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Wedding Invitation.....

As most of you would agree life is full of surprises. Little did i know that i would fall in love with Ruchira after meeting her once.
Its been barely a few months that i met her at Hyderabad. After a couple of meetings and a few phone calls, we decided to get engaged, planned to marry, and quickly decided on our marriage dates. Seems life moves so slow, especially when it comes to taking such big decisions !!

Companies providing Oracle Apps and Oracle BI Consultancy services in India

Many a time, i have been asked by freinds who are seeking a job change, and sometimes by clients enquiring about organizations that provide consultancy service in Oracle Apps and Oracle BI in India. Though there are many small and big organizations working on Oracle Apps, but only a few top software companies provide the complete range of consultancy services in Oracle Apps and Oracle BI.

Typical Business Requirements while setting up Invoice Approval Workflow

Approving AP Invoices using Oracle Approval Management (OAM) is a fast and easy way of maintaining transparency and accountability in Accounts Payables department. However most of the time OAM setup needs to be modified and workflow customized depending upon the business scenario.
One of the most common business requirement is that organizations do not need approval of invoices that are matched to PO Receipts. Anticipating this request, Oracle has already given this as an Attribute under the Transation Type 'Payables Invoice Approval'.

Oracle to Buy Demantra

Oracle yesterday announced that it will expand its supply chain planning applications with the acquisition of Demantra, a leading provider of demand-driven planning solutions.

Employees with No Usernames or entry in WF_ROLES

And to list out all the active employees, their usernames and whether they have an entry in WF_ROLES:

select ppf.employee_number, ppf.full_name, fu.user_name, wr.status
from per_people_f ppf,
fnd_user fu,
wf_roles wr
where ppf.person_id =fu.employee_id (+)
and ppf.person_id =wr.orig_system_id (+)
and ppf.current_employee_flag='Y'

Run this to check everyone in the approval hierarchy is set up correctly if you are having any problems with testing transactions in Approval Manager and get the dreaded...

Pre-Production Diagnostics Tests

Metalink have rather helfully published a summary of the diagnostics tests which are useful in a pre-production situation to check config.

Loading employees from Spreasheet

Another trick I keep forgetting the name of so I'm storing it here....

Express setup tools in iProcurement is the thing that lets you upload employees from a spreadsheet. As of 11.5.10 it got moved to a concurrent program, as per Metalink Note 303087.1. Today the doco is on page 5-19 of the iProc user guide, but tomorrow it could be anywhere.

Excel Tricks - How to split the AFF (or anything else) into different cells

Once upon a time a management accountant (thankyou Amanda) showed me how to do this and I keep forgetting what it's called so I figure I should blog it so I don't forget and everyone else can add it to their bag of tricks ...

1) Select the range of cells that contains the text values. The range can be any number of rows tall, but no more than one column wide.
Note: There must be one or more blank columns to the right of the selected column or the data to the right of the selected column will be overwritten.

2) On the Data menu, click Text to Columns.

Manual Depreciation Override in Assets

Latest sexy thing I came across:

Oracle Assets mini-pack 11i.FA.K (2398923) contains the Manual Depreciation Override functionality.

In a nutshell:
- set the profile option FA: Enable Depreciation Override to Yes

Eternal Mysteries of iProcurement

Okay - I confess - I forgot to update this blog thingie ... again.... :)

My latest craze - iProcurement on 11.5.10, haven't done this one since 11.5.8 so it's a bit sexier and yet again the screens have changed - woohoo!

New things I like:
- Non-Catalog templates
- Using AME for Requisition Approval

New things I dislike:
- The new homepage isn't as easy as the 11.5.8 one
- Personalization just gets more complicated every release

Old things they still haven't fixed:

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