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Oracle Application Express (APEX) resources, news, and support articles.

APEX sei ein langsames Tool

Nachdem ich den Blogpost von Joel Kallman gelesen habe, dachte ich mir ein paar eigene Erfahrungen zum Thema APEX und Performance beizutragen.

Die Aussage APEX sei ein langsames inperformantes Tool, ist einfach nur FALSCH!
Wenn jemand ein Auto mit angezogener Handbremse fährt, dann liegt die langsame Geschwindigkeit nicht am Auto sondern am Fahrer.

Example using the analytical function: LAG

I'm actually a big fan of using analytical functions instead of using SUB-Selects or custom PL/SQL functions.

The reason is quite simple: 
You save a lot of SQL executing time.

Another positive side is: 
The amount of code lines is also less then the other two solutions would need.

Negativ aspect:
You need to understand the logic behind analytical functions and you need to practice with them. :)

What was my problem?

The Riley Family, Part II

You didn't miss Part I, at least not here you didn't.

Many of you know Mike Riley. If you don't, here's a little history. He's the past president of ODTUG (for like 37 years or something) and for the last two years, he's served as Conference Chair for Kscope. Yeah, that doesn't really follow, but you know I'm a bit...scattered.

You don't lack APEX lack Oracle skills

For years, I've been fighting the perception by some customers that "APEX is slow".  Back in 2010, I opined about the corporate architect who didn't like Oracle Application Express because it was slow and couldn't scale.  What helped him form his opinion?  They had a business unit that developed a large number of applications, and the applications were slow.

Fun with SQL - My Birthday

This year is kind of fun, my birthday is on November 12th (next Tuesday, if you want to send gifts). That means it will fall on 11/12/13. Even better perhaps, katezilla's birthday is December 13th. 12/13/14. What does this have to do with SQL?

Abstract Sumission Advice

Yesterday, I was part of the KScope 14 APEX Abstract Review call.  This call is used to discuss the rankings that the Abstract Review Committee has previously given each session.  Naturally, we use APEX to help with this process - specifically WebSheets.  The call allows us to ensure that the selections are as fair as possible.  We make sure that no single presenter has too many slots, ensure that there are enough first-timers vs. veteran presenters and keep the topics of the accepted abstracts balanced.

Fix Inbox mail issue in Mavericks

When updating my OS X to Mavericks, the Mail app started to behave differently for my GMail (Google Apps) accounts.

Whenever I moved a message from my Inbox to a folder the message wasn't removed from my Inbox. On the forum and on some sites (e.g. DigitalTrends) the fix they mention, is to check the "Show in IMAP" setting in GMail.

jQuery ModalDialog with iFrame

Using iFrames can sometimes be really helpful. Especially if you have information which should be served on several pages.

A simple solution using the jQuery UI dialog with iFrames in APEX is the following:

Add a class called callModalDialog to each of your links which should be opened in a modal dialog (referenced by an iFrame).

Example link:
Information about something

Example when you have a link inside an APEX report:

Mobile APEX Anwendung mit Unterschrifts-Feld

Eigentlich eine simple Anforderung. Baue eine mobile Eingabemaske mit einem zusätzlichen Feld für eine digitale Unterschrift.
Wie für sehr vieles im WWW gab es auch dafür diverse Lösungen. Die Einzige die mir auf Anhieb wirklich gefallen hat, war: jSignatur

 - Leicht zu integrieren
 - wenig JS Code + nur eine JS-Datei
 - funktioniert mit jQuery UI und jQuery Mobile
 - es werden alle gängigen Browser (inklusive IE 7 unterstützt)

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