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Oracle Application Express (APEX) resources, news, and support articles.

Oracle Application Express 4.2.3 now available

Just in time for Oracle OpenWorld 2013, Oracle Application Express 4.2.3 is now released and available for download.  If you wish to download the full release of Oracle Application Express 4.2.3, you can get it from the Downloads page on OTN.

New Book: Expert Oracle Application Express Security

I remember vividly meeting with Jonathan Gennick at RMOUG 2012 at the Apress booth.  As always, he asked if I was up for writing something APEX-related.  And as always, I politely declined, as I just had too much going on at the time.  However, before he let me leave the booth, he pledged that I didn't have to write something that was 800+ pages, and that a niche topic book that was "only" a couple hundred pages would work.  Time to reconsider.

APEX 5.0 Impressions

I had the opportunity to sit through two APEX 5.0 presentations yesterday at APEXposed in Montreal - one by Joel Kallman, and the other by David Peake.

By far, the most anticipated feature is the new page layout UI.  This interface is designed to do two things: make arranging regions and items easier, and allowing for batch updating of common item attributes.  While the demonstrations were a bit rough and the UI is clearly not finished, this direction represents a lot of promise for APEX developers, as it is the one area that APEX has been lacking since day one.

ODTUG Sunday Symposium @ OpenWorld

Wow, it's been almost a year since I've blogged.  Guess that's what happens when you get busy!

APEX Printing in Depth - OOW Sunday Symposium

If you're going to Oracle Open World and will be there for the ODTUG Sunday APEX Symposium, then you're in for quite an interesting set of sessions. When discussing what would be a good topic for this year's set of presentations, we wanted to focus on an area within APEX from which everyone could gain some benefit.

Meine Präsentation bei Orbit - Oracle Day

Am 18.09.2013 organisiert die Firma Orbit eine Verantstalltung mit dem Namen "Oracle Day". Der Titel meiner Präsentation ist "APEX – Applikationen im Expressverfahren". Die Agenda ist ziemlich interessant und umfasst viele Themen bezüglich Backup-Strategien, APEX, Geodatenverarbeitung und Business Intelligence-Lösungen. Die Agenda kann hier gefunden werden. Die Veranstaltung ist selbstverständlich kostenlos. Also, meldet euch an und wir sehen uns dort.

DBA or Developer?

I've always considered myself a developer and a LOWER(DBA). I may have recovered perhaps one database and that was just a sandbox, nothing production worthy. I've built out instances for development and testing and I've installed the software a few hundred times, at least. I've done DBA-like duties, but I just don't think of myself that way. I'm a power developer maybe? Whatevs.

APEX Presentations September and October

September and October 2013 are going to be tough. I am supposed to hold five presentations all together.

SQL Developer a great tool but...

Actually I'm impressed from the speed (even so it is a Java based application), the easy handling and the integration into APEX.
For example remote debugging possibilities inside an APEX application:

Currently there are two things I really don't like.

Autocomplete Feature when I open a table and checking the data. 

Example Merge Procedure

I often have used UPDATE and INSERT statements during my development. In some complex updates especially when I had to select from other tables then I got strange problems I some cases.

I even was able to update the wrong data because my statement was not correctly designed. After this experience I decided to switch to MERGE-statements. Merge Statements are easy to read especially when you use difficult select statements inside.

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