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Increasing the speed of APEX Collections

I’d love to say “I’m quite often asked…”, but to be honest hardly anyone seems to use Collections in APEX (a very under utilised feature in my opinion).
However, a question does come up from time to time, often along the lines of “I am using a collection but it is slow…”.
Typically, you might create a [...]

Connect to HP Neoview using Heterogenous Services

Being the lazy sort that I am and not wanting to pay for a SQL client, I decided to use my local Oracle instance to access a HP Neoview database. Please don't ask me any questions about it, because like much of the world, I don't know either.

APEX - Identify Report Columns Vulnerable to XSS

The following query is a very simple way of identifying all report columns within your APEX application that may be exposed by Cross Site Scripting (XSS).

XSS allows an attacker to inject web script (JavaScript) into an application and when this is rendered in the report, the script is interpreted rather than rendered as text.

OBIEE: Call SAPurgeCacheByDatabase

So the reason I am investigating the ODBC Function extensions is that we are trying to tie this into our existing ETL process. After load, and within a designated time frame, we'd like to clear the cache for a given set of tables. Fortunately, all those tables exist in a single database. Unfortunately, I'm wasting your time by putting these into separate posts. :)

First, nothing up my sleeve.

cache is cleared

AaW - DBMON First pictures / Erste Bilder

The following post is targeted towards a German audience, thus it is in German:

Anfang Februar habe ich über eine Oracle DB Monitoring Anwendung für die deutsche APEX Community berichtet: Whats about the German APEX users?
Endlich habe ich es geschafft ein paar Screenshots zu erstellen. Die Anwendung basiert auf APEX und ExtJS und sammelt derzeit folgende Informationen:
- Tablespace Auslastung
- CPU Auslastung
- Buffer Hitratio Auslastung
- Session Zähler

OBIEE: Call SAPurgeAllCache()

Just a note to myself on how to clear the entire BI Server cache.

Mr. Minkjan has a great article here and Gerard Nico has one here.

Caching has been enabled (via <BI_SERVER_HOME>\server\Config\NQSConfig.ini)

For a list of ODBC Function extensions, read here.

SOUG: SQL Developer Unit Testing

This week the Suncoast Oracle Users Group will be hosting Syme Kutz, Senior Architect for Database Tools at Oracle.


Follow Oracle APEX on Twitter!

Follow Oracle APEX on Twitter!

For a long time I didn’t see any use case why I should use Twitter. A friend even registered an account for me more two years ago, but I never used it. Why should I write 140 char messages what I’m currently doing? That’s really not that interesting! But since I joined the [...]

APEX 4.0: Dynamic Actions - Part 2

If you are interested in a Standard Dynamic Action in APEX 4.0, you should read this blog post.

In this post I'll cover how to create an Advanced Dynamic Action. 'Advanced' allows you to create more complex native dynamic actions such as 'Add Class' or 'Set Value' and also plug-in dynamic actions, that are installed in your application.

In this example I want to retrieve the department for a given employee.

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