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Oracle Application Express (APEX) resources, news, and support articles.

jQuery ModalDialog with iFrame

Using iFrames can sometimes be really helpful. Especially if you have information which should be served on several pages.

A simple solution using the jQuery UI dialog with iFrames in APEX is the following:

Add a class called callModalDialog to each of your links which should be opened in a modal dialog (referenced by an iFrame).

Example link:
Information about something

Example when you have a link inside an APEX report:

Mobile APEX Anwendung mit Unterschrifts-Feld

Eigentlich eine simple Anforderung. Baue eine mobile Eingabemaske mit einem zusätzlichen Feld für eine digitale Unterschrift.
Wie für sehr vieles im WWW gab es auch dafür diverse Lösungen. Die Einzige die mir auf Anhieb wirklich gefallen hat, war: jSignatur

 - Leicht zu integrieren
 - wenig JS Code + nur eine JS-Datei
 - funktioniert mit jQuery UI und jQuery Mobile
 - es werden alle gängigen Browser (inklusive IE 7 unterstützt)

Why I'm voting for Danny Bryant and You Should Too

I'm talking about the ODTUG Board of Directors.


That's really all you need isn't it?


What are the Long-Term Prospects for Oracle Application Express?

This is a very common question that I’m regularly asked in one form or another. The simple answer is that Oracle is committed to the ongoing development and support of Application Express.

Excel VS BI in Financial Analysis: why the fight was over before it started

by Victor Fagundo

The argument over why Businesses should abandon Excel in favor of more structured tools has been raging for as long as I have had more than a casual exposure to Oracle products. From the standpoint of an IT user Excel appears to be a simplistic, flat-file-based, error-prone tool that careless people use, despite its obvious flaws. Petabytes of duplicative Excel spreadsheets clog network drives across the globe; we as IT users know it, and it drives us crazy.

Pivot Lösungen in APEX

Letztes Jahr habe ich eine Pivot Beispiel Applikation gebaut und diese bei einem DOAG Treffen präsentiert. 

UPPER first character

Seems to be a simple task but there are hundreds of solutions.
For me as an APEX developer I have to decide between an JS/jQuery or a SQL/PLSQL solution.

Easiest would be using the initcap function from Oracle but I was only allowed to upper case the first character of the field.

tobias likes tasty food.

Tobias Likes Tasty Food.

Tobias likes tasty food.

After searching for a couple of minutes i found two easy ways to fix this issue:

Once again APEX helps ORACLE TEAM USA win the America's Cup

Found some interesting pieces on how ORACLE TEAM USA used Application Express to help them win the 34rd America's Cup in San Francisco.

Multi-Colored SQL

My OCD was delighted this morning when I came across a new feature of SQL Developer: Connection Color.  Brace yourselves, as this feature ain't much, but could have a huge impact on reducing accidental commands in the wrong schema or server.

To use it, simply create or edit a database connection, and set the Connection Color to whichever color you choose:

APEX and Session State Protection

Prior to configuring Session State Protection in your applications you need to be aware of one important thing. Setting it up and configuring the settings will change the settings for all the items in your application - even if the items were protected before that change using some other protection methods. Deactivating the protection will again remove the protection completely. At the end this could mean a lot of work - get a backup and manually restore the original settings.

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