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New Content on APEX Home Page

It has been a while since I updated the content on the APEX OTN Home page.

Finally got some time to refresh the content including two books, three podcasts, some great customer case studies, and reshuffled the section up top to make it easier to find OBE's etc. Take a few minutes to review this excellent new content.

I also added all of the outstanding requests from consulting companies, blogs, internet applications and commercial applications - Apologies to those who had to wait so long to be added.

TNS-12533: TNS:illegal ADDRESS parameters

I kept receiving this error recently but until today, never bothered to investigate it. To get around it, I would just comment out the bottom half (where the problem was) of the tnsnames file.

Today I had enough.

I removed all but the top most entry, saved the file and did a tnsping <first_entry>.

OK (40 msec)

I added in the second entry, tnsping <second_entry>

OK (210 msec)

I added in the third entry

TNS-12533: TNS:illegal ADDRESS parameters

Removed it.


APEX Training in Bensheim - die Uhr tickt

Liebe APEX-ler, auch dieses Jahr organisieren Dietmar und ich ein weiteres Training zum Thema APEX aus der Praxis. Der Termin ist 08.03 - 10.03 im Aleehotel Europa in Bensheim an der Bergstrasse. Wenn ihr auf der Suche nach einem APEX-Training seid, in dem nicht nach einem empno, deptno Muster unterrichtet wird und wo der Dozent APEX nicht nur aus den Unterlagen kennt, sondern in komplexen Projekten selbst eingesetzt hat, dann seid ihr bei uns richtig.

Same procedure as every year - APEX Stammtisch

Dietmar aust und ich werden am 22.02.2010 um 19 Uhr unseren jährlichen APEX Stammtisch in Siegburg organisieren. Falls ihr Lust habt mit uns und anderen Teilnehmern über APEX zu reden so könnt ihr euch hier anmelden.

Whats about the German APEX users?

Why German? I come from and live in Germany! ;D
I haven't really provided lot's of APEX based information in German. This just has to change. What to do?
Last year I created a small Oracle monitoring application with APEX and ExtJS. It was developed to collect CPU, Tablespace, Init.ora, Session and even more information about Oracle databases. In combination with some other monitoring tools it was quite a good (cheap) alternative to some expensive tools.

Send HTML data with the POST method from APEX

If you want to send data from your APEX application to an external website (like PHP) through the POST method. You can use the following example:

Add a new page (in my example it's page number 2)

Add a new button on the page where you want to send data from: BTN_SEND_DATE
With the following options:
Target is a: URL
URL Target: javascript:void('f?p=&APP_ID.:2:&SESSION.:::::', 'popup', 'toolbar=no,width=1024,height=768, resizable=yes,top=40,scrollbars=yes'));

Database Table Size

I've always wondered how big a table is...up until recently I depended on the DBAs to retrieve such information for me.

Thanks to my good, and very helpful, friend, Mr. Thomas Roach, I no longer have to wait or bother the DBAs.

%_SEGMENTS contains a column called BYTES. Use this column to determine the size of your table, with just a little math.

SELECT segment_name, SUM( bytes ) / 1024 / 1024 mb
FROM user_segments
GROUP BY segment_name

Advert: Oracle APEX Training in Manchester, UK

As Dimitri has already blogged, this year we are focussing on doing a lot more Oracle Application Express training events.
With that in mind, the first public training I’m doing this year is 3 day Introduction to Oracle Application Express in Manchester on the 22nd March.
Here’s an except from the course description -
Introduction To Oracle APEX [...]

Oracle APEX Training in Brussels

This year we'll do more Oracle Application Express trainings.

Make Money Blogging

Yeah, it's pretty much a futile effort, but hey, I've been paid by Google.

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