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Who Am I? An investigation into R12 UMX Proxy User functionality : Part 1

Just back from a short vacation and I learnt an important lesson.

My tent is NOT waterproof.

Not the best thing to find out at 2.30am on a dark, wet and cold night in the middle of a Farmers field in the English countryside!

A different post from me today.

On my current project, we've been struggling with the requirement to allow Administrators and other Users to perform the functions of another User without knowing their password e.g. submit and review reports, approve documents, perform iprocurement transactions and so on.

One click slip

We just implemented a solution, based on Forms Personalizations, so you can launch a payslip for a given employee and given period, by one single click.The Forms Personalization adds an entry to the menu, and starts two more actions. The first action launches a plsql program that starts the actual concurrent program of the payslip, stealing the parameters from the Quickpay form or the Assignment

Interesting R12 Upgrade Session at Open World

A session I hope to attend at Open World is the one by Nayyar about Oracle’s internal upgrade to R12.  I spent some time working with Nayyar and his team earlier this year and it was a good experience, at times it was very tough but it’s been very valuable. Oracle has a lot of [...]

A Lucene-OJVM native REST WS

I have done an example of using native REST Web Services implementing this Lucene WS API.
Also the example shows how to use Apache Maven to build and deploy Oracle-OJVM artifacts.

How to get a quick response from SAP OSS?

  • If you are still dealing with on old SAP version then tell them it's affecting your plan to upgrade or eSOA transformation planned for 2012 :). A 'High' priority call for an old version does not carry same weight as it does for a new version. Thumb rule is that any SAP ERP version having characters [ e.g. B, C, D etc. ] should be considered dead and should not be treated.

ISU Master Data Template: How to create an EDM Profile

This mini article explains how you can create a simple master data template and a simple ABAP program to create an EDM Profile.

First step is to create the master data template.

To create a new master data template go to transaction EPRODCUST

Choose the MD Template Category as EDM_PROFHEAD. Unfortunately this MDT exists only in ECC6.0.

My Thoughts on EclipseLink 1.0

We released EclipseLink 1.0. You can read about it on the EclipseLink Team Blog. Please do download it and try it out.

My Thoughts on EclipseLink 1.0

We released EclipseLink 1.0. You can read about it on the EclipseLink Team Blog. Please do download it and try it out.

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