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New Oracle Help Center Unveiled

Of course most of you have already noticed the new Oracle Help Center which is now the landing page for any documentation link (for example from OTN).


When I bought Jabbar, I knew that he was going to be very green in the arena.  His previous owner didn't take lessons or do shows - he was a foxhunter.  I've done my share of lessons, I've done some shows, and I've done plenty of trail rides, but I've never foxhunted.  Most of the adult riders at my barn participate with the barn owner Diane and her assistant trainer Sally being very involved with Misty River Hounds, one of the local hunts.  So I had plenty of opportunity to get involved if I wanted to, I just wasn't sure I wanted to.

Why Indepdendent Advisory Matters to #ensw Projects - with Frank Scavo

Why Indepdendent Advisory Matters to #ensw Projects - with Frank Scavo

In part two of this informal evening chat with Frank Scavo, Jon Reed of, Jon revisits one of his stump topics, the value of independents on enterpr

Click on the link for the full text/media - @jonerp

NetApp Plug-in for Oracle RMAN

Nice feature for Oracle dba's to handle the backups using NetApp technology.
Check this demo..

Installed Base Users - Fix Your IB Issues!

Back in March we told you about a new tool to help you identify and fix Install Base errors (E-Business CRM Install Base Analyzer is Now Available!). Customers and Oracle Analysts alike are finding this Analyzer extremely useful, so we just wanted to get the word out again.

Oracle BI SampleApp Public Instances

Recently, the long-missed Oracle BI SampleApp (V 406) instances that are hosted by Oracle have resurfaced.

Table backward compatibility in ADF

Hi  All,Recently i came cross a use case where i need to add  a new column into a table which being already used in production and we need to support this new changes on both version of table schema.However gradually we will get ride of old version of table. but for now we need to support both schema.In my case it's only related to fetch operation ,so here i am going to explain how i achieved fetch functionality on both schema.

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