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PMXPO – It’s better than I expected!

Just a heads up that I’m attending the virtual PMXPO 2008 right now.  It is much cooler than I thought it would be.  It’s just like being at a conference without all the hassles of travel and that annyoing thing called walking between sessions and booths!
Right now I’m listening to the keynote speaker and there [...]

Budgetary Control and Encumbrance Accounting – What’s the Diff?

In past releases these may appeared that they were the same thing or almost the same thing as they were controlled by the same setup, also the terms encumbered, reserved were often interchangable used to mean both or either.   In Oracle Financials these are considered two distinct features.
Budgetary Control – keep track amounts of and determine if there is [...]

Talking Chalk at Web 2.0 Expo 2008

So what have I been up to recently on the blog front...experimenting with what I hope is more engaging content. Here's my first attempt using to record my chalk talk at Web 2.0 Expo 2008.

Using Oracle VM templates on Linux with Xen

Oracle provides a good tools with Oracle VM and his console tool. But for people like me who uses Mandriva Linux for historical reasons its possible to use Oracle EL and Oracle 11g templates.
For Mandriva users its simple as download the two templates, in my case:

OpenWorld 2008 – Open for Business

In case you missed it, registration for OpenWorld 2008 – the premiere event for anything related to Oracle each year – is now open.  I happened to be at our HQ the last couple of weeks and got to scout out a possible location for our annual Projects party, typically held on the Tuesday night [...]

8 Ways to Save your next Project…and how we can make it happen!

On the Baseline site recently there was an article posted about the recurring theme of IT projects running chronically late.  The title of the article is 8 Ways to Save Your Next Project.
Here I’m taking that article and giving it an Oracle spin!
1. Get your head out of the software
Most project managers spend too much time [...]

Shell command for Browser Script

A question on the Oracle discussion forum last week prompted me to dig out a MetaLink article that I’ve never noted here. The question was “How to call a local executable from the browser”: the answer is to use browser script to instantiate a Windows Scripting Host ‘Shell’ ActiveX object, like so:
var objWSH = new [...]

EBS R12 on IBM P-Series Running RedHat Linux

Few days ago, one of our customer had this interesting question which caught us little offguard. Question was, that whether EBS R12 is certified for RedHat Linux running on IBM P-series (IBM power based system) or not?
Checking metalink it looks that, it should just be fine. If you go to metalink you will see the [...]

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