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You’re Not Here to Write Code

Too many programmers think that their job is to write code. It isn’t.
The job of the programmer is to help the business solve a problem using appropriate technology for the task at hand. The programmer knows (or should know) the available tools and will hopefully select the right one for the task.
Unfortunately, too many programmers suffer from framework-phobia and don’t trust any code they have not written themselves. That takes more time, causes more bugs and will be harder to maintain down the line. Use good frameworks and solve problems!

The Hidden Benefit of PeopleSoft Selective Adoption

There has been a lot of talk over the last couple of weeks about PeopleSoft Selective Adoption, the recently-coined term for the PeopleSoft Update Manager delivery model. Much of this has been on the direct benefits to the customer, which is how it should be. Greg Parikh has linked to some of the posts on LinkedIn.

Control Fluid Landing Page by Role

One of the questions that came up at the recent UKOUG Apps 14 conference was about controlling user access to the Fluid Landing Page based on security Roles.  We're talking here about controlling which users see the Fluid Landing Page when they login.The default homepage can be set Globally in personalizations and user's can optionally override this.

Winning a Facebook audience – tips from the Boston Celtics’ Peter Stringer

Contrary to prevailing sentiment, the Boston Celtics' Peter Stringer still sees a place for brands on Facebook.

Here are some takeaways based on Stringer's own tests with paid and unpaid Facebook content.

Statistics back up the value of engaging, visual content.

Author information

Jon Reed

Jon Reed has been involved in enterprise communities since 1995, including time spent building ERP recruiting and training firms. These days, Jon is a roving blogger/analyst, and also

Click on the link for the full text/media - @jonerp

New PeopleCode Dump Method

One of my old tricks was to create a PeopleCode dump from the system.  Then I could use a text editor tool such as gVim or Ultraedit to search through the code to find examples or certain uses of definitions.
Basically, a PeopleCode dump is easily created by searching for (Edit > Find In) a semicolon.  Because every statement must have a semicolon, it matches every statement of code in the system.  On the Find In dialog, checking the Save to File option will write out each line to a text file.

New White Paper on How To Use Meters in EAM

This white paper looks at how meters are used in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). It describes the setups required and describes some common examples.
This white paper provides an overview of what meters are and how they
are used in EAM. The paper looks at the setups required and look at
some examples of using meters. There is also a brief discussion of
APIs and tables related to meters. The topics covered in the paper are :

Are you taking advantage of the E-Business Suite Analyzer Scripts?

Take a look at the ‘Get Proactive with Oracle E-Business Suite - Product Support Analyzer Script Index (Doc ID 1545562.1)’ for a list of scripts!
The Analyzer scripts run on a regular basis can help identify areas that are in need of attention.  So please try to incorporate them within normal maintenance cycles for optimum health on all E-Business instances.  Below is an excerpt of available Analyzers within the Applications Technology Support team:

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