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Desirable technical characteristics of PaaS

PaaS can most dramatically improve the IT experience in four areas:

Hosting/operations efficiency
Application-centric management
Development productivity

To do so, there are technical characteristics that PaaS frameworks should eventually exhibit. These are not technical characteristics of a given PaaS container, they are shared characteristics that go across all container types, no matter what the operational capabilities of the containers [...]

Enumeration of PaaS container types

What do we need from an on-demand application platform for enterprise software? Here is a proposed classification of container types on which you can create/scale/manage applications. Your application is made of modules that run on these containers (e.g. one app may have two “synchronous web request” modules, one “structured data service” module and one “scheduled [...]

The Future

Well, that should be a portentous enough title.
I’m making a bit of a career switch. I’m leaving consulting, and in fact application development altogether, to take a job as a software engineer at, on the Platform team. This is a pretty big change for me, since this job doesn’t involve ADF, and will [...]

Internet Nostalgia

Makes me feel old in a way but it also solves the riddle around the odd sound of analog modems that defined "connecting to the internet" for a whole generation.

Application Designer on Linux

One of the requests for enhancements in the PeopleTools Product Strategy group on Oracle Mix is for the ability to run Application Designer on Linux. This was actually discussed in the session that the PeopleTools Product Strategy group hosted at Oracle OpenWorld this year.

How to install lsof version 4.8

In Solaris 10, lsof version 4.7 and lower gives incorrect results. To get correct results from lsof you must install lsof version 4.8 or higher.

First download lsof version 4.8 from sunfreeware

Login as root

Remove the existing lsof version which is lower than 4.8

# pkgrm SMClsof

# pkgadd -d lsof_1106-4.80-sol10-sparc-local

The following packages are available:
1 SMClsof lsof
(sparc) 4.80

Revisited: Search Engine Plugins for Firefox to get directly to specific Oracle Patches, MOS Notes, Bugs

Revisited: Following the upgrade from Metalink to My Oracle Support (MOS) I've updated the Note and Bug sear

Travel to South Africa

Yesterday I have started my trip to South Africa, and today I'm here - Hi Africa! I will deliver ADF 11g training and consulting in Johannesburg.

I was flying through Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport, I was impressed by its architecture style:

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