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Advanced Global Intercompany System R12 White Paper

There is a white paper available on metalink (metalink note 418649.1) that describes in detail each set up step you need to perform to set up AGIS.  It is a very nice document with screen shots to show you every step of the way and there are also some viewlets that show you the set [...]

Is there still a reason to use ADI ?

No, there's not. Even stronger: ADI is not supported for R12 anymore. WebADI combined with Report Manager cover the same functionality as the original Applications Desktop Integrator. See Note 223223.1 on Metalink for the official announcement.

So finally we are redeemed from the painful and laborious deployment of ADI (not to mention the childish wizard) ! And the good news is that it is not only for R12 but also available for 11i.10 (FRM.H).

Pull up a chair

As Meg mentioned last week, we’ve been clearing out old chairs and sprucing up our offices in 300 building at HQ over the last few months.  I am very pleased with my office move and the view is pretty good.
The other morning I took this snap as they unloaded an entire truck full of office [...]

Meet the experts on the OCP blog !

Mohan Dutt, a.k.a. OCP Advisor, is presenting a new weekly feature on his OCP blog ( It is called 'Meet the Experts' and its' a Q/A with certain Oracle Certified professionals. I am proud to say that I was also asked to be part of this new feature. So, I delivered my certification experience and it will soon be on the OCP blog. So keep checking the OCP blog for the Q/

Data security in the streets of Dakar

I spent 2 weeks in Senegal. One week of holidays in the South, Casamance, and one week work on an internal Popay project.We ordered a take away sandwich, and great was my surprise that the sandwich was wrapped within printed paper. My first reflex was about health.Then i had a closer look into the paper, and i saw a listing, dating from September 2002.An old style print, listing bank account

Fixed Assests Intercompany in R12

Something I often forget to mention is the enhancement of Intercompany functionality in Fixed Assets (FA) that has been provided in R12. So here is my attempt to explain it, based on an old email discussion with the FA team, I wouldn’t describe myslef as an FA expert, but if there are any comments [...]

How to get Discoverer4i working on Oracle Linux5

This morning I tested the sollution on another EBS environment running on Oracle Linux 5. I also upgraded the database for this environment from 9i to, so it's also a test for Discoverer4i on 10gr2. I tried starting the disco processes using the default start script from Oracle in the $COMMON_TOP/admin/script/ORACLE_SID. When the script tried to start the locator,

What’s the best way to extend the seeded SLA rules?

I’ve received some specific requests to help people out on this, but each situation is specific to setup and data sets, I’ll talk about in general.
Some questions to answer before starting to help decide what direction to take

how often am i going to change the rules
who is changing the rules – do they understand the business [...]

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