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Error while deploying MAF app to android - Cannot run program "adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20140321\sdk\tools\zipalign"

In case, if you hit the below error while deploying MAF application to android device, this post is for you.

[12:11:31 PM] Cannot run program "xxx\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20140321\sdk\tools\zipalign"": CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified
[12:11:31 PM] CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified

PeopleCode Coding Discipline

Java, JavaScript, C++, C Sharp, Objective C, Groovy... what do these languages have in common? Yes, curly braces, but besides that... actually, there are a lot of similarities between these languages. Throw Visual Basic, Perl, Python, or any other well-known language into the mix and the number of similarities drops significantly. Setting semantics and syntax aside, a common attribute of all well-known languages is standards and best practices. Some of those best practices (such as coding style) differ by language. For example, bash scripts can either look like, uh...

How Carego International extends the reach of mobile medical care

CEO Steve Landman isn't your garden-variety Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Here's how he resolved his love/hate with technology to bring medical care to remote areas of the world.Author informationJon ReedJon Reed has been involved in enterprise communities since 1995, including time spent building ERP recruiting and training firms. These days, Reed is a (cough) blogger/analyst and also counsels vendors and startups on go-to-market strategy. He is an SAP Mentor, Enterprise Irregular, and video content prod

Click on the link for the full text/media - @jonerp

Discrete LCM Integration Key Setup Analyzer

Oracle Landed Cost Management (LCM) enables organizations to gain insight into the real costs associated with acquiring products. Landed cost is the cost to "land" a product on the buyer's final location. These costs are initially estimated and then updated with actual amounts, as they become known, allocating them to shipments, orders, and products. Landed costs may include costs like freight, storage, taxes, and handling.

PeopleTools 8.54 Released

I see that PeopleTools 8.54 is released according to the PeopleSoft Technology Blog.  I’m eager to get digging into the new features, but I’m afraid it may be a while before I get to play with it.
Currently, it looks like you won’t be able to play with it unless you can go through a full install.  Upgrades are not supported until after a patch or two is released:

Date Night

Don't be fooled by this title.  I am not referring to my own personal date night.  I haven't had one of those since my pre-Riley days, and even on that one I was 8.5 months pregnant so it's not like I really let loose or anything.  My back was killing me, I couldn't sip wine (because we all know I am a wine-sipper), and I needed to be home to get in bed by 8PM.

Coming Soon to MOS - New Interactive Troubleshooting Flows for Oracle Time and Labor and Oracle HRMS (UK)

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As part of our continuous effort to
improve the customer experience, Oracle Support has developed new functionality which will
be appearing next week in the Service Request (SR) logging process via
MyOracleSupport (MOS). 

af:codeEditor - ADF Faces Component for Displaying XML, Groovy, JavaScript and Text

I'm not really sure how many of you have noticed af:codeEditor component that comes with ADF Faces. If you have note, see this demo:
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