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Disable IAMSuiteAgent

This post will give an insight into IAMSuiteAgent and how to disable it?

IAMSuiteAgent is a pre-built Java agent that comes with OAM 11g by default. Few important points of IAMSuiteAgent are:

The IAMSuiteAgent is a domain-wide agent:

Webcast: E-Business Tax Series, Session 3 – Manufacturing Regime to Rate Setup & Transactional Flow (Non-US Based Setup)

Webcast: E-Business Tax Series, Session 3 – Manufacturing Regime to Rate Setup & Transactional Flow (Non-US Based Setup)
Date: April 29, 2014 at 11:00 am ET, 9:00 am MT, 4:00 pm GMT, 8:30 pm IST

Sell Services from Order Management

Currently, you can order only service contracts of type Extended Warranty through Order Management.  In release 12.2.2, you can order service contracts of type Subscription Contract too. You can order Tangible as well as Intangible subscription contracts.  Tangible subscription contracts are fulfilled through Order Management. You can record Subscription Contract specific attributes such as Start Date, Period, Duration, and Subscription Template on the order line. As currently supported for standard inventory items, you can attach Extended Warranties to a Subscription Contract as well.

Enterprise hits & misses – April 14

Jon's cheeky weekly review of which enterprise software articles hit (or didn’t) on diginomica & beyond - for week ending August 4, 2014Author informationJon ReedJon Reed has been involved in enterprise communities since 1995, including time spent building ERP recruiting and training firms. These days, Reed is a (cough) blogger/analyst and also counsels vendors and startups on go-to-market strategy. He is an SAP Mentor, Enterprise Irregular, and video content producer.

Click on the link for the full text/media - @jonerp

Google Chrome Developer Tool Goodness: Watch Expressions

The following post does not go without a hat-tip to fellow Siebelian Slava who found an easy way to introspect variables, call functions etc, while debugging a Siebel Open UI application in Google Chrome.

If you are familiar with the Chrome developer tools and Open UI, especially in Siebel version or higher, you might deeply miss the ability to simply type some code into the console. This has been disabled - quite understandably so - for security reasons.

So I leave you with this screenshot and you will understand:

I am back

Wow, it’s been 2+ years since I last posted a blog entry. Well, I’m back.

Blog has been cleaned of it’s malware and un-blacklisted.

I’m still working with Oracle, managing the Oracle and Linux team and working with those technologies along with VMware on a day to day basis.

So many things to write about, and as always, so little time.

Right now my big to-do item is to finish my second submission for the VMware VCDX-DCV certification, due May 5th.

Follow me on twitter ( @aus_effendi ) and look forward to more good content.


Clang error installing Ansible on Mac

Installing the latest version of Ansible on Mac should be very easy when using pip. However, when I tried to do this on my Mac with the most recent versions of all software, I got the following error during install:

clang: error: unknown argument: '-mno-fused-madd'

The problem seems to be the latest (5.1) version of Xcode which treats unknown passed parameters as errors.

ADF Query Design Revisited with ADF 12c Panel Drawer

My goal of this post is to take a closer look into ADF 12c and check how ADF Query layout can be optimised, using Panel Drawer component. There are several items, sample application is focusing on:

1. Panel Drawer component in ADF 12c and its usage for ADF Query

2. Declarative mode support for VO Query optimisation

3. Dynamic bindings in Page Definition for ADF Query

4. View Object query logging

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