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Oracle Application Express (APEX) resources, news, and support articles.

APEX ist überall

Obwohl APEX 5 noch nicht erschienen ist, ist die APEX Community aktiver denn je.

Hiermal eine Überischt der letzten Aktivitäten:

Stuttgart - 22.02.2015

JSON for APEX Developers (part 2)

In the previous post we created a service that allowed us to give our data in JSON format.
Now let's focus on consuming that JSON. In this post I want to show how to use JSON data in the client (your browser), in a future post I'll show how to use JSON on the server (in the database).

JSON for APEX Developers (part 1)

After my post Generate nested JSON from SQL with ORDS and APEX 5 I got some requests to explain more about REST and JSON, so let me start with JSON. I'll go more into REST in some future posts.

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation, it's a text based format to store and transport data.

Obat Bius

Obat bius lokal/anestesi lokal atau yang sering disebut pemati rasa adalah obat yang menghambat hantaran saraf bila digunakan secara lokal pada jaringan saraf dengan kadar yang cukup. Obat bius lokal bekerja pada tiap bagian susunan saraf.
Obat bius lokal bekerja merintangi secara bolak-balik penerusan impuls-impuls saraf ke Susunan Saraf Pusat (SSP) dan dengan demikian menghilangkan atau mengurangi rasa nyeri, gatal-gatal, rasa panas atau rasa dingin.

Working with disabled textfields

In APEX you have the possibility to disable text fields.
Unfortunatelly you can not submit those fields after the value was changed by a dynamic action or some javascript code.

Out of a security point of view in most cases this makes sense.

Oracle Node.js Database Driver

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the first release of the Official Oracle Node.js Driver and Christopher Jones (@ghrd) just tweeted this –

So I hopped over to the Github repository to take a look and try it out…

Setting up Node and Oracle Database driver

Today Oracle introduced the node-oracledb driver, so you can easily connect from node to your Oracle database.

Obat Tidur

Obat tidur (atau sedatif) dapat menyebabkan seseorang tenang dan tidur. Ada beberapa jenis obat tidur:

Setting up your own local Oracle Development environment in less than 15 minutes

The fastest and easiest way to setup your own local Oracle Development environment is by using the "Oracle Technology Network Developer Day" Database Virtual Box Appliance.

It contains:

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