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Scott Spadafore

Nearly 10 years ago, Scott and I worked on a Consulting project in Chicago, enthusiastically writing J2EE applications, extending the Oracle E-Business Suite, and headed for near certain project failure, when our team got introduced to some obscure group of Sales Consultants out of Oracle Government, Education and Healthcare. They showed us a web development framework called “Oracle Platform”, which was based on PL/SQL of all languages. Surely this couldn’t be any good, so un-cool, so last century, so not Java.

Our team mate Scott died

Our team mate Scott died

This morning we received the really sad news that we lost our team mate Scott Spadafore. Many of you know him (sspadafo) from the OTN APEX forum where he tirelessly tried to help people who had questions or problems with APEX.
If you like to condolence, please do so in the posting of my manager. Let’s [...]

Haiku Two

In November 2008 I offered a haiku in Carl Backstrom's memory.  That post referenced texting a haiku.  That text originated with Scott Spadafore.  It is with great sadness that I offer haiku two in Scott's memory.

spring leaps forth
though warmth, shining sun

In memory of Scott Spadafore

The world stopped turning for a moment when the sad news came out of Scott Spadafore.

Scott Spadafore

I am quite saddened to say that our friend, team mate and long time contributor to Oracle Application Express, Scott Spadafore, died last night of a heart attack.

Scott has made extraordinary contributions to Oracle Application Express since he joined our team in 2001. Scott also worked tirelessly for many years on the Application Express discussion forum on OTN, where he helped (literally) thousands of customers to become successful with Application Express. His patience and precision were to be admired.

ODTUG Kaleidoscope schedule available now

Just a quick note to say the ODTUG Kaleidoscope conference schedule is published now.
There's a double APEX track scheduled... Delaware A and B are the rooms to go to if you want to see APEX 4.0 and so much more!

Random Things: Volume#17

If you ever wondered where Volume #15 went, so do I. I seemed to have skipped it. Apparently I can't set the DEFAULT property of my surrogate key equal to a sequence.nextval just yet.

Database as a Bit Bucket
Some of you may recall last weeks article titled, The Case for the Bit Bucket. In that regard, I found a couple of good articles (hat tip Gary) worth reading by Dennis Forbes:

Oracle DBA Certification

Just some notes I have been gathering for my go at the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) certificate.

Oracle Certification blog.

Brothers gotta HEUG!

From one of my all-time favorite movies, Tommy Boy.

I just caught Mr. Ted Simpson (not wearing his cool oraclenerd t-shirt) in this short video on the Oracle OpenWorld blog.

SOUG + Toad Evangelist = Fun!

Twitter saves the world...again. On Monday I saw @hillbillytoad's announcement that he would be in Tampa.

the hillbillytoad announces trip to tampa

I proceeded to try and make plans to meet up with him along with @SQLChicken who resides in the area as well.

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