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Oracle Application Express (APEX) resources, news, and support articles.

Testing Syntax highlighting

I found following blog post which explains how to include SyntaxHighligther (v2) in blogger.

So lets give it a try for the languages I use most.


SELECT ename, empno
FROM emp
WHERE empno = 7654;

PL/SQL (same highlighting as SQL)


Who uses

I have dedicated a couple posts to describe who is using I have focused on the scalability of the Application Express environment on relatively cheap hardware. And towards the end of September, we moved to So why not combine the best of these topics and post about who is using

New APEX training Dates...

Sumner Technologies has just announced a new set of public and on-line training dates:

Classroom Based Public Training

Alexandria, Virginia :


Just a quick note to mention that on Wednesday I’ll be at the (2nd!) APEX SIG meeting at the Oracle City Office in London, it looks like it’s going to be a packed day (already sold out sorry!) full of APEX sessions. I’m very happy that something ‘official’ is now being held in the UK [...]

Apex and JQuery: British National Grid Converter

The link below is to a tool I created which enables you to convert geographic co-ordinates between British National Grid format and longitude/latitude format.

It uses Oracle Locator functionality to perform the conversion and JQuery (see to create the Ajaxified interface.

I post this as it might (possibly, maybe) be a useful tool in its own [...]

ODTUG 2010 submission deadline

Every year the Oracle conferences are a place to meet other fellow Oracle people and hear the latest and greatest in Oracle world.

Normally these are the conferences I go to: IOUG Collaborate, ODTUG Kaleidoscope, Oracle Open World, UKOUG and some smaller local ones.

APEX 4.0 Screenshots and first impression

At the demo grounds of OOW09 the APEX Development team showcased APEX 4.0.

I spend quiet some time at the demo ground to play a bit with APEX 4.0 and have a real feeling about this new version. I liked it a lot, but to be fair not all wizards were finished/polished yet and while I was testing I wanted even more features. There are so many enhancement requests they can put in, so it will be a challenge to define the final list of which will be included and which will be postponed to APEX 4.1.

REST Now Supported in flex_ws_api and Other Good Stuff

I have finally added support for consuming RESTful Web services in the flex_ws_api API. I have also added new globals in the API to keep track of cookies, HTTP headers and the response code returned from a service. There is also a global you can populate prior to calling any of the make_request procedure/functions that will send cookies along with the request to the Web service.

APEX Certification On The Way

At Oracle Open World, I spoke with the APEX Development Team about a number of things, including a new pilot program to become APEX Certified.  The program is open to anyone with "at least 6 months of APEX development experience", according to Joel Kallman's post about it.

Certification Exam for Oracle Application Express

Joel Kallman just posted that Oracle are in the process of creating a certification exam for Oracle Application Express, this is a very interesting development (and something that we in the community have discussed for a few years now).
Whilst I’m still on the fence about the whole ‘certification thing’, I do see this as another [...]

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