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New Tools releases , now with Java

What's New
  For the 90%+ of people using sqldev/modeler on windows, the JDK bundled versions are back.  So no more debating what to install or worrying about conflicting Java versions.

  Lots of bug fixes.

   My favorite bug is now fixed so you can use emojis in your sql> prompt.

RESTful CSV Loading

  We wrapped he same CSV import code in SQL Developer into the REST Auto-Enablement

Fix completion insight in JDeveloper 12.1.3: show return type again

If you work with JDeveloper 12.1.3 you may missing the return type of methods in completion insight.
For an example you hit CTRL-SPACE after following code

Groovy Time! How to use XML dateTime and duration in BPM 12c

In this article I show some examples of handling XML dateTime and durations in Groovy in the context of a Oracle BPM 12c application.

Oracle BPEL & BPM 12c Set Flow Instance Title

In this article I describe how to set the instance title for a composite in Oracle BPEL or BPM 12c.

Oracle and Adaptive Case Management: Part 2

This posting is the second of a series about Oracle Adaptive Case Management. The first one can be found here. I discuss the different options to define an activity, and the setting you can use to configure when and how activities are started.

SQLcl , yet again

By the Numbers

There's a new SQLcl out for download.  In case, there are too many to keep track of the build numbers are quite easy to tell if you have the latest.  The build posted today is

Here's what we are doing
4.2.0 <-- doesn't matter at all
15     <- year
167   <- day in julian
0827 <- time the build was done

So yes, this build was done today at 8am

Recovering a deleted page in APEX

In case a page is deleted in APEX, we can recover it using the export feature of APEX. The steps are as follows:

Open the application in application builder

Export application and then select the option -export page-. from there, the dropdown list shows only the pages that are in the application. You have to select the timeframe you need.

In order to select the deleted page, you have to tweak the HTML and this is where we use firebug to modify the list in order to add the option for the deleted page

ORDS - Auto REST table feature

Got a question on how easy it is to use ORDS to perform insert | update | delete on a table.  Here's the steps.

1) Install ORDS ( cmd line or there's a new wizard in sqldev )

2) Enable the schema and table in this case klrice.emp; ( again there's a wizard in sqldev )


p_schema => 'KLRICE',

Javascript Inside the Database

Where there's a will, there's a way. Not sure on the best use of this off hand but here it is.

Javascript inside an Oracle Database.

Since Javascript is included in java via the ScriptEngine framework. It's fairly easy to add a java wrapper to call the javascript engine.
create or replace and compile java source named "EvalScript" as
import javax.script.*;
public class EvalScript {

Oracle and Adaptive Case Management: Part 1

In this blog posting I address four key concepts that are used in Oracle Adaptive Case Management, or ACM for short. This article is the first in a series on ACM.

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