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Data Warrior 2014 in Review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for my blog. Not as many posts as 2013 (I was way busy), but sure got a lot more traffic than I realized! Here’s an excerpt: The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 58,000 times in […]

Weird Results When Calculating Percentages or Ratios…

While I was looking into a calculation issue today for a calculated percentage, let’s say the formula is ((b-a)/c)*100, the numbers just were not coming out correctly. Actually they were all coming out to 0!!! I know this was not right, so I investigated. I looked at my physical query and noticed OBI was creating that formula as FLOOR((b-a)/nullif(c,0))*100. Well, that explains it! Why was the BI Server adding this FLOOR function? It did not make sense to me. So how do I make or trick the BI Server to not do this. I asked my friend google. He had no answers.

Early Christmas Present: Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 4.1 Beta is here! (Still FREE)

Just saw this tweet from Oracle Product Manager Ashly Chen: Happy Wednesday! Data Modeler 4.1 Beta is available for download. — Ashley Chen (@ashleychen5) December 3, 2014 Get thee to the site and download away! Did I say, it is FREE? (Do remember it is BETA as use it accordingly) Cheers! Kent The Oracle […]

Live from #OTW14: Worst Data Warehouse Design Practices

Back in September at the now annual OakTable world (OTW) at Oracle OpenWorld, I was privileged to give a talk where I ranted a bit about some of the worst data warehouse design mistakes that I have seen. Well, if you missed out, now you can see that talk thanks to Kyle Hailey who had […]

Cross Drilling: Where did the Full Outer Join Go!!!!

Cross drilling! Or in star schema design, otherwise known as “Drilling Across”. This is where you want to report off metrics from 2 or more fact tables in the same report. This is easy when your report is using all conformed dimension attributes. But in most cases, the requirement is for these fact tables’ metrics and some non-conformed dimension attributes.

Say “Big Data” One More Time (I dare you!)

This is quick. Saw it on Twitter this morning and it is just too funny to not share: Best slide of #Strataconf already? — Matt Aslett (@maslett) October 16, 2014 Have a great day!Filed under: Big Data, Quotes, User Groups Tagged: #bigdata, quote, Strataconf

OBI Row-level Security Demystified (with Multiple App Role Assignments and App Role Hierarchies)

Row-level security in OBI is a very powerful tool. It is used to limit data seen by users/groups/roles based on a business’s security model. It really is not hard; but, you need to understand when and how data filters will be applied. This is the key that is not documented thoroughly (or that I have seen by searching on the web for clarification). So I did the work to clarify it for you, or I hope I am in this writing. Note: I said it is easy, because once you understand how OBI works in this regard it pretty much is.

My Data Model Checklist book is now available in Spanish – Just in time for #OOW14!

Exciting news! I just got this email from Amazon: Congratulations, your book “UNA LISTA DE VERIFICACIÓN PARA REALIZAR REVISIONES A LOS DISEÑOS DE MODELOS DE DATOS” is live in the Kindle Store and is currently enrolled in KDP Select. It is available for readers to purchase here. If you are in Mexico, you can get […]

It’s almost time! #OOW14 and #OTW14 – the biggest gathering of Oracle experts anywhere

Hi gang! As you can guess by my lack of recent posts, I have been very busy this fall. Along with client work, home life, and editing a really cool book on SQL Developer Data Modeler, I have also been prepping for my annual pilgrimage to Moscone Center in San Francisco for Oracle Open World […]

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