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Oracle Application Express (APEX) resources, news, and support articles.

UKOUG Tech14 Call for Papers ... Better Hurry!!!

Every year I like getting over to England for UKOUG's conference. This year Joel Kallman, Director APEX Development, will be joining Anthony Rayner and myself at the conference.

Oracle APEX 5.0 UI techniques at NYOUG on June 3rd

Are you ready to give your apps a fresh new look & feel? APEX 5.0 will bring you the Universal Theme and Template Options – a modern, responsive HTML5 theme that takes the guesswork out of choosing the right HTML templates and CSS classes. Thanks to easy-to-use declarative template options, you no longer have to be a HTML/CSS guru in order to create modern and beautiful web applications. 

ORCLAPEX NOVA Update - Columbus Brings It

For the upcoming inaugural ORCLAPEX NOVA MeetUp on May 29th, not only will we have Mike Hichwa, Shakeeb Rahman and David Gale from the Reston-based Oracle APEX development team present, but we will also have the entire Columbus, OH based APEX team in attendance, as well: both Joel Kallman and Jason Straub will be in town

DOAG Development - 4 Juni 2014

Nachdem ich die APEX World Konferenz verpasst habe, ist es nun an der Zeit endlich wieder aktiv zu werden.

Unter dem Deckmantel DOAG Development gibt es an einem Tag APEX pur zu genießen. Es gibt so viele APEX Vorträge das diese gleichzeitig in mehreren Räumen präsentiert werden.  Heißt, wer mich nicht hören will, hat genug Alternativen zur Auswahl. :)

Jeder der aktuell APEX einsetzt sollte dies als positive Pflichtveranstaltung mitnehmen und genießen.

Details zur Veranstaltung


Accenture, Enkitec & APEX - A bright future.

By now you may have heard the news that Enkitec has been acquired by Accenture. And if you’re have anything to do with Engineered systems, you’ll immediately see the synergy that is created by the acquisition. However, if you’re one of Enkitec’s loyal APEX followers, you may be wondering what this means for the APEX practice and it’s customers. Well, there is good news! 

BLOBs in the Cloud with APEX and AWS S3


Recently, I was working with one of our customers and ran into a rather unique requirement and an uncommon constraint. The customer - Storm Petrel - has designed a grant management system called Tempest.  This system is designed to aid local municipalities when applying for FEMA grants after a natural disaster occurs.  As one can imagine, there is a lot of old fashioned paperwork when it comes to managing such a thing.

Getting access to your Flash Anygantt via Javascript

In case you want to edit or react on actions of your gantt during the runtime of your application.. That's the way how to do it.

Get access with this Javascript command:


A description about the possible activities can be found here:

World Cup 2014 APEX Betting app online

You remember the old days? 2006 ... APEX aka HTMLDB was still the new kid on the block!

To promote APEX at that time I build an Oracle APEX app that allowed you to see the scores of the World Cup 2006. After some feedback I created a betting piece to it... it gained much traction, it even got translated in Chinese! Here's a picture of that time:

Announcing the ORCLAPEX NOVA Meetup Group

Following in the footsteps of a few others, I’m happy to announce the formation and initial meeting of the ORCLAPEX NOVA (Northern Virginia) group!  

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