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ec4u Releases Application Composer for Siebel Open UI

Earlier this year, I have been invited by ec4u expert consulting AG Germany to take part in a workshop. My job was to deliver Siebel Open UI training as well as discuss a new tool that ec4u planned to implement.

The tool should enable administrative users to quickly change the appearance of list and form applets in Siebel Open UI without having to use Siebel Tools. I was intrigued and inspired by the presentation of the tool during the workshop.

Self-Esteem by Alli

Alli Bree is full of wisdom, she looks at things plainly, and she's brutally honest.  Case in point, this Friday night heading to our neighborhood pool:

Alli:  "Mom, why don't you ever wear this swimsuit with the fringe?"
Me:  "Oh, I don't know.  I'm saving it for the beach," thinking to myself that it's a little Spring Break 2002 for the neighborhood pool.  Plus I didn't consider how much Riley would like to pull on the fringe.

PeopleCode Record Snapshot

The following is a bit of PeopleCode I came up with to get a snapshot of the contents of a given Record object through PeopleCode. You might find this useful as a way of inspecting a record and its contents at a given point in time during PeopleCode execution. This code utilises the WriteToLog function to output the snapshot to the Application Server log directory as a tracesql file.

ADF 12c (12.1.3) Line Chart Overview Feature

ADF 12c (12.1.3) is shipped with completely rewritten DVT components, there are no graphs anymore - they are called charts now. But there are much more, besides only a name change. Previous DVT components are still running fine, but JDeveloper wizards are not supporting them anymore. You should check ADF 12c (12.1.3) developer guide for more details, in this post I will focus on line chart overview feature.

R12.2 :Modulus Check Validations for Bank Accounts

The existing bank account number validations for domestic banks only check the length of the bank account number. These validations are performed during the entry and update of bank accounts.With R12.2 the account number validations for United Kingdom are enhanced to include a modulus check alongside the length checks. Modulus checking is the process of [...]

Why curation matters – tips and tools to get it done

For the enterprise professional, curation isn't a luxury. It's about establishing topic authority, while bringing fresh ideas and content to our employers. Here's some tools and tips to get it done.Author informationJon ReedJon Reed has been involved in enterprise communities since 1995, including time spent building ERP recruiting and training firms. These days, Reed is a (cough) blogger/analyst and also counsels vendors and startups on go-to-market strategy. He is an SAP Mentor, Enterprise Irregular, a

Click on the link for the full text/media - @jonerp

United States (US) Second Quarter (Q2) 2014 Statutory Update Released

The United States (US) Second Quarter (Q2) 2014 Statutory Update has been released!


Next time you need to do some in-line PeopleCode debugging, rather than the traditional approach of using MessageBox, or WinMessage, consider using the PeopleCode WriteToLog function (see PeopleBooks reference). To summarise, the WriteToLog function consists of two parameters:

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