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Kate and The Tridas Center

Yesterday Kris and I took Kate to The Tridas Center.

It was exciting because we might finally get some answers as to her delays. It was scary for the same reason. Something about blissfully living in ignorance.

We got there 30 minutes early (ours was the first appointment of the day), which was about 7:30 AM. Neither Kris nor I had slept the night before, but it didn't seem to matter.

Evangelize APEX in Europe

More and more Oracle User Groups include APEX tracks now.

Warning a user that the form has changed he navigates away without saving.

For those of you who haven't visited the new site, here's an excuse.

We've added a Tips & Tricks section on the Support tab where we will be sharing little tid-bits of information that we learn as we work with APEX. Our goal is to try to continually add new entries and make this a repository of useful information.

I just posted my first tip - "Warning a user that the form has changed."

APEX @ Your Oracle User Group - Mach II

In this post, my new business partner (more on that in another post) John Scott mentioned that if you wanted him to speak at your Oracle User Group meeting about APEX, he'd be very happy too.

APEX@Your Oracle Usergroup

Just a quick note to say I often get asked if I can present at a Oracle usergroup meetings.
The answer is usually ‘yes I’d love to’, since -
1) I love to talk about and promote APEX
2) I love to travel
So, if you have an Oracle usergroup and you’re interested in promoting Oracle Application Express or [...]

APEX at OBUG Connect 2010

In November last year I blogged about a new initiative to launch an APEX SIG in the Benelux.
The first results of that you'll see at the biggest Oracle User Group event in the Benelux, called OBUG Benelux Connect. This year it's held in Arnhem, the Netherlands on Tuesday March 23. Every year it changes location between Belgium and the Netherlands.

OBIEE and Source Control?

One very difficult aspect of using OBIEE (or APEX for that matter) is that it doesn't lend itself very well to source control.

There is one RPD (metadata) file in use at any given time. Changes to this environment will affect anyone using or developing on the presentation server layer (Dashboards/Answers/etc).

Random Things: Volume #13

A brief respite for me...I get to work remotely this week.

Admittedly I have gotten into the habit, finally, of traveling, so it's a little strange to be home (never thought I would say that). There is no shortage of respect from me for those who travel all the time. It's a hard life.

OBIEE Performance

AJAX based select list in APEX

I looked through the Web for a simple way using a select list with dynamic data exchange inside my APEX application. What I found was just amazing (Thanks to Scott):

ajax-select-list-code-generator for APEX

Select list code generator


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