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Yet another CSV -> Table but with pipleline function

Here's just one more variation on how to get a CSV into a table format.  It could have been done before but my google-fu couldn't find it anywhere.

First to get some sample data using the /*csv*/ hint in sqldev.

Then the results of putting it back to a table. The inline plsql is just to convert the text into a CLOB.

Now the details.

The csv parsing is completely borrowed(stolen) from

Oracle SOA/BPM 12c: Propagation of Flow Instance Title and Instance Abortion

Recently I wrote this posting regarding an improvement for setting the title of a flow instance in Oracle BPEL, and BPMN 12c. In this posting I will discuss two related improvements that comes with SOA/BPM Suite 12c, being that the flow instance abortion is automatically propagated from one instance to the other, as well as the flow instance title.

“Bob the Builder: Build/Deploy of #ADF enterprise applications” – I’m a speaker at #DOAG2015:

Today my presentation is confirmed:  “Bob the Builder: Build/Deploy of ADF enterprise applications”.

How to Hide Actions in OBPM 12c Workspace

In this article I explain how to hide the actions in the drop-down in Workspace.

In some situations you may need to hide the actions that are shown in the Actions drop-down in Workspace.

Connecting to DBaaS, did you know this trick?

SSHTunneling Trick

The new command line is a must try, says 10 out of 10 people that built it.  The tool has sshtunneling of ports built in as described by Barry.

This means you can script opening your sshtunnel from the command line and run sql very quickly.  Here's the one I used recently at Kscope15.

Now the trick? is that once this port is forwarded, any tool can now use it.  In case

Using a Parallel Gateway without a Merge in OBPM

In this blog article I give a brief explanation regarding some aspect of the behavior of the parallel gateway in Oracle BPM.

For the BPMN modelers among us, I have a small quiz.

Given a process model like this, what would be the behavior of Oracle BPM?

New Tools releases , now with Java

What's New
  For the 90%+ of people using sqldev/modeler on windows, the JDK bundled versions are back.  So no more debating what to install or worrying about conflicting Java versions.

  Lots of bug fixes.

   My favorite bug is now fixed so you can use emojis in your sql> prompt.

RESTful CSV Loading

  We wrapped he same CSV import code in SQL Developer into the REST Auto-Enablement

Fix completion insight in JDeveloper 12.1.3: show return type again

If you work with JDeveloper 12.1.3 you may missing the return type of methods in completion insight.
For an example you hit CTRL-SPACE after following code

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