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PL-jrxml2pdf - Version - maintenance release

I just published a maintenance release of PL-jrxml2pdf with some bugfixes.

Understanding SQL Injection – REALLY

Dynamic SQL by itself is not sufficient for a SQL Injection Attack

“The Dirty Dozen – ADF Migration to 12c in the IKB” I’m a speaker at DOAG2014:

Today the official program is online for DOAG conference 2014 in Nuremberg. My presentation is confirmed  “The Dirty Dozen – ADF Migration to 12c in the IKB”.

More than One Way to Skin a Tarantula

Facing a particularly difficult problem, we must resist the urge to flee to our favorite toolset.

Find problems when you develop: using XRebel with Oracle ADF

Some days before ZeroTurnaround has released XRebel , a new tool to recognized problems in your web applications, when you make your developer test.
This was promising, so I give it a short try for Oracle ADF applications. For this blog I use the Summit ADF application, delivered by Oracle, but I have tried with our own application too. Test is done in JDeveloper 12.1.2.
After the download there are some easy steps of setup to do:

PL-jrxml2pdf - Version - new major feature

After quite a long time without any bigger enhancements i had a little time to implement a new major feature in PL-jrxml2pdf.


You can now use variables e.g. for the calculation of aggregates.

Variables can be used either at report-level or at subdataset-level (e.g. for the usage in tables).

For reset-type and increment-type you can use

My sessions at JavaOne and OOW 2014

My sessions at JavaOne 2014  San Francisco

Oracle XE 11.2 for Windows 64 bit is here

Title says it all.

Get it here:

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