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Asynchronous I/O for people

Thanks to Tanel Poder for this story

Ok, I’ve wanted to write this blog entry for a long time – and now it’s time!

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Most of my blog readers (thank you!) are performance-minded computer enthusiasts, who care about efficiency and optimization. You’ve been tuning SQL execution plans, instance and OS configuration so that your sessions would achieve the same results with less work and also with less waiting!

You probably know to appreciate why asynchronous I/O must be enabled for busy modern databases, so that your database sessions can do I/O (talk to the storage) without actually having to wait for the I/O operations to complete! You can increase the processing throughput, by not submitting every single I/O separately and waiting for it to complete, before being able to process the results and submit the next one. Asynchronous I/O is a crucial thing for good performance.

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