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Oracle application development and Oracle database application development resources, news, and support articles.

PL-jrxml2pdf - Version

There are still not much news around PL-jrxml2pdf. With the new version available from the download-page some bugs are fixed.

Oracle Inline Errors

we're also too lazy to pull apart the Oracle dictionary to give us a decent report. Well, I'm feeling a little less lazy

Run Scala directly in Oracle database

A nice proof of concept for #Scala, #java, #Oracle, and #db12c, afficionados 

Rocky Mountain Oracle Users group event


How to Migrate T-SQL to Oracle PL/SQL
Oracle SQL Developer available for free on OTN provides a Migrate to Oracle feature.
Migrate to Oracle helps automate the task of migrating a SQL Server or Sybase database, their  tables, data and their T-SQL objects (Views, Triggers, Functions, Procedures) to a corresponding Oracle database and PL/SQL Objects.


Browsing the Meta Data Services Repository of the Oracle SOA/BPM Suite 11g

In this article I explain a handy way to browse the MDS on the SOA/BPM server from JDeveloper, as well as an (as far as I know) undocumented feature to look up artifacts using a browser.

The Meta Data Services (or MDS for short) of Oracle's SOA/BPM Suite is used to manage various types of artifacts like:

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