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Image Prefix changes in Oracle Application Express 4.2.2

Most often, patch sets for Oracle Application Express are used to correct defects (i.e., fix bugs) identified in a release.  It's rare for features to be introduced or behavior to change.  But in the case of Oracle Application Express 4.2.2 and later, there is a change in behavior that is worth discussing, namely, the change in behavior to the Image Prefix application attribute.  This has been raised by Oracle Support three times in the past couple weeks, so we have certainly created some confusion amongst our customers.

In a Nutshell

Create a Success Message using Dynamic Action

This simple example is showing how to create a success message using dynamic actions. One thing needs to be mentioned though. The last one of the three actions depends on your current template:

DOAG 2013 Development in Bonn am 19. Juni

Am 19.Juni 2013 findet die nächste DOAG Development Konferenz in Bonn statt, diesmal mit dem Thema:

Enable and Disable a Checkbox in a Tabular Form

This simple example is showing how to use a simple checkbox column in a tabular form to enable/disable or check/uncheck another checkbox column.

How to locate all interactive reports in my application?

Today my client decided to remove the email functionality from all interactive reports in their APEX application.

I could step through all the pages of my application and check whether there are any interactive reports used. This very manual approach can take some time and I can make mistakes by overlooking some of the interactive reports to modify.

A different approach would be to use the (officially supported) data dictionary views in APEX. Using this simple sql query I can find all interactive reports in all pages of my application (having the id 20120618):

APEX Tabular Form - Instant Update

Yesterday an interesting question regarding tabular forms, collections and instant updates was asked in the Oracle APEX Forum. This example in my Demo Application shows how you can create a tabular form based on a collection and update this collection instantly. The whole example consists of three main parts:

1. save changes instantly

Getting the amount of rows from report with jQuery

I had the task to show the amount of displayed rows from a standard report on another position of the page. As "Pagination Scheme" in the "Report Attributes" I used: "Row Ranges X to Y from Z"

To get this Z value I needed to check the HTML code:

Getting Interactive Report Query

I know this is nothing new but I had a hard time to find out how to get the SQL of the currently viewed Interactive Report. In one of my projects I needed the exact query including the filtered values and sorting  in order to save the data into a PL/SQL collection and process it further. I tried using the existing IR Application Views but those do not provide all the information I needed. I stumbled upon this documentation page

Adobe Fireworks Colour Picker Problem on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

I’ve had a problem with Adobe Fireworks CS5 ever since upgrading to a Retina Display MacBook. The problem is that the eye-dropper colour picker tool just doesn’t work any more. At all. Very frustrating.

I came across a very simple workaround today which can be found here:

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