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Oracle and Adaptive Case Management: Part 1

In this blog posting I address four key concepts that are used in Oracle Adaptive Case Management, or ACM for short. This article is the first in a series on ACM.

REST Data Services and SQL Developer

The database tools team released 3 new GA releases and an update to our SQLCL.

Official Releases are here:

   SQL Developer, Modeler, and Data Miner:

  REST Data Services now with SODA

SQLcl - Cloud connections via Secure Shell tunnels

We're always trying to make SQLcl easier to connect to your database, whether its at your place or in the cloud.  So, one other thing we have added to enable you to drill into your cloud databases is an SSHTUNNEL command.  Lets take a look at the help for it, which you can get as follows.

SQL> help sshtunnel

Logstash and Oracle Database

    For anyone that doesn't know what Logstash is head over to and watch the video on the home page.  Mark Rittman has done a great blog post on the full ELK stack with OBIEE.

    This blog post is a first cut at an input filter for Logstash to gather metrics, logs, or anything that can be expressed in sql.  A huge caution that this is a 0.01 attempt and will get better as I

SQLcl - Code editing on the console

We've been playing with our console drawing in SQLcl for a while now and this week, we hooked up some keys to make editing and running much easier.  The video will show the following keys for managing your buffer in the console.  This will make it into the next Early Access candidate soon.

SQLcl connections - Lazy mans SQL*Net completion

Turloch posted this today, which is like aliases for SQL*Net connection URL's which are used to connections like this:

connect /@URL

Oracle Presentations at Chicago and Milwaukee Area .NET User Groups

Attention Chicago and Milwaukee area .NET developers: Please join me next month as I visit the Lake County .NET Users' Group and the Wisconsin .NET Users Group to speak to members on the topic "Oracle .NET and Visual Studio: Intro and Best Practices". Details below. Please be sure to sign up at the user group websites so they know you are coming and to find out about any last minute changes in time/location. Free food and drink will be provided.

Repeating another SQLCL EA release

    It's been a month and a lot of bugs have been fixed in that time and new features added. That adds up to time for another EA for our new sqlcl.  The third sqlcl EA is out now and can be found here on the SQL Developer 4.1 download page.  

  Not sure what this sqlcl thing is ? Check here.

LOAD:  Making CSV loading to the db very easy

Here's a very quick example of the possibilities.

Enterprise manager woes and a solution

With enterprise manager for Oracle 11g R2, it seems there are endless ways to have it stop working. One excellent article that I used to get enterprise manager work again is found on oracle-base website. Here is the link 

Moved Forms PJC examples to GitHub

I moved my Forms PJC examples to GitHub. The examples and the Oracle JDeveloper projects can now be found at:

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