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KScope13 Day Two: Wine to Water and Other Transformations

So day two in New Orleans at the ODTUG KScope13 event was another big day. I am gong to start out at the end of the day with the General Session update so if you don’t have time to read the whole post you can read the really important and interesting stuff first. General Session […]

Welcome to the Biggest KScope Conference Ever!

Day one at ODTUG’s KScope13 was awesome as always with a great set of symposiums and networking events. At the speaker meeting we learned that there are 1,400 registered attendees, 30 countries represented and over 50 exhibitors making this the largest event and largest exhibit hall in the history of the Oracle Development Tools User […]

See you at KScope13!

Are you ready? It is almost time for the annual ODTUG KScope conference in New Orleans. It starts with the Community Service Day on Saturday June 22nd and runs through Thursday June 27th at the Sheraton Hotel right on the edge of the French Quarter. For my readers that are attending, I will be giving […]

Some men see things as they are

Some men see things as they are and say “Why?” I dream things that never were, and say, “Why not?” - George Bernard Shaw Filed under: Quotes Tagged: bernard shaw, george bernard shaw, quote, world view

Free Introduction to Data Warehousing the Data Vault Way

My good friend Dan (@dlinstedt) has put together a sweet set of three videos to introduce everyone to the wonderful world of Data Vault. When you sign up you will get a set of email messages from Dan discussing the Data Vault Approach to data warehousing. You get access to three videos about the architecture, […]

Another Free Tip for SQL Developer Data Modeler (and a Challenge)

So here is another tip on using Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler – but this time it is one I will NOT be showing during my session at #KScope13. In SDDM there is a really nice wizard for building views. Once your view is built, you should probably test it right? You could generate the […]

Investing to Improve Our Health

Great information this morning from @Claudia_Imhoff on Twitter: #BDA13 Investing to improve health, wellness and community vitality pays off for business and — Claudia Imhoff (@Claudia_Imhoff) June 6, 2013 Pay me now, or pay me later… It is amazing what impact an upfront investment can return over the longer term. And that applies in […]

The 1st Tip is Free: Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler

This year’s ODTUG KScope conference is less than a month away and I am ready to get to New Orleans and meet up with all my friends and colleagues to talk shop and learn some new things. So in hopes of getting you to attend, I will share with you one of my productivity tips […]

Filtering Presentation Hierarchy Columns From Report Navigation

It has been awhile, I think a year now, since my last blog.  It has just been a very busy past year.  In any event, I came across a problem that involves presentation hierarchy columns.  The ever-beloved new feature of 11g , which all users and clients love to use for pretty much all reports.

The issue: How to create a navigational report which will filter the presentation hierarchy column based on the selected record from the calling report?  This is otherwise known as report navigation via action links.

Are you certifiable?

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Dan Linstedt, (inventor of the Data Vault Model and Methodology) has announced that he will be teaching a live Data Vault 2.0 Certification Class on July 29th in St Albans, Vermont. This class will cover all the new DV2.0 standards which incorporate big data, and NoSQL […]

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