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Change round the corner

To begin with, I would like to apologize for the long duration where I could not send posts, I got a lot of emails from people asking about the reason, to share with you it was due to a change which was keeping me occupied. In my blog,I have talked about so many trends and changes that organization faces in today's environment.

IDM installed

Just to update everyone those who ere waiting for IDM patchset results. We have successfully implemented this is our test environment and the issue which were reported during installation with Kerberose related to "Administer Partner Application" is resolved in patch. Moreover one more issue we found in older version, there were huge error files generation in $ORACLE_HOME/hostname_domain.com_IDM10143/sysman/recv/errors which we didn't found in this patch. I guess those who were waiting can install this one.

Security Issues With PeopleSoft Production Refreshes

I helped some folks the other day with an issue that had the potential to be very serious for them; exposure of production data without someone needing to login to the production system. Not good.

The Problem

For testing purposes they have copies of their production PeopleSoft databases; one for Financials and one for HCM. These copies are refreshed regularly and there are scripts run against them to handle some cleaning/sanitizing of the production data, so that the database can be used for testing.

Controlling How %UpdateStats Collects Optimizer Statistics

I have written a number of entries on this blog about updating database statistics on tables during Application Engine processes.

Oracle 10g Statistics History Retention in PeopleSoft

I have been working on a system where many Application Engine programs are running throughout the day, and are frequently collecting Optimizer statistics with the %UpdateStats macro on many working storage tables. Concurrent calls to dbms_stats are typical.

There are two new behaviours in Oracle 10g RDBMS that can in extreme cases, in combination with a system that calls dbms_stats very frequently, create a significant performance overhead.

Removing Credentials from a Cloned EBS Database

During the post clone actions, changing the apps pasword went wrong. Because of that the applsys and apps password were not the same anymore. Trying to fix the problem using FNDCPASS was useless, FNDCPASS was not working anymore.We saw 'APP-FND-02704: Unable to alter user APPS to change password.' in the log file. After trying it again, 'APP-FND-02704: Unable to alter user APPLSYS to change

How to Clear Application Cache by Using Funcational Administrator Responsiblity

1- Navigate to Functional Administrator Responsibility
2- Choose the “ Core Services” Tab
3- Choose “Caching Framework”
4- Click on “Global Configuration”
5- Click on “Clear All Cache”
6- The Click on yes on the display which will appear.

Oracle Application Server 10.1.3 Associate OID with OC4J instance

In the EM console of the Oracle Application Server you can connect an OID to an OC4J instance by doing the following:

Click on an oc4j instance - Click on link Administration: Under security you will find Identity Management.

This text is shown:

You can associate an installed Oracle Internet Directory with this OC4J instance. You can then choose to use this Oracle Internet Directory for runtime authentication and authorization for deployed applications.

SAP’s SaaS No Panic Play

Since SAP VP John Wookey’s announcement on June 9th regarding SAP’s stepped-up SaaS strategy, there has been no shortage of speculation, misinformation and sensationalism in the news reporting on the why, what, how and when of SAP’s

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