that checks if an attribute of an user in the OID had a specific value. I tried to make an ldapsearch statement but it failed with the error:

DSA Is Unwilling To Perform
ldap_search: additional info: Function Not Implemented

I found out that it is not possible to search on an uncataloged (unindexed) attribute.

This can be fixed by:

Create an index on the attribute used in the search using catalog.

For this example:

ORA-25253: listen failed, queue. is not enabled for dequeue

When an invoice was submitted through a request set following error appeared:

ORA-01116: error in opening database file 54
ORA-01110: data file 54: /erp11i/datafiles1/a_txn_ind08.dbf
ORA-27041: unable to open file
SVR4 Error 24: Too many open files
Additional information: 3

I asked the DBAs to check the open file descriptor limit by issuing commnad:

ulimit -n

The result was 65536 which is the max value.

I asked them to reduce it by 2 and set it to 65534 and bounce the database.

Automatic Segment Space -v- Freelist Management for PeopleSoft Temporary Records

Earlier this year, I wrote about some research into the effects of concurrent TRUNCATE TABLE operations in concurrent PeopleSoft Application Engine process. Since then I have been prompted to look at the effect of Automatic Segment Space -v- Freelist (or Manual) Management.

Fusion Applications - Starting To Shine

…it'll shine when it shines

you might think I'm wastin' time

What does APPLCSF stand for ?

A few weeks ago, Jim had asked this question “What does APPLCSF stand for ?”

APPLCSF stands for Applications Common Support/Script Files. In a freshly installed Oracle E-Business Suite environment, if you cd to $APPLCSF, it will take you to $COMMON_TOP/admin/ directory which has these subdirectories:


R12 12.1.1 Installation on Solaris

You might be wondering where this guy disappear. I am getting released from my current engagement that's why busy in transition and other works. And got another engagement in hand for R12 (12.1.1) installation on solaris. I am working with team to get this done. Will update all with the status and issues faced.
Until then Stay tuned.
Happy Troubleshooting.

Increasing System Availability with PeopleSoft

System Availability. This is a very important topic, that has received a lot of attention, especially in the area of handling system failover, redundancy, and disaster recovery. This is obviously and important topic, but for most organizations, represents the smallest fraction of system outages with their PeopleSoft applications.

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