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I will Write Soon….

Friends I know I have not been writing lately..It is combination of lazyness and some important enagements.
I will update soon, about some exciting new things I have learned during my “exile”…

Birth of SAP AFS

By S.Suren
Many people wonder how SAP AFS IS was conceptualized. There needed to be some sort of an activity that spurred the development of the SAP AFS Industry Solution.
This initiation was taken by Dr.Peter Zencke in January 1996. Dr. Peter Zencke, a mathematician and economist, joined SAP in 1984. As a member of the [...]

SAP AFS enhancements in SAP R/3 Standard

For any new comer to an SAP AFS Environment, the first question that would pop up, is “What are the new enhancements in SAP R/3 that caters to the AFS Industry?”, in this post, I intend to provide a brief overview of the new AFS enhancements in the SAP Standard R/3 functionalities and thereby help [...]

ERP2.0 - The Blog of a SAP Purchase Order

Nothing serious ..or may be !!

Welcome to ERP2.0 : The Blog of a Purchase Order

Date 07-Oct-2007 Time 01:10:00 PM

NASDAQ crashed today. Just wondering what would be my net worth in USD ( Foreign Currency ) now. Feeling lucky to have GBP as my local currency :)

Using native Oracle Data Source and connection caching/pooling from Spring

A friend of mine told me that have several problem using and configuring connection pooling from Spring against Oracle.
So, I remember a nice hack to use Oracle native connection pooling and caching using Oracle DataSource object.
Since JDBC 10g (I think) Oracle provide a J2EE compliant DataSource with native connection pooling and caching, here latest documentation.

Thingamy and a Failure of web2.0

Tags are not enough. In fact, sometimes they don't make any sense at all, specially on my Blog. Check my posts based on tags. Frankly, they won't make much sense otherwise also ;-)

I guess now Sig will have to change his Tag ( sorry triple ) line as well .
Here's my 30*3=90 Megs(approx), at least now go run Germany.

The Battle for Relevance Rages On

I’m following up my opening rant with some news from the front. There were two very interesting developments in the battle for your attention this week that play exactly in to what I waxed on about last week.

Some people are never happy

As we move forward with our 'adoption' of BI / XML Publisher here, I've been thinking more about what we really need to get up and running quickly.

It is simple really ;-) At the top of our 'wish list' is:

- A comprehensive library of reusable templates

Forget about those pesky XSL-FO ones, we need easily customizable RTF / MS Word templates for EVERY standard AP, PO, GL, AR and FA Oracle e-business suite report and we need them FAST. Translations would be nice as well :-)

I’m not asking for too much, am I? :-)

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