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Oracle Application Express (APEX) resources, news, and support articles.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It's time for a break for me and spend some time with family.

Thank you all for reading this blog, thanks to the APEX development team for the exiting Christmas present and thanks to all of you for a great year.

APEX 4.0: My thoughts after first round of playing

In the last two days I developed with APEX 4.0 EA.

A few notes about the Application Express 4.0 Early Adopter

  1. The database character set is WE8MSWIN1252. When we create the Early Adopter 2 instance of APEX 4.0 (hopefully in January, 2010), the database character set will be AL32UTF8.

APEX 4.0: writing higher quality applications by using the Advisor

APEX 4.0 includes so many nice features out-of-the-box now, that you can't stop smiling ;-)

I'm doing these series of blog posts more from the perspective from what has changed and how your development effort will change by using APEX 4.0.

APEX 4.0 - First Impressions

Now that the APEX 4.0 EA (Early Adopter) release is available to anyone to sign up and try out APEX 4.0, I’ve had a bit of time to play around with some of the features that up till now I’d only seen demo’ed.
My first impressions are very positive indeed. Whilst I’d seen quite a lot [...]

EBS Install Guide - Part 3

By John Piwowar [ blog | twitter ]
This is the third post in my "Installing E-Business Suite" series. Now that your Vision installation is (hopefully) complete, it's time to start exploring the system a bit. Thanks again to Chet for the opportunity to share here, and for his patience as I took longer than was strictly necessary to finish this installment.

APEX 4.0: new public packages

I looked at the package we would be able to use in APEX 4.0 and saw some new ones.

Packages make it possible to do things in your own PL/SQL code which APEX does for you in the wizard. E.g. If you want to call a webservice, you can use the APEX Wizard to set this up, but it might be useful to do that from your own PL/SQL procedure or from a process in your APEX app.

APEX 4.0: dictionary views

It looks like there are 19 new APEX Views (compared to APEX 3.1.2).

Anthony Rayner

Let's talk about APEX, with Anthony Rayn
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