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Random Things: Volume #11

Work: Consulting
I just returned home from my first week consulting. I went to the northern part of Alabama and didn't have much of a connection (phone or data) most of the time.

From my perspective it was a rousing success. Now I just need to wait and see if the client approved of my work.

I chose to drive as it was semi-last minute (last Thursday I found out) and I haven't had a good road trip in years. I promise it wasn't a fear of flying.

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

And get ready for a Test Drive of Oracle APEX 4.0! I think next week could become a very interesting week for most of you out there…

Free Shipping for ORACLENERD T-Shirts!

For one day only, December 16th, tomorrow, free shipping on any orders from SpreadShirt.

Sadly, there is still no option to ship to India or Europe. I have been looking for shops in those locales that use the SpreadShirt API, but I have yet to find anything worthwhile.

Coupon Codes are:



Kate is 5!


It's really hard to believe.

It feels like she has been here for about 3 million a good way of course.

OBIEE: Install on Windows

This install on Windows is not significantly different than it is on Oracle Enterprise Linux, in an effort to maintain my Learning OBIEE page, I felt it necessary.

I know there are differences between the different flavors of Windows, but it certainly doesn't feel like it. I remember installing a 9i EE Database on XP Home 6 or 7 years ago, that was kind of fun.

OBIEE: Architecture (Pretty Picture)

Pretty picture supplied by the Oracle documentation, p. 16 in fact. H/T rnm1978 [ blog | twitter ]

OEL, OBIEE, VirtualBox and Shared Folders

I spent the week installing OBIEE in Windows (Vista Ultimate) and OEL 5, Update 4. I've always tried to install the software I'm working with, it helps to give me a better understanding of what's going on. I don't always understand at first, but after prolonged exposure, I can more easily put the pieces together.


Moving table data from SQL Developer into Application Express using XML

Gary, an Application Express customer for many years, recently sent me a message with a problem he was having getting table data, exported from Oracle SQL Developer in XML format, into Oracle Application Express. He pointed me to his post on the Oracle Application Express discussion forum on OTN.

SOUG: Holiday Party

I've got a great reason to go outside this evening, SOUG's annual holiday party is tonight.

Read all about it here.

It will be held at the laughing cat which is located here.

OBIEE: Install on OEL 5.4

I've had a fun week installing this on OEL. Six times I've started and stopped because it would just sit there and hang.

I had it installed a few weeks ago, but if memory serves me, I let it run overnight and everything was up and running. I blew that one away so I could get some more practice (and I wanted to write it up).

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