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Problem with one time address functionality in iProcurement?

When using the one time address functionality in iProcurement, the 'One Time Address' should become an attachment on the requisition line and then transfer to the Purchase Order Shipment; however, the requisition line attachment is being attached to the purchase order line.

Oracle Cloud Friendly - Red Samurai ADF Performance Audit

I have deployed our tool for ADF performance monitoring to Oracle Java Cloud service. It runs perfectly on the cloud, monitors slow performance and allows to analyse collected performance data. All data is stored in Oracle Database Cloud.

Compressing the Oracle EBS TOPs and Uncompressing using tar and gzip

 Hi Apps DBA,We usually do cloning by copying the Application tops from Source(TEST1) to Target(TEST2).First we compress the files in source and than we copy those file from source to target and finally we uncompress followed by renaming and further process .Below are the useful commands and safe one to do this task.Step 1:Tarring and zipping:nohup tar -cvpf - ./test1appl 2> /u01/app/test1/test1appl.log | gzip -c -> /u01/app/test1/test1appl.gz &

Back to School: What Open UI Does for You - And What Not

With the upcoming Siebel Innovation Pack 2014, the Siebel community is rightfully excited about Siebel Open UI. IP 2014 will be the fourth release (after two years ago, and IP 2013) and once it is generally available, there will be a lot of exciting things to write about.

Are you looking for more information on Defaulting Rules in Purchase Orders and Agreements?

Check out 'Defaulting Rules in Purchase Orders and Agreements: For Better Configuration and Ease of Use ' Doc ID 1613717.1. 

A good tutorial on Node.js, Express, Jade

If you really want to get a feel of  Node.js, Express, Jade , then check out  the following tutorial- simple and easy to follow :

HummingBoard: Boot your rootfs from mSATA

The HummingBoard-i2eX version has an onboard mSATA II connector. This layout provides you the easiest way to hook up an SSD. All you need is an mSATA Drive. Just plug the drive into the mSATA slot on the back of the Hummingboard and the job is done!

Banana Pi Benchmarks: Banana Pi with SSD Vs Raspberry Pi

I reran the Banana Pi benchmark with an SSD hooked up.

Because most of the benchmarks only use the CPU the result is almost the same. As soon as applications also rely on storage you will see a performance gain. In my test this is reflected in the Nginx benchmark.

The disk benchmark (dbench) shows the performance difference in real numbers: if you use an SSD instead of an SD-card you gain about 44MB/s in disk performance.

How To Track A Serial Number Across Organizations

While we transact serial in organization, after transaction it only appears in the current organization.

Adding a regex QBE validator for numeric columns

I had a table containing a column that was a Number type.  If you tried to filter on a non numeric value a ConverterException would be thrown.   That was fixed by putting a Number converter on the filter input text to allow only numbers.   That worked except now you couldn't use the Query by Example (QBE) Search criteria Operators.  

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