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OEM problem solved...

The OEM problem with the http server not startign is solved. We solved the problem by installing an older version of the package (for Suse 10 install older version of 1_db).After this the http server started and I was able to continue the install.At the end of the install again a http error...[Wed Apr 22 11:41:33 2009] [error] mod_ossl: Unknown error[Wed Apr 22 11:41:37 2009] [error]

Financial Services Accounting Hub(FSAH) is now called Financials Accounting Hub (FAH)

The Financial Services moniker was always misleading because there is nothing specific to the Financial Services industry in the product, now this has been fixed and the official name is Financials Accounting Hub. So that one is cleared up.
I have had a number of people asking for more details on this product, you [...]

The Value Of Knowing The Plumbing

This past weekend was a very busy one for me. Friday night BBQ, spent some time with my granddaughter, worked with the Oracle SOA Suite to expand my skills, and had a chore list a mile long to work through on Saturday. So when a leak showed up in my bathroom shower Saturday morning, my "To Do" list for the day was already full. Thought I’d save some time and just call a plumber. Said plumber shows up and takes a look at the leak. He informs me that the leak is caused by a worn-out faucet seal.

Where are my Unreconciled Journals ?

Journal Line Reconciliation is a new standard feature in General Ledger for R12. In fact it's not really new, in 11i it was already available as a globalization. This functionality is frequently used in Europe (not sure about the rest of the world), it gives more control for your accounts that should have a zero-balance.

Excerpt from the General Ledger User Guide:

Reducing Unnecessary Instances of Temporary Records

In a previous posting, I recommended moving temporary records used by Application Engine programs to a tablespace with a 32Kb block size, and using a larger uniform extent size (I chose 1Mb).

Oracle Buying Sun - Speculative Fun

So the news is out about Oracle acquiring Sun. It's an interesting acquisition from several perspectives, even though I'm still surprised that Oracle and HP did not team up on this deal (with Oracle getting the software and HP getting the hardware). I usually try not to engage in too much speculation, but playing "what if" with this deal is just too good to pass up. So let's have some speculative fun, shall we?

IMHO, the highlights of this deal are Java and Solaris:

Oracle R 12 GL Implementation - Auto Offset in Payables works even if Dist Acct’s Balancing Segment belongs to a different Legal

R12 Functionality:

1. Primary Ledger can be associated with Multiple Secondary Ledgers
2. Primary Ledger can be assigned to Multiple Legal Entities
3. Primary Ledger can be assigned to Multiple Operating Units
4. An Operating Unit is tied to the Primary Ledger through the Legal Entity Context
5. Specific Balancing Segment Values are assigned to specific Legal Entities in the Primary Ledger

OEM10gR2 install on Suse linux 10

I am facing a problem....Again I am trying to install OEM10gR2 on SUSE LINUX 10.I know it's not certified by Oracle, but I have to install it anyway. Everything seems to go fine, but when the installer wants to start the opmn returns an error.The HTTP_SERVER is not starting, the following error is in the logfile..Cannot load /opt/oracle/product/oem/oms10g/Apache/Apache/libexec/

Better way to check Applied Patches

Being an Apps DBA patching is our bread and butter. And they way we check it make the difference. We had one issue and I was going through metalink note : 364439.1, which had this query. So thought of sharing with you all. Here you go:
set serveroutput on
TYPE p_patch_array_type is varray(10) of varchar2(10);
p_patchlist p_patch_array_type;
p_appltop_name varchar2(50);
p_patch_status varchar2(15);
p_appl_top_id number;
select appl_top_id, name

Oracle Manufacturing Summit is here

Oracle’s 2nd Annual Manufacturing Summit at Pella

Be part of Oracle’s performance Driven Manufacturing and plan to, attend the 2nd Annual Oracle Manufacturing Summit at Pella. If you have experience applying application solution to manufacturing operations you should not miss this event!

27 – 28, April, 2009
Pella Corporation
102 Main Street
Pella, IA 50219

Learn from leading [...]

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