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OBIEE: Tooltips in Answers

The title was OBIEE: Hack The Gibson...I didn't hack the Gibson nor I am I 733t.

But I did manage this little trick.

answers tooltip

I have involved myself in a situation where we don't change the column names in either the logical or presentation layer. Instead, we use a database (Oracle) table and pull in the values using a row-wise repository variable.

Multi touch and web applications

The award for the "worst kept secret of the last 12 months" will no doubt be awarded to Apple later this week after the unveiling of the iThingamy this Wednesday (27th).   As I said in an earlier post, this is likely to herald the start of the era of the ubiquitous tablet computer, in part thanks to the success of the iPhone.

Application Express 4.0 Early Adopter Refresh is coming

The Application Express 4.0 Early Adopter's program at has been a smashing success, so far. 2,440 workspaces have been requested and created on this instance, and a plethora of feedback has been received. Our customers have reported both bugs and made numerous feature suggestions, some of which you will see implemented in Application Express 4.0 production. So thank you for this tremendous amount of participation - this is further proof that Application Express has such a vibrant community.

The Long Drive Home

So I am starting to understand why people who travel don't have a lot of time.

For the past 3 weeks I have driven back and forth to Greenville, SC, a round trip of 1200 miles. That's 600 miles on Sunday and 600 miles on Thursday. My record so far is 7 hours and 45 minutes, approximately 75 MPH.

Tomorrow I will be flying and will be there in 1.5 hours. Much better.

My reasoning for driving is multi-fold:

Shop 'til ya drop, Apex 4 style.

Bad title I know, but it's late here in the UK, so I hope you'll cut me a little slack?

Now I said I would update you on my progress with creating an online shop for my wifes business.  So, this is what I have so far.

ODTUG 2010 Registration Open

ODTUG 2010 promises to be the best ever, with close to 40 APEX sessions - many of which will focus on APEX 4.0!

There's also a lot of new & innovative ideas this year that have not been done in the past:

  • APEX Sunday Symposium

iSlate, iPad, or whatever it will be called

Interesting article on the BBC News site regarding how Apple 'manages' controlled leaks.

It looks like a dead cert that Apple will anounce the iWhatever next week, and in doing so will arguably kick start the next generation of computing, that of the tablet based computer.  This will be the start of the two horse race between Apples new device and other Windows 7 (with its native mutli-touch) based devices.


Well just 3 years after creating an account on Blogger I am writing my first post. This of course is at a time when, we are told, blogging is dying (or should actually be dead now according to this Wired article from a little while back).

So, with this in mind, it means I will likely start some serious twittering in around another 2-3 years, long after the twitter dust has settled. I had come here armed with an arsenal of excuses, but to hell with those, I'm just going to get on with it.

OBIEE: Connect to Remote RPD

There is occasion were you will not have physical access to the machine which hosts your RPD.

How to connect?

First create a new ODBC Data Source, you can find that in Control Panel --> Administrative Tools

Choose the System DSN tab

Random Things: Volume #12

The last 2 weeks I have been driving back and forth to Greenville, SC. Round trip at 1200 miles. I leave Sunday at noon and return on Thursday night at 10. Yesterday I couldn't keep my eyes open, despite 2 5 hour energy drinks and a bottle of Mountain Dew. Had to pull over for a nap.

I have to say being a consultant is fun for a number of reasons.
1. I get to meet a lot of different people.
2. I get to experience different IT shops and how they work.

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