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Oracle Application Express (APEX) resources, news, and support articles.


Alle, die eine Beschäftigung mit Oracle APEX suchen, sollten hier reinschauen:

Joel's Blog

Auch einige Stellenangebote aus Deutschland und Schweiz.

Tabular Form, Dynamic Action und Neue Zeile

Einige von euch haben bestimmt schon die ein oder andere jQuery Codezeile in einem Tabular Form verwendet.
Das Ganze funktioniert recht zuverlässig solange der Button "Neue Zeile" nicht verwendet wird. In diesem Beitrag geht es darum, auch auf neue Zeilen reagieren zu können.

Angenommen ich habe in meinem Tabular Form eine Spalte mit einem Textfeld und will den Wert nach dem ändern in eine andere Spalten im Tabular Form übernehmen.

Some changes to be aware of, as Oracle Application Express 5 nears...

As the release of Oracle Application Express 5 gets closer, I thought it's worth pointing out some changes that customers should be aware of, and how an upgrade to Oracle Application Express 5 could impact their existing applications.

Custom CSV Export in APEX

Sometimes the standard export doesn't fit your requirements. For example you do not want the double apostrophe ".
In those cases take a look at these examples:

Tabular Form - Regular Expression Validation

A simple example how to check a tabular form column to be numeric with a max length of 2.

Use a regular expression validation:

APEX 5.0 Fixed Headings for Interactive Reports

When you click on the Attributes of your Interactive Report there's a neath little new features included called "Heading - Fixed to" with as options: None, Region and Page

APEX 5.0 EA3 - Universal Theme Styles - Gray!

In APEX 5.0 theme 42 is included - this is the Universal Theme. The theme comes with two styles: Blue and Gray.

APEX 5.0 - Run Applications in New Tabs

If you are using Firefox you will probably have an issue with running pages from APEX Builder 5.0 in new Tabs. Now, the links are working differently and normally clicking at button "Save and Run Page" will open a new window. In order to get it opened in a new tab, you will need a plugin Tab Mix Plus. Once you have it, you will need to change the settings there as shown in the screenshots below.

Test Drive Oracle APEX 5.0 Early Adopter 3!

It’s here! Oracle Application Express 5.0 Early Adopter 3 is available at and we are really looking forward to get your feedback (via the Feedback link in the Builder)! A list of all new features of EA3 and a … Continue reading

APEX 5.0 EA3 released with Universal Theme

Today Oracle released the latest Early Adopter release of APEX 5.0.

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