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Oracle Application Express (APEX) resources, news, and support articles.

Moving table data from SQL Developer into Application Express using XML

Gary, an Application Express customer for many years, recently sent me a message with a problem he was having getting table data, exported from Oracle SQL Developer in XML format, into Oracle Application Express. He pointed me to his post on the Oracle Application Express discussion forum on OTN.

SOUG: Holiday Party

I've got a great reason to go outside this evening, SOUG's annual holiday party is tonight.

Read all about it here.

It will be held at the laughing cat which is located here.

OBIEE: Install on OEL 5.4

I've had a fun week installing this on OEL. Six times I've started and stopped because it would just sit there and hang.

I had it installed a few weeks ago, but if memory serves me, I let it run overnight and everything was up and running. I blew that one away so I could get some more practice (and I wanted to write it up).

OBIEE: OEL Uninstall

I've been fighting with VirtualBox and OBIEE the last couple of days trying to get it installed. Finally resolved the issue early this morning with the help of a coming shortly.

Now I'm uninstalling it so I can repeat the process from this morning in a more lucid state.

I've found the documentation for OBIEE not quite as robust as the database documentation. Specifically, it's not HTML-ified. So direct linking is (near) impossible.

When you’re feeling low, move the Frameworkia out of the doorway…

Everyone should have seen this but I’m going to link to it one more time as the man has come back.

One day- we shall all use Frameworkia…


This genuinely cheers me up when having ‘one of those days’!

EBS Install Guide - Part 2

By John Piwowar [ blog | twitter ]
This is the second post in my "Installing E-Business Suite" series, where we actually install the software. Hopefully by now you've read part 1, downloaded the software, and configured your Linux server. Thanks again to Chet for the opportunity to share on his blog; I'm enjoying this guest spot on ORACLENERD Inc's New Media Empire (2.0!). And now, welcome to screenshot village; we hope you enjoy your stay.

OEL, VirtualBox and Shared Folders

Inspired by Jake's difficulty with getting Virtual Box's Shared Folders to work with Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL), I'm writing it up...I'm sure he's not the only one with problems.

Most awesomely, he had members of the Sun VirtualBox team commenting on his post.

Chrome Browser and APEX

I’ve been keeping a watchful eye on the Chrome Browser from Google and noticed they’d just released the Mac Beta version so I thought I’d have a quick ‘play’ with it.
As you’d expect it does everything you’d want from a browser, I’m pretty much a Firefox/Safari person (they complement each other pretty well particularly with [...]

Accessibility in APEX

One of my highlights at UKOUG was the presentation of Anthony Rayner about Accessibility in APEX.

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