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New DBPrism release - Apex users read this!!

Two weeks ago I released a new DBPrism release, 2.1.2
DBPrism is a project which provides a J2EE mod_plsql replacement and is a core of DBPrism CMS which uses Java Stored Procedure support.

ohug blog silence

OHUG is on the final day, and i was not attending this year. I expected to see a lot of blogs talking about it, but silence as far as I can see euh hear. This tells a lot about the 2.0-ness of the people attending and expecting in the feature set of their HCM solution.And what about Fusion and ready to market. Did I used the word silence already?By the way, holistic talent management was the talk

How to execute TKPROF on trace files larger than 2GB ? --> Use pipe

Here is a nice trick to work with files larger than 2GB on Unix/Linux using pipe. First case - TKPROF When trying to execute TKPROF on a trace file larger than 2 GB I got this error: [udump]$ ll test_ora_21769.trc -rw-r-----  1 oratest dba 2736108204 Jun 23 11:04 test_ora_21769.trc

Padding eText files with blank lines

MikeM asked:
"How to pad an eText template with blank lines so the text file entries end up on the correct position on the stationary?
e.g. There are 25 lines available on the stationary for invoices but only 5 invoices to be paid on this payment - what steps should be taken to insert 20 blank lines after the 5 invoice lines?"

The solution that I use is to add an additional dummy Extend tag for each required blank line to the Payments Disbursement file. These are created under the 'OutboundPayment' parent.

Previewing and testing eText templates

Just a quick post today.

I've had a few emails asking how we test eText templates.

Rather than using the Word Plug in to preview the result, you test eText templates using the 'Template Viewer' included with the BIP desktop toolkit.

From the Windows Start menu, click on : All Programs, Oracle BI Publisher Desktop, Template Viewer:


Once the Template Viewer is open:

ETEXT Templates for Check Printing - Part 3

In the first 2 blogs in this series, we completed:

Point 1)- Define the fixed position Check file required by the third party software AND
Point 2)- Map our required text file against the standard Oracle Payments Disbursement XML file.

OK - let's get to the meat of the solution.... building the actual ETEXT template.

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