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Oracle Application Express (APEX) resources, news, and support articles.

Oracle Application Express 5.0 now available

The result of a two and half year engineering effort, Ora

Oracle APEX 5.0 Available for Download!

After a longer development cycle than usual, Oracle Application Express 5.0 is finally available for download! I think it was worth the wait. It comes with a ton of features, here are just a few marquee features. Page Designer Universal … Continue reading

APEX 5.0 will be released today

Great news. Just finished wathching the Google hangout with the APEX team. They confirmed that APEX will be released today. The download should be made available soon. Stay tuned.

APEX 5.0: Set Cursor Focus for Region Type Plug-Ins

Complex Region Type Plug-ins might render their own input fields, like our Interactive Report component does with the search field. If a developer had set the page level attribute Cursor Focus to First item on Page in Oracle APEX 4.x, … Continue reading

APEX 5.0: New Plug-in Attribute Types

Besides the Plug-In Attribute Enhancements described in my previous posting, we have also added new Attribute Types in Oracle APEX 5.0 for increased usability in Page Designer. Link to Target Page/Url If your Plug-in had to exposed a Link attribute … Continue reading

Ask the Real Experts

On Wednesday you will have a chance to ask the APEX developers anything you would like to know about APEX 5.0. See this posting from Patrick Wolf or go directly to the registration form in order to get a link.

APEX 5.0: Plug-In Attribute Enhancements

In Oracle APEX 5.0 we have added several new features to Custom Plug-in Attributes to improve the usability of your Plug-ins when they are used by other developers. Show in Wizard Some Plug-ins do make use of the maximum number of 25 … Continue reading

APEX CONNECT: Noch 59 Tage (1.428 Stunden)

Die APEX CONNECT rückt immer näher.

Viele Vortragende erstellen ihre Vorträge immer kurz vor knapp. Da ich aufgehört habe APEX mit Hilfe von PowerPoint zu präsentieren, muss ich jetzt schon loslegen um Stück für Stück die optimale Präsentations-Beispiel-Anwendung aufzubauen.

Meine Präsentation wird sich um die maßgerechte Verwendung von APEX Plug-Ins drehen.
Details zum Vortrag:

APEX 5.0: Declarative Definition of CSS and JavaScript Files to Load for a Plug-in

A best practice for performant HTML pages is to load CSS files in the HTML head to reduce redrawing of the page when a CSS file gets loaded. But because the PL/SQL code of a Plug-in isn’t executed util a … Continue reading

APEX 5.0: Directory Support for Static Plug-in Files

Since day one, the APEX Plug-in framework provided the capability to create self containing installations which included all static files needed by the Plug-in. But this file storage was somehow limited in APEX 4.x, because it didn’t allow to reference files with … Continue reading

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