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Is there a cook in JDev's team?

This week I found something at least very curious when I launched my JDeveloper as I do almost every morning. This was the "Tip of the Day" it showed me:

A new year with a new face

Hello everybody!

I can not think of anything better than a complete makeover to start the new year. And just because I can't do that to myself, it doesn't mean I can't do that to my blog. So I did it!

That's right. As you may notice (at least if you're already a reader) the look and feel is quite different, hopefully for the best. The blog now fills almost the whole screen which gives much more space for posts. I also adopted a more clean style, with a white-predominant background.

Some useful tools have been added at the upper right corner:

I've got tagged too!

I got tagged in the Oracle Blogsphere tag game by Juan Camilo Ruiz so now it's my turn. 8 things you didn't know about me:

  1. I got married for the 2nd time on Sep. 7th, 2007 with the most beautiful and amazing woman I've ever met in my entire life and her name is Heloisa. I hope this one is forever.

Fixed blog's appearance on IE6

Great news folks!

We've just fixed our blog's template so it'll be displayed 100% correctly on Internet Explorer 6 browser. Now, we expect this blog to render identically on both Internet Explorer and Firefox (hopefully on all other browsers too).

Please, let us know if there's still any visualization issues.

New "acquisition"

Hi folks!

It's with the greatest satisfaction that I welcome the blog's most recent "acquisition": the Oracle consultant Fábio Saraiva de Souza. You may check his profile here.

Fábio is a good friend with whom I've had the opportunity to work for almost a whole year in my last project. As you will certainly notice, Fábio is one of that curious guys that are never satisfied until they really understand things to their deepest details.

There's a cook in JDev's development team indeed

Sometime ago I was surprised with a peculiar "tip of the day" which simply mentioned a traditional angel cake recipe.

Well, today I got the confirmation. There's certainly a cook amongst JDev's developers!

Look at the "tip" showed to me today:

JavaOne 2007 - Performance Tips 2 - Finish the finalizers!

by Eduardo Rodrigues

Continuing from my last post about some lessons learned at JavaOne'07 on Java performance since JDK 1.5, there's something we usually do not pay much attention to but which can get us some trouble: object finalizers.

Happy Holidays!

Christmas gift suggestions:

Now with threaded comments

I have enabled threaded comments on the blog, which should help make conversations easier to read and follow. Thanks WordPress for this feature. I’ve been surprised, delighted and more recently unable to find time to keep up with the number of comments on the blog.  Some stats:
I have 75 posts and [...]

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