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SQLcl - Oct 5th Edition

It was time for another push of the new sql command line , sqlcl.  Here's the changes in the latest build.  There are a number of bugs fixed relating to connecting to idle databases, alias feedback, and picking up the $ORACLE_HOME's jdbc driver when available.  There is only a couple functional changes.

First is that now the jdbc connect string itself can be specified.  This opens up a number

My sessions recommendations for JavaOne '15 and OOW '15

JavaOne SF 2015  Session recommendations
High Availability with Java EE Containers, JDBC, and Java Connection Pools [BOF7732]

Tackling Your Troubles

Death and taxes – add “software problems” to that list of the inevitable. There is always a new issue, a new failure, a new key opportunity that an organization must address. And to avoid repeating the problems, or to revise your prior fixes, it is critical to capture the problems accurately and completely. You need […]

Oracle SOA/BPM: The Thruth about Handling Business Faults

You may have read that it is a best practice to let a service return a "business fault" as a fault. In this article I point out some pitfalls with this "best practice", and will argue that you should have a clear understanding of what "business fault" means before you start applying it. The examples are based upon the Oracle SOA Suite 11g, but apply as well to 12c.

To allow the consumer to recognize a specific fault, you add it as a fault to the WSDL. This looks similar to the following:

SQLCL - More secure, now with REST !

A new SQLCL build was just posted go grab it and kick the tires.  There are well over 100 bug fixes in there so it's better than ever.  Also there's some new things.

More Secure 

  Imagine you have an api that is called and a password or something is used in the parameters.  We use exec MY_API(...)  and it works just fine.  However consider if someone with access to v$sql they just got

SLES shell script to check required os packages according to documentation before starting oracle forms & reports installation

If you try to install oracle forms & reports on SLES 11.3 than despite all installer checks are passed maybe you get a message like:
Error in invoking target ‘install’ of makefile ‘/sqlplus/lib/’.

JavaScript stored procedures as Cloud data services.

Find out how to implement JavaScript Stored Procedures with Oracle Database 12c and how to invoke these through RESTful Web Services.

Yet another CSV -> Table but with pipleline function

Here's just one more variation on how to get a CSV into a table format.  It could have been done before but my google-fu couldn't find it anywhere.

First to get some sample data using the /*csv*/ hint in sqldev.

Then the results of putting it back to a table. The inline plsql is just to convert the text into a CLOB.

Now the details.

The csv parsing is completely borrowed(stolen) from

Oracle SOA/BPM 12c: Propagation of Flow Instance Title and Instance Abortion

Recently I wrote this posting regarding an improvement for setting the title of a flow instance in Oracle BPEL, and BPMN 12c. In this posting I will discuss two related improvements that comes with SOA/BPM Suite 12c, being that the flow instance abortion is automatically propagated from one instance to the other, as well as the flow instance title.

“Bob the Builder: Build/Deploy of #ADF enterprise applications” – I’m a speaker at #DOAG2015:

Today my presentation is confirmed:  “Bob the Builder: Build/Deploy of ADF enterprise applications”.

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