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Oracle Application Express (APEX) resources, news, and support articles.

Tobias Arnhold

Solutions and ways to improve your Oracle APEX application

Andrew Tulley

Andy’s Blog: Application Express etc.

Live from New York – It’s APEX 4.0!!!

Want to see what’s new in APEX 4.0, and get a live demo of new features like Dynamic Actions, Updated Flash Charts, Plug-Ins, Tabular Form Validations, Improved Timestamp Support and many other features currently in development? Then come to New York City next Tuesday, December 8th, and visit the NYC Metro Oracle Users Group Day at the New Yorker Hotel:

NYC Metro Oracle Users Group Day

UNDO Brain Damage

I "met" Mrs. Pedersen on the oracle-l mailing list. I can't remember what the topic was, but she supplied this detailed message full of stats and opinion. I immediately went out and looked for her blog, but couldn't find it. She didn't have one.

So I dropped her a line and offered her some space here.

I won't take (all) the credit, but she has since started her own blog, DBA Kevlar.

Teaching APEX

Tomorrow I'll be leaving for Dallas, TX for a 4 day teaching assignment on Application Express.

I'm a bit nervous for multiple reasons.
1. I've never had a problem (well, not in my 30's anyway) getting up and speaking in front of people. My style is light on slides and heavy on winging it. I can do that because I don't often give talks on things I don't know intimately. Don't get me wrong, I have a basic outline to follow, but I have never liked lectures and tried to avoid them at all costs.

Create your own holiday dvd movie with freeware tools

This time my post has nothing to do with APEX nor Oracle.
You all know the situation. You are the one who knows everything about computers, at least thats is the opinion from family and friends. And of course creating a DVD movie from your last holiday should be as easy as a short *snap* with your fingers.
In case you are the one "WHO KNOWS" may this little collection of free picture/sound/video editing tools make your life easier. At least you don't have to google them now. :D

1. Download the pictures/videos from your camera to a local directory


On Thursday I had a final meeting with the directors of OBUG (Oracle BeNeLux User Group) about setting up an APEX SIG.

UKOUG Conference

I'm off to Birmingham for the UKOUG Conference.

I recently updated my APEX Conferences Application to include a page for printing out the Agenda:

This conference is growing in popularity for those in the APEX Community.
If possible you should try and attend.

APEX: Manage Service

Home --> Administrative Services

Within the Administrative Services space, you have 4 options:

  • Manage Service
  • Manage Workspace
  • Manage Applications
  • Monitor Activity

Of those 4, Manage Service is probably the most important area. This is the location where you will administer your entire APEX instance.

ApEx: Administrative Services


Getting back into the Application Express (ApEx) world again.

Trying to refresh my rusty memory on some key aspects. I figured I'd start with Administrative Services, in other words, controlling/configuring your ApEx installation.

I found this confusing when I first started using ApEx. There are 2 login screens, one for the Administrative Services and one for Workspace Administration.

Administrative Services is in the (URL) form of:

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