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Oracle Application Express (APEX) resources, news, and support articles.

Ignore sql error messages in pl/sql process

Have you experienced the case that you want to execute a process and when a specified error occurs then it should go on like nothing happened.

In my case I had several pl/sql processes and one was to delete a database link. In my special case there shouldn't be an error if no database link exists.

Here is the code snippet for it:

-- error variable
v_no_link EXCEPTION;
-- Map error number returned by raise_application_error to user-defined exception.
PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT(v_no_link, -2024);

APEX: Install 3.2.1 on 11gR2

Yes, I know it comes pre-installed with 11g. No, I didn't bother to check what the default version was either. I needed practice so I removed it and re-installed it. This follows my recent install of 11gR2 on OEL v5.4.


I've been reading up on Edition-Based Redefinition (which I can't link to because the docs seem to be missing right now).

In my readings I ran across DBMS_UTILITY.WAIT_ON_PENDING_DML which appears to be new to 11gR2 (there is no entry for it in the 11gR1 docs, which again, I can't link up currently). Based on my reading (I have the docs locally), this function appears to be used specifically for the new editioning feature.

It's listed as a procedure in the docs (don't ask for the link):

11gR2: Installfest

I installed Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.4 a few weeks ago in a VirtualBox virtual machine...I just didn't have the inclination to install the database.

Secretary Justice

I started out as a secretary and it's come full circle now.

Tonight I was elected Secretary of the Suncoast Oracle Users Group (SOUG).

What does that mean? Well, pretty simple I think. Blog. Sum up the meetings in a fun and easy to read way to convince them that they are really missing out.

As a member of the board, I will also (eventually) push for twice monthly meetings. One more formal with the presentation format and one more casual.


At the ODTUG APEXposed conference in Atlanta this week, a customer asked me to blog about how to abbreviate and pronounce the abbreviation for Oracle Application Express. I've seen numerous abbreviations (Apex, ApEx, APPEx, AppEx, APEX), and I think the lack of a formal abbreviation lends to the confusion in pronunciation. So here goes:

  1. Whenever an abbreviation is used in informal writing, it's abbreviated in all uppercase: APEX

Oracle Press Release on Sun Merger

Original can be found here:

Redwood Shores, Calif. - November 9, 2009

Security Tools Malware

My parent's neighbor called me this afternoon...his computer had a virus.

There was no virus software installed.

I told him to try AVG (which makes me want to put parenthesis after it with a GROUP BY clause), scan the computer and then call me back.

He did call back, but he was unable to download the software. He kept getting messages that his computer was infected and that his credit card details were being delivered to the 'tubes. Just bring it over and I'll take a look.

Using the APEX IRR search region

Hi all,

The APEX team integrated a nice little region template which mimics the search part of an interactive report. It is called "Report Filter - Single Row". As the name says it has only one row to implement items.

Using one graphical way for searching in your whole application makes life easier for your costumers.

There is just one thing I didn't like on it. The "Search"-icon. To erase it make a copy of the template and erase this part: <img src="#IMAGE_PREFIX#htmldb/builder/builder_find.png" />


As on every Oracle conference, also this time we organize an APEX Meetup.
Last year we went for a pizza and some drinks and it was great fun!

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