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ActiveChgImp:Error in Mapping EngineODIException: DIP_GEN_INITIALIZATION_EXCEPTION

Seems like this week will go to resolve OID issues for us. We had another issue in our dev OID setup, where synchronization with AD is not happening and log says this:
ActiveChgImp:Error in Mapping EngineODIException: DIP_GEN_INITIALIZATION_EXCEPTION
at oracle.ldap.odip.util.DirUtils.getLastChgNum(
at oracle.ldap.odip.gsi.LDAPReader.initAvailableChgKey(

Manually Booting Tuxedo Application Server Processes in Parallel

Normally when an Application Server is booted, initialisation of each process completes before the next one is started. The ability to boot Application Server processes in parallel was added to the psadmin utility in PeopleTools 8.48.

APP-FND-01564: ORACLE error 31202 in changepassword

We had this issue in our production this morning. Our dedicated sysadmin team were not able to change any user password from frontend. They were receiving following error "ORA-20001: Unable to call fnd_ldap_wrapper.update_user".
Issue came to us and we tried changing via FNDCPASS and in log we saw following message"
APP-FND-01564: ORACLE error 31202 in changepassword

A Dream – A Reality

I want to keep this note on this historic day of May the 17th of 2009. My dream of living in a united country, free from war is not anymore a dream. Today it became a reality. Throughout last night I was looking at my mobile screen to see any news update about the situation [...]

Turn off Horizontal menu in forms

Sometime you can’t understand why user want specific things which really does not have good cause. The one such case is turning off Horizontal menu in one of the Oracle EBS forms.
If this is the case, there is no shortcut or profile option, rather you need to take technical help some who can open the [...]

Webinar: Streamline Finance Operations and Drive Growth

Corporate finance has never been more challenging. In addition to traditional duties like financial planning, reporting, and governance, CFOs and financial managers are now being tasked with far more strategic responsibilities. Join Optimal Solution

Failed to get ESB_HOME

Last week I had to deploy an application on a Oracle SOA Suite cluster. This is something I’ve done frequently the last few weeks and was never a problem until yesterday. Normaly when you deploy an application on IAS you deploy it to an OC4J container, when deploying to a clsuter you deploy it to

UKOUG PeopleSoft Conference 2009 Presentations

The 2009 conference is past, but the agenda is still available on the UKOUG webiste, and if you are a UKOUG member or attended the conference, you can download the p

Batch Control is not showing Decimal place (Rounding issue)

If you are using Receipt batch control, then you might be noticed the form ARXRWMAI does not display the value of decimal place.
Some Customer is really specific to rounding issue for there control.
If customer is asking for rounding issue, then you need to find why this happen, there might be two reason;
(i)Check the precision setting [...]

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