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Automatic linebreak if word breaks out of table element

I found a great source how to prevent word break outs in <th> and <td> elements:
Peter Bromberg's: FIREFOX / IE Word-Wrap, Word-Break, TABLES FIX
How does the break out looks like:

Tabular Form - Preserve Changes

In our last training (08.03-10.03.2010) there was an interesting question on how to preserve the changes made in a tabular form while paginating through it. The requirement was also to save all the changes made independant of the visible set of rows. This problem can be solved using apex collections. This page in my Demo Application holds a working example including the full description of the code.

Weird IE behaviour with JS function String.charAt(Index)

I had a real pain with the MS Internet Explorer and the javascript function String.charAt(Index)

I wanted to update a string and checked each value. IE was able to give just an empty value back. But it was not checkable!

if ((v_browser=="Microsoft Internet Explorer")&& (v_string.charAt(x)=='')&& (y+1==x) && (v_string.charAt(x+1)=='<'||v_string.charAt(x+2)=='<'))

Even the length was 1 and not 0!

Column header groups in APEX report

Did you ever want a report header grouped like this:

Everything is a Bit Bucket

By: Michael O'Neill

In response to Chet's frustration over yet another encounter with a database agnostic, I wanted to contribute my first article to the oraclenerd franchise. My thoughts seemed too long for the comment stream.

APEX: Create and Parse Arrays

It's been awhile since I've been able to work with APEX extensively, so I am rusty.

A question came up today whether we could get multiple values into a single variable (Item in APEX).

Yes we can!

APEX_UTILSNeed some data first:

CREATE TABLE t ( some_text VARCHAR2(10) );

INSERT INTO t ( some_text )
SELECT dbms_random.string( 'a', 10 ) some_text
FROM dual

The "Database is a Bucket" Mentality

Front and center again...I just woke up from a nap, I'm grumpy, so I must write. Besides, I haven't had a good rant in quite some time.

Friend of mine asked me last week for some advice, specifically asking if there was a tool to convert Oracle SQL Syntax to the ANSI SQL syntax. (A quick search turned up this (it was the first result), if you're interested).

I had to ask why.

Client is switching to an open source database, i.e. "free." Oracle licensing is way too pricey.

Things you have in common with Larry

Larry and I have something in common -- We both like sailing!

Thank You Granny!

My wife recently took a look at this blog and told me that it would be better with pictures.  She also suggested that not every post had to start with: If you are installing/configuring/coding with the Oracle product abc and you get error ORA-nnnnn . . . With that in mind, I share the following.

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