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Oracle Application Express (APEX) resources, news, and support articles.

My Oracle Support Fiasco

I haven't had access to metalink for about a year now. I certainly don't envy those who do though.

Last week, Oracle deployed My Oracle Support, a new flash based system.


Today I made it official...I filed my paperwork with the State of Florida to incorporate. It seemed fairly obvious what the name should be.

If you read the previous post, you probably gathered that little fact.

How To Apply For an EIN

EIN being an Employer Identification Number.

You can find the start page here at

This is the second time I have done this, well, second time I have had an EIN. I'm pretty sure the lawyer did it the first time around. If I remember correctly, that cost me a whopping $500, 5 years ago. Of course that included incorporation as well.

Twitter messages on

I extended the APEX Blogs aggregator to also include Twitter messages.

A few years ago blogs were hot to exchange knowledge, but writing blog posts takes time. These days people use Twitter messages to post very short messages. But I find it very useful as you know what people are doing e.g. Patrick Wolf tweeted he was working on a Required Flag for an item in APEX 4.0.

APEX: Create Workspace

Home --> Administrative Services --> Manage Workspaces --> Create Workspace

Since no where I go seems to have heard of Application Express, I have to demo it (locally) and then convince the DBAs to install it. As such, I do tell them that the APEX Administrator (account) has very powerful privileges, including CREATE TABLESPACE.

Black Holes: Courtesy of APEX

Well, not really.  But I just stumbled across a job posting from CERN that has Oracle APEX listed as one of its requirements.

flex_ws_api now on

Tyler recently made me aware of It is a great place to share code projects, allow others to contribute and comment through discussion forums. I have set up a project for the flex_ws_api and all further development will take place there. I have created discussions for general questions, bug reports, and enhancement requests. Feel free to participate there.

I've Got a Job!

Details to follow.

Strange behavior of "No Inline Validation Errors Displayed" check

I had two conditional processing checks for one pl/sql process to do. One "No Inline Validation Errors Displayed" check and one "Exist (SQL query returns at least one row)" check.

I thought it would be quite easy to merge it together into a "Exist (SQL query returns at least one row)" condition:

select *
from user_db_links
where UPPER(db_link) = UPPER(:P1_I_INSTANCE_NAME)
and (UPPER(username) not like UPPER(:P1_USERNAME)
or UPPER(host) not like UPPER(:P1_DB_NAME)

RSS of

A couple of days ago the RSS feed of started to behave we

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