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If I Were Going To Collaborate

I'm not attending Collaborate 09. Tough economy, tight budget, massive know the story. It's a real shame I can't make it, as I see Collaborate as an event that provides a substantial return on investment.

If I were going to Collaborate this year, there are a few things I would focus on and watch for:

Federal Financials SIG OAUG Collaborate ‘09 meeting

The Oracle Federal Financials Special Interest Group (FED SIG) is meeting in Orlando.  However the meeting details are not appearing on the Collaborate ‘09 schedule, since it seems to be a late addition to the agenda.
Here are the details and agenda:
When:  Tuesday, May 5 from 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Where:  Peabody, room Bayhill 1 (Mezzanine Level)  (THANK [...]

Webinar on NoetixViews for Oracle U.S. Federal Financials Available for Replay

If you were interested in attending the webinar on the new NoetixViews for Federal Financials, but weren’t able to sit in on it this week, Noetix has made it available for download here.  The webinar includes live demos.  I sat in on the call and I thought it was a good presentation.  Noetix has developed [...]

Value your talent

Recently, I presented on the above topic at a Seminar. I was absolutely thrilled by the kind of questions I got in response to this topic, there were HR managers who wanted to know how to go about Cost cutting, there were others who wanted to know whom to layoff, yet there were others who shared their own experiences and what they had done.
I would like to share this from two perspective in two articles

a. From a HR perspective in this article

b. From a HR IT perspective in my next article.

Agile Development Links

MyOraclePortal published a couple of links to interesting videos.  Check out the page there:
Agile Development
I thought the videos were very well done.
What I am curious about is anyone’s experience in using Agile Development with PeopleSoft.  Has anyone tried to use this development style on a PeopleSoft project?
I was involved in a project that attempted something [...]

COBOL Compile Error

In an attempt to draw more attention to an error, let me copy a comment here.  If you have any ideas on what ps_rookie should do, please comment here.
I suggested taking the dash out of the compile directory, and he said that did not make a difference.
Below is the comment:
Hi DE,
I am trying to Install [...]

Vendor Evaluation Ranks High in SAPPHIRE 2009 Poll

Attending educational sessions currently holds the top SAPPHIRE 2009 agenda spot, racking up 38% of votes cast in an informal poll conducted by Optimal SAP Advisor. Evaluating an SAP vendor service or solution ranks a close second with 25% of votes.

NZOUG Wellington Regional Meet this week 1-May-09: Public Appearance

NZOUG Regional Events this week and next week!

Yes, I'll be out of the cave for a change on Friday!

OEM problem solved...

The OEM problem with the http server not startign is solved. We solved the problem by installing an older version of the package (for Suse 10 install older version of 1_db).After this the http server started and I was able to continue the install.At the end of the install again a http error...[Wed Apr 22 11:41:33 2009] [error] mod_ossl: Unknown error[Wed Apr 22 11:41:37 2009] [error]

Financial Services Accounting Hub(FSAH) is now called Financials Accounting Hub (FAH)

The Financial Services moniker was always misleading because there is nothing specific to the Financial Services industry in the product, now this has been fixed and the official name is Financials Accounting Hub. So that one is cleared up.
I have had a number of people asking for more details on this product, you [...]

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