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Database Security?

I'm not sure what are the question marks are lately...I can't think of better titles so perhaps it's me guessing at the title.

I'm sadly dependent on SQL*Plus...and when I mean "sadly" I mean I go to great lengths to get the Windows version which was obsolesced (sp?) in 11gR1. I could never get it quite right, the output I mean, but it was just so easy. Type in your SELECT statement, hit Enter and go. Easy. Yes, yes, I know, you can use the shell version too...I just liked the Windows version despite all it's quirks.

Making a connection from Oracle XE to MySQL with ODBC

After searching the Web I found a nice description from James Koopmann: Making a Connection from Oracle to SQL Server

Then I found a Metalink note: WIN NT - Generic Connectivity using ODBC [ID 114820.1]

What software do you need? MySQL ODBC driver

Now follow these steps:

Headed to RMOUG

All my bags are packed, and ready to go....

IN about 2 hours I’ll be stepping out the door to head to the Rocky Mountain Oracle user Group (RMOUG). Both Scott Spendolini and I will be presenting there on behalf of Sumneva.


Talk about a busy week ahead... I'm about to head to the airport and hop a flight to Denver, CO, where I will be presenting Troubleshooting Oracle APEX at the RMOUG 2010 Training Days. If you're in the Denver area, it's not too late to register, but you have to do it on-site at the Colorado Convention Center.


Let's say you have DEGREE set at the table and index level.

I ask you if this is appropriate, instead offering up using whatever tool accessing the data to provide the PARALLEL hint.

The DOP is set pretty low, given our current system.

But it's still set and can't be easily turned off.

I'm all for PARALLEL, but it's been beaten into my head that it should be used, specifically for batch operations. In other words, transforming or loading data.

Preselect Select List Values while Adding Rows

This example is showing how to preselect values in a tabular form select list while adding rows.

Preventing Duplicate Entries in a Tabular Form

This may sound trivial but the question is one of the frequently asked question in the forum. I just created an example showing how to check a tabular form on duplicate entries prior to saving the new added rows. You will find the example here. Try adding some rows and enter an already existing name for the ename.

jQuery Zooming

Many online stores offer potential buyers the choice to view large version of images of products, but increasingly there is a tendancy to allow 'zooming' in on products to see more detail.  Amazon allows this with many of its products, for instance.

Uploading XLS Files with APEX Listener EA2

Kris Rice just posted that the APEX Listener EA2 is available for download.

Quoting Kris on the new features:

  • New /listenerAdmin with real-time statistics
  • Mechanism for logging DB Requests
  • Capability to upload .xls files into an APEX Collection

APEX Listener EA2 is out!

Just a quick note to say that the APEX Listener Early Adopter 2 is out.
Kris Rice blogged about the features and fixes available in this EA, I just quickly tested out the XLS upload (turns it into an APEX collection….very very cool!).
The APEX Listener is definitely introducing some interesting features (like the ability to [...]

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