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Oracle Application Express (APEX) resources, news, and support articles.

Presentation slides for my ORDS talk at KScope 2015

Hi guys,

in June I gave a talk at the ODTUG KScope conference regarding the optimal setup of Oracle ORDS for Oracle Application Express: Setting Up the Oracle APEX Listener (Now ORDS) for Production Environments

You can access the slides certainly through the ODTUG site. They have even recorded the presentation and made it available to their members.

Report Carousel in APEX 5 UT

The Universal Theme in APEX 5.0 is full of nice things.

Oracle Spatial (Teil 1) - Mein erster Tag

Ich habe in der Oracle DB Welt viele Themenkomplexe kennengelernt und mit gearbeitet. Eines ist bisher außen vor geblieben: Oracle Spatial mit dem Datentyp SDO_GEOMETRY

Es hat sich wohl einfach noch nicht ergeben.
Aber irgendwann ist ja immer das erste Mal! :)

Heute habe ich die Aufgabe erhalten bestehende Koordinatendaten (X,Y) in das SDO_GEOMETRY Format GK3 zu transformieren.

Was wusste ich bisher?
Der SDO_GEOMETRY Datentyp wird über ein gesondertes Schema bereit gestellt:

Unterschiedliche Wege um Anwendungsparameter zu setzen

Viele APEX Anwendungen benötigen zur korrekten Ausführung User-spezifische nicht veränderbare Variablen. Auf diese Variablen bezieht man sich, um sicherheitsrelevante Abfragen für den angemeldeten User auszuführen.

Hier eine kurze Liste an möglichen Anwendungsfällen:
- User ID
- User basierte Parameter
  (Land / Region / Ort / Niederlassung / Firmen- und Anwendungsspezifische Hintergründe)
- Rechte und Rollen
- Berechtigungen auf Zeilenebene
- Schreib- und Leserechte

Count Selected Rows

This small example is showing hot to make sure at least one row in your tabular form has been selected prior to proceeding:

Switch Panes in Page Designer

This is definitely worth of mentioning. Go here and download this plugin for Firefox or Chrome. You will like it. It switches the panes in the Page Designer so you can much easier access the properties of the selected elements. Congrats Filip. This is a cool feature. Thanks.

Expert Oracle Application Express (second edition) available

During my holiday Apress released the second edition of Expert Oracle Application Express.
In the second edition we not only updated the content to APEX 5.0, but there're some new chapters in too from new authors. In total you get 14 chapters from 14 different authors.
I believe it's a very nice book with great content and it's for a good cause.

ODTUG APEX Gaming Competition 2015

If you're not aware, there is an APEX Gaming Competition which is already underway, and which is sponsored by the Oracle Development Tools User Group (ODTUG).  For those who don't know what ODTUG is, it is an independent user group and community of professionals, with a primary focus on the tools, products, and frameworks to build solutions and applications with the Oracle technology stack.

Expert Oracle Application Express 2nd Edition

Expert Oracle Application Express 2nd Edition seems to be available at Apress. Buy this book and support the charity project in memory of Carl Backstrom and Scott Spadafore (previous members of the APEX Team). Please note that all funds will be donated to the families of these two great men.

New APEX Blog

This is a new blog on APEX. I expect a lots of good stuff there in the future. The last example describes how to modify the Page Designer and move the panes, adjust the layout and simplify the development of an application since accessing element attributes is much easier that way. I think this is worth of looking at and maybe the APEX team considers this as an improvement for the future release.

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