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Adding new fields... to an existing record or a new one?

At the very start of every PeopleSoft project we're confronted to the task of defining the Development Standards. One of the recurring discussion points is what to do when we need a new field in a record.

a) Create a sibling record (same primary key), adding the new field as an attribute to that record.

b) Add the new field in the original record.

Oracle APPS DBA Interview Questions

Q1. What is file used for? What's full path of this file? What's significance of this file ?

Ans: The is used by mod_plsql component of Apache to connect to
database. The File is located at $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/modplsql/cfg .

Q2. Where would i find .rf9 file, and what execatly it does ?

Ans: These files are used during restart of patch in case of patch failure because of some reason.

Q3. Where is appsweb.cfg or appsweb_$CONTEXT.cfg stored & why its used?

ExcelToCI limitations: when not to use it

Since it's introduction with PeopleTools 8.4x, ExcelToCI has generated excitement particularly among consultants running implementations. Finally there was a tool that allowed consultants with little or no technical knowledge to quickly load data into the system.

How BPEL adds value to PeopleTools 8.48?

One of the key enhancements delivered in PeopleTools 8.48 was integration with Oracle BPEL Manager. Oracle's description of BPEL is:


Welcome to my Blog!

My expectation is to use this media to communicate and share my personal experiences in the IT field, and more specifically in PeopleSoft implementations.

Many thanks and happy blogging!


Useful Metalink NOTE ID's

RDBMS and E-Business Suite Installation and Configuration
118218.1 11i. Installing a Digital Cerificate on both the Server and Client.
252217.1 Requirements for Installing Oracle 9iR2 on RHEL3
146469.1 Installation & Configuration of Oracle Login server & Portal3i
146468.1 Installation of Oracle9i Application Server(9iAS)
152775.1 XML gateway installation
165700.1 Multiple Jserv configuration
207159.1 Documentation of 9iAS
210514.1 Express Server WebIV Note numbers

Database Upgrade from 8i to 9i

Pre-Upgrade Tasks

1) Make sure that you have 9iR2 software (9.2.0 CD Dump) before starting the installation.

first need to download the software on the server. Following are the details of the software to be downloaded:

i. for Solaris:
Disk1: Part# A99349-01
Disk2: Part# A99350-01
Disk3: Part# A99351-01
ii. for Linux
Disk1: Part# A99339-01
Disk2: Part# A99340-01
Disk3: Part# A99341-01

Prettify Those Code Listings

I often find it neat and helpful to paste syntax-highlighted code listings to my documents and email communications. In addition to the aesthetics, the syntax highlighting allows for more readable code. Of the many powerful text editors out there, PSPad provides a feature for generating syntax-highlighted rich text.

11.0.3 to Upgrade

Production Cut-over Checklist
1th Novembert, 2006

Environment Name:

Prepared By:
Madan Mohan K

1.0 Pre-Upgrade Checks

· OS user for RDBMS
· Group for or11iuat
· OS user for APPLMGR
· Group for ap11iuat
· OS utilities to be in PATH
· Java version

PeopleSoft Search

If you’ve been browsing my blog directly, you may have already noticed the PeopleSoft Search link on the site’s header. This is simply a Google Custom search engine pointing to sites containing relevant PeopleSoft technical content. This includes mostly forums and blogs.

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