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Oracle Data Warehousing, reporting, online analytics, and data mining resources, news, and support articles.

Fun and Education at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 and the 1st OOW Music Fest

Hard to believe, but here we are again – almost time for Oracle OpenWorld 2012. Will you be in San Francisco September 30 – October 4th? I will. This year, along with the usual keynotes, exhibits, and sessions, Oracle is introducing the first every Oracle Music Festival. Like the famous SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, [...]

Five ways to make Data Modeling Fun

While on my recent family vacation, I happened to mention I needed ideas for a blog post. My son, all of nine years old, suggested the above title. Hmmm…I said…not bad. That might work. After all most people think data modeling booooorrring, right? But for a few of us, it is kind of fun. So [...]

Best Practice: How to Create the Best Data Model Ever

A good data model, done right the first time, can save you time and money. We have all seen the charts on the increasing cost of finding a mistake/bug/error late in a software development cycle. Would you like to reduce, or even eliminate, your risk of finding one of those errors late in the game? Of course you would! Who wouldn’t?  Nobody plans to [...]

Big Blunder means extended discount opportunity for Data Vault fans

Sometimes the best laid plans…they just don’t quite work out. Here’s what I mean: If you were at my Data Vault session at the recent ODTUG KScope conference in San Antonio, you got a special code to enter at  to get $200 off the new online Data Vault Implementation training class. (For more on the training check [...]

Being Part of the Solution: This Tech Company Got it Right!

Last week I posted an infographic about how many Americans are working more that 40 hours weeks and ranted a bit about how crazy we all are and asked are you part of the problem or the solution. Well here is a tech company, FullContact, in Denver, Colorado, that decided to be part of the solution. Well, [...]

TGIF – Are you part of the problem or the solution?

Yes, it is Friday and like many, you may be really looking forward to the weekend. Relaxing with family and friends. Eating some good food. Drinking some adult beverages. Watching some TV or a movie. Maybe a little exercise perhaps? (50 pushups out to do it) Ahh…the good life. Then comes Sunday evening. The [...]

Learn a Little Chi Gung with my KScope Morning Chi Gung Video

A little background… Last year for the ODTUG Kscope conference, then-president Mike Riley asked me if there was something from my martial arts training that I could offer to Kscope attendees that would enhance their conference experience. I proposed doing some Chi Gung moving mediation exercises in the morning, something I had started teaching at summer martial arts camps about [...]

Happy 4th of July!

To all my readers, friends, and colleagues in the USA, I wish you a happy and relaxing 4th of July! Fly your American flag with pride! Remember all the members of our armed forces, at home and abroad, who fight to protect our freedom. Remember those who gave their lives in service of our country. They made the ultimate [...]

ODTUG KScope: Day 5 – Happy Trails

Well the final day of KScope12 finally arrived and it was another hot one with the final sessions and the Texas heat. Another bright red sunrise greeted us as it has all week. Today I managed to get a picture of the group that showed up for Chi Gung every day at 7 AM. We even had some new [...]

ODTUG KScope12: Day 4 – Another Day in Paradise

Well folks, it is really late/early so, for now I am just putting up some pictures without a lot of detail. This was the sunrise that greeted me on the way to Morning Chi Gung. Going to be another hot one! This is the view of the bluff and waterfall that we see every day when we [...]

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