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Better Data Modeling: New and Improved Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler (#SQLDevModeler)

Yup, my friends at Oracle have been hard at working enhancing what was already the best FREE data modeling tool out there. They just released SDDM R4 EA3! You can go get it right now: As always there are both new features and bug fixes. One of the coolest new features is the ability […]

Better Data Modeling: Finding Missing Unique Keys in Oracle #SQLDevModeler

One of the best practices I recommend is to always define unique business keys for every entity (or table) in a model. It is the only way to really understand what the data in that object represents. So what do you do when you inherit someone else’s model with hundreds of tables and few (if […]

Data Modeling for Fun and Profit: Are you ready to take the Database Design Challenge?

Are you up to publicly testing your database design chops? Want to improve your street cred? If so, then read on… Relational databases form the backbone of thousands, if not millions, of applications and systems around the globe. A key part of building these applications is designing and implementing the data structures they use. (Well […]

Let’s Review #OOW13 and #OTW13 in Pictures

Yes I have been derelict in my duty and not posted about the sessions I attended at Oracle OpenWorld (#OOW13) and OakTable World (#OTW). Well here are the high points with pictures! Monday Monday started off with the now annual Swim the Bay (so I missed the keynote). If you have Facebook, you can see […]

#OOW13 Oracle OpenWorld 2013: #Microsoft, #Cloud, Oh My!

Let me lead with the big stuff first, then I will report on some other sessions I attended later. Live at the #Cloud Keynote This should be interesting – joint keynote with Brad Anderson Corporate VP Cloud Enterprise from Microsoft. This is definitely a first! Brad says Oracle workloads running on Windows servers is one […]

#OOW13 – Oracle OpenWorld 2013: Pictures, Tweets and more

#OOW13 is well underway now with lots of tweets and blog posts already out on the web. Check the stream on twitter under #oow13 for all the news. I tried to see some of the Americas Cup race on Saturday but unfortunately the weather and wind did  not cooperate so the race was called for […]

At the mother ship: Oracle ACE Director Briefing

Well, I can’t really talk about the meeting (yet) as everything is under NDA until next week (at least), but I can say it is great to get together with the top Oracle practitioners in the world and chat and discuss the issues and solutions in our field. It is like returning to the mother […]

The Way of Strategy: The 9 Rules of Success from a Samurai Master

Recently, I was asked to write some words of wisdom to a young boy who was reaching his 13th birthday. I was not quite sure what sage advice I could give that would have a lasting impression, so I though about words of wisdom I had run across over the years. Being a martial artist […]

Count down to Oracle OpenWorld 2013

The pre-event for this year’s Oracle OpenWorld started over the weekend. A little event called The America’s Cup. The oldest trophied sport in the world (yachting that is). For those that don’t know Team USA is the defending champ, and Team USA happens to be sponsored primarily by Larry Ellison and Oracle. It is a […]

Better Data Modeling: Are you making these 3 beginner mistakes in your data models?

There are lots of people in the database industry that end up building data models. Some of them are very educated and well trained and are professional data modelers and data architects. (If that is you, you can probably skip this article) Others have learned on-the-job with little or no training or education on modeling […]

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