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Oracle Data Warehousing, reporting, online analytics, and data mining resources, news, and support articles.

2012: Year in the Life of an Oracle Data Warrior

Hard to believe it is nearly the end of the year. But…it is here. I will be taking time until the end of the year so I am doing my “year-end” post now. It was a significant year for me with many new things, events, conferences, and clients. Here is a list, by month of [...]

Have you lost your keys?

Has this ever happened to you: You are starting a new project working on an existing database or data warehouse. Being the great data architect that you are, you of course ask to see the data model. The response: Data model? What data model? Or maybe: Why do you need to see that? Sigh. So you fight your way through getting [...]

Breaking a non-Fitness Habit

After writing about creating a new fitness habit yesterday, I had my own little ah-ha moment today about a bad habit I had formed.. For lunch today, I went downstairs to the building cafe and got a pretty healthy sandwich and some steamed broccoli (instead of fries) and headed outside to eat. There are a few shaded tables outside [...]

Do you have a Fitness Habit?

With my new assignment comes new opportunity. One of those opportunities is the time to exercise a bit more (I just eliminated a rather long commute). What to do and when to do it? How to arrange my new schedule efficiently to get in a work out , do my job, do my user group activities, write blog posts, [...]

NaBloPoMo is here! Need some inspiration?

Reblogged from News: It's November 1st, and National Blog Posting Month--NaBloPoMo--is upon us. Time to put your thinking cap on, fire up the computer, chug some extra coffee, and get a-postin'! Bookmark these resources for days when you need a little something extra, and leave a link to your site in the comments so [...]

List of Top Data Vault Resources

As I finished out my latest contract, my team mates wanted to know where they could go to get their data vault questions answered (besides emailing me!). So I put together this list for them and figured the readers of my blog would probably like to see the same list. Here it is! My Stuff Introduction to Data Vault [...]

Standards? We Don’t Need No Stinking Standards!

Well, actually we do need standards. Especially if we want to have any consistency in the systems we develop, or the models we build. For years people in the data warehouse arena have literally begged Dan Linstedt, inventor of the Data Vault Model and Methodology, to create books and training materials on Data Vault. They wanted to know how he got the results he was [...]

Hurry – Only 24 Hours Left to Get a Free Conference Registration

As I have written before, I love Oracle User Groups. My two most favorite groups are the Oracle Development Tools User Group (ODTUG) and the Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group (RMOUG). These two groups put on what are arguably the best annual conferences for users of Oracle technology – by users, for users. Over the [...]

Oracle OpenWorld 2012: Day 4

It was another beautiful, sunny day in San Francisco. I started the day, again, with some morning Chi Gung, then I enjoyed the morning keynote watching the big screen in Yerba Buena Gardens. Quite a pleasant way to listen to these talks. It was a light day session-wise for me, but it did set off a few light bulbs. [...]

Oracle OpenWorld Day 3

Another one for the books… As before you can see a bunch of my activities on twitter (@kentgraziano and #oow). I posted a few pictures throughout the day. For the first time I got to watch two keynotes live without being in the cavern of a hall for four hours. Actually sat outside in the shade in [...]

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