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Oracle Application Express (APEX) resources, news, and support articles.

APEX 4.0: Dynamic Actions - Part 2

If you are interested in a Standard Dynamic Action in APEX 4.0, you should read this blog post.

In this post I'll cover how to create an Advanced Dynamic Action. 'Advanced' allows you to create more complex native dynamic actions such as 'Add Class' or 'Set Value' and also plug-in dynamic actions, that are installed in your application.

In this example I want to retrieve the department for a given employee.

Database Application Security - A Visualization

Security, in regards to the database, is pretty broad. There are a multitude of ways to secure your database. From physical or logical access to SQL Injection.

This is a (not so) pretty picture of how I visualize security from an application point of view.

Secure OLTP Application

Random Things: Volume #14

I'm flying now up to Greenville every week. No more driving.

My Sunday flight is at 9 am, which is nice because I'm too tired to think of stuffing myself in a plane. Today was...annoying. Two older gentlemen (word used very looslely) who obviously were out partying last night seemed to believe they were the only 2 people around and talked to each other accordingly.

Static Region Id's and Ajax Fun

More Online Store demo shenanigans for you. A bit dry this one I'm afraid.

Oracle SQL Developer on OS X Snow Leopard

I have been using Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeller for a while now within a Windows XP environment. It seems pretty good (albeit a little slow but hey show some an Oracle Java client application that is quick. Oracle Directory Manager?, OWB Design Centre? I shall labour this point no more) and I was looking forward to trying it out on my new 27" iMac.

OBIEE: Usage Tracking Performance Improvements

Usage Tracking, in OBIEE, allows you to capture some basic statistics on your Presentation layer.

I mused recently about diving into the "internals" of OBIEE, specifically learning how to read the logs (Execution Plans) and other stuff.

Set item value with AJAX

Update an APEX item dynamically with AJAX:

// 1. Item: HTML Form Element Attributes:

// 2. Page: HTML Header
<script language="JavaScript1.1" type="text/javascript">
function fnc_setValue(v_item)
var get = new htmldb_Get(null,&APP_ID.,'APPLICATION_PROCESS=v_dummy',0);
gReturn = get.get();
html_GetElement(v_item).value = v_item;
get = null;

Bandwidth problem? investigate your log files

On some of my APEX sites I seem to have a bandwidth problem. Not that the sites become slow, they just eat so much bandwidth without reason.

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