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Functional Impact Analysis Documents for Oracle Projects Key Patches

Proactively keeping your systems patched with the most current code is an important way to avoid having issues, but you may worry about what impact installing a large new patch will have on the functionality of the product and how you use it.

Focus on User Groups at Oracle OpenWorld

Anyone who reads my blog regularly might be tired of me praising user groups, but I believe it is worth repeating myself.  The type of information sharing you get from user groups is unique and very valuable, it is important for Oracle to support that, be aware of it, but not interfere.  I have been involved with the Oracle Apps User Group via the GL SIG for several years now but I will never push my agenda, I listen, provide information or presentations that are requested and I learn.  Many of my colleagues will tell you the same.

Back To School: To Script Or Not To Script in Open UI (guess what!)

In continuation of our somewhat high-level 'back to school' series on Siebel Open UI we today tackle the big question "to script or not to script?".

The attentive long-time visitor that you hopefully are to this humble blog, you might already know the answer (as in 'my answer').

Even if we now have Open UI and an ever-expanding cosmos of JavaScript API and third party libraries, the answer is still the same to me:

"Stay away from script as far as you can."

Don't Miss This! Leverage Endeca extension with iProcurement to Increase Operating Profit

Presenting at Sangam14 - Sunday November 9th 2014 in Bangalore, India
is our own
AnbuKartikeyan Jagadeeswaran.

PeopleSoft and Web Browsers – The Guide

browsersThe topic of PeopleSoft/PeopleTools versions and web browsers is often a complicated one, yet it’s an issue that every client will face when they either upgrade PeopleTools or move to a new Application version that contains a Tools increase.

Siebel Community Survey

If you had one place where you would easily find all the Siebel related content you needed, would you go there?

Installing Talend Open Studio For Big Data 5.5.1 on Redhat 6.4

Here's how to install Talend Open Studio For Big Data 5.5.1 on Redhat 6.4, and overcome the errors and gotchas.

JDeveloper 12c ADF View Token Performance Improvement

There is known limitation in ADF 11g, related to accessing application in the same session from multiple browser tabs. While working with multiple browser tabs, eventually user is going to consume all view tokens, he will get timeout error once he returns back to the previous browser tab. Unused browser tab is producing timeout, because ADF 11g is sharing the same cache of view tokens for all browser tabs in the same session.

Focus on Oracle Social Network at OpenWorld

This is the first of a series of posts I am planning leading up to Oracle OpenWorld which starts in less than a week.  I have a few different focus areas this year, so I’ll write a little about each of them.

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