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Oracle Application Express (APEX) resources, news, and support articles.

APEX: Manage Applications

Home --> Administrative Services

This is the section where you manage your instance wide application attributes. The only functionality that exists in this section, other than mere reporting, is the ability to change an application from Run and Build Application to Run Application Only.

Application Express: A Guide

Since I'm going through and relearning everything, I'm creating this page as an index page for all future posts. Yes, I could use a label and have blogger do it automatically...I'm just trying to make more work for myself.

What's the abbreviation for Application Express? Joel Kallman answers that here and it's "APEX."

Installation Guide: 11gR2

VMware pc2mac

I thought tonight was going to be the night.  I purchased a macbook pro about 6 weeks ago.  I've slowly been getting familiar with the mac, and realizing that I'll probably still need a PC image at least occasionally.  Last night I installed VMware Fusion for the mac (nice that it's called Fusion, that way it almost has something to do with this Oracle blog).  Tonight I was to create the image from my work laptop and test it out on the macbook.  Alas, try as I might, I still don't have an image.  This is my story.

Playing With PARALLEL

I'm trying to learn about PARALLEL and how it affects SELECT statements in a DW/DSS (non OLTP) environment. I can't really say I know what I'm doing or what I'm looking at, but I'm trying.

Travelling to Ora*GEC in Quebec & Montreal

For anyone in the Quebec (11/24) or Montreal (11/25) area you should try to attend the Ora*GEC 'Application Express for Mission Critical Applications' event. I will be there to give a presentation and a sneak peek of APEX 4.0. Unfortunately I don't speak French so you will have to listen to me in English. However, the other presentations will be in French.

I atteneded a similar event put on by Ora*GEC last year and it was well attended.

My Oracle Support Fiasco

I haven't had access to metalink for about a year now. I certainly don't envy those who do though.

Last week, Oracle deployed My Oracle Support, a new flash based system.


Today I made it official...I filed my paperwork with the State of Florida to incorporate. It seemed fairly obvious what the name should be.

If you read the previous post, you probably gathered that little fact.

How To Apply For an EIN

EIN being an Employer Identification Number.

You can find the start page here at

This is the second time I have done this, well, second time I have had an EIN. I'm pretty sure the lawyer did it the first time around. If I remember correctly, that cost me a whopping $500, 5 years ago. Of course that included incorporation as well.

Twitter messages on

I extended the APEX Blogs aggregator to also include Twitter messages.

A few years ago blogs were hot to exchange knowledge, but writing blog posts takes time. These days people use Twitter messages to post very short messages. But I find it very useful as you know what people are doing e.g. Patrick Wolf tweeted he was working on a Required Flag for an item in APEX 4.0.

APEX: Create Workspace

Home --> Administrative Services --> Manage Workspaces --> Create Workspace

Since no where I go seems to have heard of Application Express, I have to demo it (locally) and then convince the DBAs to install it. As such, I do tell them that the APEX Administrator (account) has very powerful privileges, including CREATE TABLESPACE.

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