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Branches with Conditions When Button Pressed - be careful

Consider this example; we have a typical APEX Report with Form.

OBIEE: Create Repository Init Block

My post earlier today, OBIEE: Text File as Data Source , was the first part of my overall goal.

OBIEE: Text File as Data Source

I have a requirement to pull data from a text file. OBI has the ability to pull from (just about) any database, but can it pull from a text file? Of course.

First I'll create a simple file, call it test.txt. In the file I put

cjustice testing

that "space" between cjustice and testing is actually a tab character (usually represented as -> if you have view formatting turned on). Knowing that it is a tab will be important shortly. Save the file to your root folder, i.e. c:\test.txt

Next up, go to your ODBC Datasources:

Yet Another APEX Blogger.

I would just like to welcome a former colleague and good friend, Brian Spendolini, to the APEX blogging community and I look to interesting and informative posts for him in the weeks and months to come.

Increasing the speed of APEX Collections

I’d love to say “I’m quite often asked…”, but to be honest hardly anyone seems to use Collections in APEX (a very under utilised feature in my opinion).
However, a question does come up from time to time, often along the lines of “I am using a collection but it is slow…”.
Typically, you might create a [...]

Connect to HP Neoview using Heterogenous Services

Being the lazy sort that I am and not wanting to pay for a SQL client, I decided to use my local Oracle instance to access a HP Neoview database. Please don't ask me any questions about it, because like much of the world, I don't know either.

APEX - Identify Report Columns Vulnerable to XSS

The following query is a very simple way of identifying all report columns within your APEX application that may be exposed by Cross Site Scripting (XSS).

XSS allows an attacker to inject web script (JavaScript) into an application and when this is rendered in the report, the script is interpreted rather than rendered as text.

OBIEE: Call SAPurgeCacheByDatabase

So the reason I am investigating the ODBC Function extensions is that we are trying to tie this into our existing ETL process. After load, and within a designated time frame, we'd like to clear the cache for a given set of tables. Fortunately, all those tables exist in a single database. Unfortunately, I'm wasting your time by putting these into separate posts. :)

First, nothing up my sleeve.

cache is cleared

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