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Is cool again?

After last year’s Oracle Open World I asked if Oracle was cool again and that post was picked up by eye on oracle and created quite a bit of debate. Now we are approaching Open World again and I see Oracle has put it’s mix social network front and center taking over the [...]

Got my OOW badge

I collected my badge here at Oracle HQ, so I can avoid the crowds at the Moscone. Now what I don’t have is a ticket to the Party on Wednesday Night, which is held on Treasure Island with UB40, Seal, Elvis Costello and some Country artist who’s name I don’t recall (sorry – [...]

Financials Sessions at Oracle Open World 2008

A lot of people are asking when various sessions are, readers of this blog are probably interested in Oracle EBS financials, Helle posted on Oracle Mix a couple of useful links. I recommend looking at this pdf which lists all the financials sessions including demogrounds, apps lounges, presentations etc.
My session is listed there, I [...]

Human face to recruitment

Remember the time you go for an interview from campus, you would have met a team from the recruiting organization that typically does a presentation sometimes more to tell about the company. Now contrast this with off campus or lateral recruitment, which might happen in a manner radically different.... With no human interface except the person who is probably interviewing you.

How We Used the Oracle CSSCAN Utility and CSALTER Script to Migrate the Database Character Set?

As per the requirement from the Application Vendor, we had to change the database character set on one of the existing test databases.CSSCAN Utility and CSALTER Script:Database character set migration has two stages: data scanning (csscan) and data conversion (csalter.plb).

RMA (Return) Order Cycle

RMA Defined:

•Permission for a customer to return lines.
•Oracle Order Management allows you to authorize the return of your sales orders as well as sales made by other dealers or suppliers, as long as the items are part of your item master and price list.

Standard Return Flow:

Cloning eBS on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5

When cloning an eBS environment on Oracle Enterprise LInux 5, the following error is shown on both the db and app Tier.Checking for make... found - /usr/bin/makeChecking for ld... found - /usr/bin/ldChecking for cc... found - /usr/bin/ccChecking for ar... found - /usr/bin/arChecking for ksh...Unable to find 'kshell' in pathUnable to locate all utilities with system path. Looking in the clone

From where can I download the Oracle OCP logo?

Various types of OCP Logos are used in many of Oracle related Blogs with different styles and colors; it means that, without knowing the registered OCP Logo by Oracle, simply customized OCP logos, with their own styles and colors, are being used.The people, those who are using different logos apart from registered and suggested, are searching and downloading from the Google Images for readymade logo and using them.


I decided to leave my current company and start my own. I have been thinking about contracting for a year now, and finally took the step. From 1-12-2008 I am working as a contractor Oracle eBS Dba. I already registered my company, called e-BSolutionsI looking forward to this new career move and will continue blogging....

Driving 2.0 – Socializing The Freeway

I drive from San Francisco down the Highway 101 to Oracle HQ everyday (sometimes on a Saturday too), I sometimes see people I know on the freeway, I often see the same cars, I certainly see people do (IMHO) idiotic things and I occasionally see people do (IMHO) courteous and considerate things.
So an idea came [...]

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