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Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - Prod
PL/SQL Release - Production
CORE Production
TNS for 32-bit Windows: Version - Production

OBIEE: Dynamic Variables

Apparently this is a 3 part series, Part I, OBIEE: Text File as Data Source and Part II, OBIEE: Create Repository Init Block.

Finally, to the ultimate goal, dynamic session variables. Ideally, these would be repository variables, but since I'm using the row-wise variety, that is not possible (as of Once a day, or some other relatively long time frame would be sufficient.

AJAX based select list in APEX - Part 2

I couple of days ago I wrote about a way using AJAX based select lists in APEX.
After some hints from Peter Raganitsch I tried the ApexLib Framework but I run into some issues with ExtJS.
Error message:
vFieldValue is undefined
populateLovField(Object { name="pFieldId"}, Object { name="pLovEntry"})ApexLib_Full.js
populateDependingLovs(Object { name="pFieldId"})ApexLib_Full.js

Get a Suite Deal at ODTUG

As Dimitri mentioned, one way to get a Suite at this year's ODTUG is to mention his (or my) name when you register.  Now, there's another way:  just create a 3-minute video on "Why You Need to Attend ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2010".

Here's the details via the folks at ODTUG:

Make it funny…or Make it musical…or Make it informational…or Make it Rhyme…or…???. Use your imagination to create the catchiest video possible. Make sure to include the ODTUG Kaleidoscope logo.

OBIEE: Single/Detail Record View

Recently, I've been searching for a Single Row/Detail type report in Answers. Sadly, there isn't one so named.

Here's what I could find in Answers:

report types

Nothing jumps out at me, so, Twitter to the rescue again

Random Things: Volume#16

EBS Challenge
John Piwowar wrote the first part of the EBS Installation Guide back in December, since then, it's become a runaway success. I hadn't realized how so until recently when I was looking at Google Analytics and it came it at number 19, for all time. Now it's up to 13 and with the addition of it to the front page, it should only go up faster.

Oracle Application Express 4.0 EA2 live

A few hours after my previous post, APEX 4.0 EA2 hit the air.

The url to this new version of APEX 4.0 is still the same:

Application Express 4.0 - Early Adopter 2 Now Available

If you didn’t already see the news, the EA2 release of APEX4.0 has just been opened up.
Head over to, sign up for a workspace and try out all the cool new features.
EA2 includes the following key features -

Websheets (this will be huge!)
New collection enhancements
Tree region
Debugging has been rewritten

and many more (see [...]

Apex EA2 update

To see the new style Plugins use this link to the Plugins Application provided by Patrick Wolf:

Plugins Application

I've managed to copy the syntax used in some of these plugins to update those on my Online Store demo.

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