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An unhandled exception has been thrown in the ESB system. The exception reported is: " Delete failed

When the following error occurs, it is possible to reset the oraesb schema in the database. The is not recommended on a production system. First we had this problem on some development machines, we did a reset of the oraesb schema, this solved our issue.

But when we had this problem on production we first tried this:

Metalink note: 863024.1. The note describes another problem but it also helped us with the delete failed error.

[deployESBProjects] Deployment Attempt Response :

Oracle Terminated Connection Timeout

I have recently come across situations on two different PeopleSoft sites where ad-hoc queries continue to run on the Oracle database server long after the Application Server process, which is the Oracle session client, has terminated. Often, queries perform poorly because they are poorly coded, but that is another story.

Please join us

Please join us for a webcast on Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center.
Date and Time: Thursday July 16, 9 am, Pacific Time
Please enroll using the following link
Conference Key is “advisor”, all lower case.
Title:   Introducing Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center in Release 12.1.
In the current economic environment, manufacturing customers are focused on cost cutting and are increasingly [...]

Financials Accounting Hub - Basic setup steps (Part 1/2)

In the past few weeks I’ve been approached by a good number of people asking me for more information on FAH. Especially the “How do I set it up?” question seems to come back often.

When Reality Does Not Meet Hype: AT&T + iPhone Probably the Worst Customer Experience I've Ever Had

I know we are all supposed to love these little slippery shiny plastic boxes specifically engineered to drop out of you hand, with batteries and memory that can't be upgraded giving you yet another reason to pay Apple more money.

I've resisted for some time. I was actually given one that I gave away without using it as it didn't have the features I use most often, notably MMS and Bluetooth Stereo. When the newest one launched, I did a bit of research online and decided I'd take the plunge despite my issues with its purposely designed obsolescence.

New PeopleTools Book

Pre order copies of my new book PeopleSoft PeopleTools Tips & Techniques. The publication date is set for July, 2010, about one year from now.Updated Oct 29, 2009: Unfortunately, you cannot pre order yet. McGraw Hill removed the placeholder page from their site. McGraw Hill will repost and begin taking pre orders as we get closer to the release date. I will post an update at that time.

PeopleTools 8.50 Update

I just noticed the other day that Oracle has a planned PeopleTools 8.50 release date.  According to Doc ID 813258.1, the date is 9/18/2009!
In addition, here are a few more links I found of people who are talking about it:

Peopletools 8.50: The Wow-effect — This is what has me excited about it
A PeopleSoft Administrator’s perspective [...]

Great Link: Handling ^M

When working in a mixed environment, you are bound to run into those ^M characters at the end of your lines at some point.  Here is a great link describing how to fix it.  They talk about vi, but gVim works the same way.
Oracle Applications – Business & Technology: Removing ”^M” from SQL*Loader datafile

Using PeopleSoft Performance Monitor

I had a question the other day about getting going with PeopleSoft Performance Monitor so I thought I'd post a quick roundup/summary of the various material out there.

For those that don't know, Performance Monitor is included with PeopleTools since PeopleTools 8.44. There's a little bit to learn on setting it up / understanding it, but it's a great tool and well worth learning.


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