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Setting an Oracle Environment variable – ORACLE_HOME

Hello,When I check my blog hit counter statistics, my blog is being hit and searched by the blog users with the word “Oracle Home”, but, looks like they are not finding the required information on “Oracle Home” Environment variable. So, I wanted to explain about ORACLE_HOME in my simple terms which is helpful for novice.What is ORACLE_HOME used for?* The ORACLE_HOME is an environment variable which is used to set and define the path of Oracle Home (server) Directory.

Documentool - JavaScript - Chrome

The html output of Documentool renders a tree via Java Script. A little slow sometimes for huge trees, really slow on Internet Explorer 6.So i was curious to see how Chrome would do, and was simply blown away. The new JS implementation does make a difference. And this is only a start, knowing that Firefox and Safari also have new stuff on their way. Microsoft has to follow. Browser War 2.0.But

SAP Solution Manager 7.0

Today I was browing the SAP Portal and I found out some cool Ramp up Knowleadge Transfer documents for SAP Solution Manager.
For the ones who don't know yer, SAP Solution Manager is a product used to drive an SAP implementation project or to support an already implemented SAP Solution.
This is what SAP has to say about Solution Manager on it's Portal:
"Managing your entire SAP solution landscape is a challenging task, but SAP has the answer: the SAP Solution Manager.

SAP IS-U Overview II

SAP R/3 and IS-U can be implemented under the SAP IS-U Client or in different clients.

Implementing SAP IS-U and SAP R/3 in the same client:

This is the best solution as the interfaces between SAP R/3 and SAP IS-U is native. IS-U practically extend some of the R/3 functionalities.


- an IS-U device is a serial number of a device category. In R/3 a device category is a material in the Logistics Material Master.

- FI-CA posts closed reconciliation keys in the General Ledger.

Indian Megavendors

The other day i was reading an article in on India's top three IT companies. As per this article, Gartner has come out with a report in which they predict that, Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys Technologies, and Wipro Technologies, collectively referred as 'India-3,' will emerge as the next generation of IT service megavendors.

One click slip, part II

The payslip solution we developed over here is a concurrent program based on BI Publisher. So adding an optional PROFORMA watermark in the rtf template was not that hard with the latest Word in place. Also, we show the Pay Advice Message from the Quickpay form on the One Click Slip.

Google Chrome (Beta)

Tonight I downloaded the new Google browser called Chrome. It is  a beta version , but I am going to try it anyway.Will eBS run in this new browser ?

SAP IS-U Billing Job in Poland and Estonia

Ecrm Consulting requires a Team of Consultants for 2 Greenfield CC&B Formally SPL (Cordaptix) for projects in Poland and Estonia. We require consultants with excellent working knowledge of Billing Project Ideally CC&B (Cordaptix) who have excellent functional Architectural skills in Billing. The project is length is approximately 18 Months. Please send your updated resume; We are willing to wait for the correct consultants to become available.

Please contact Andrew Mickel at andrew.mickel at ecrm-euro dot com.

Andrew Mickel

Using ORA_ROWSCN and SCN_TO_TIMESTAMP to find the last updated date or timestamp of a record.

Today, when I have gone through the Oracle Documentations, I came across two new things available in Oracle Database 10g – ORA_ROWSCN and SCN_TO_TIMESTAMP. Using this ORA_ROWSCN column and SCN_TO_TIMESTAMP function, the last date or timestamp can be found when a table or record updated.ORA_ROWSCNORA_ROWSCN is a pseudocolumn of any table which has the most recent change information to a given row.

SAP IS-U Overview I

Overview of SAP IS-U CCS modules

The IS-U CCS is a Industry Solution from SAP which address the needs of a customer oriented utility company. In the next pages we’ll refer to SAP for Utilities Industry Solution simply as IS-U or CCS.

IS-U comprises the following modules:

Master Data and Basic Functions
Customer Services
Work Management
Device Management
Billing & Invocing
Energy Data Management
Contract Accounts

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