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Database SIG – Manchester 27th March

Thanks to John Hallas for this story

The UKOUG have done really well in organising the next Database Server SIG. It is being held at the City of Manchester Stadium – the home of Manchester City. That is the group of players bought on the cheap and managed by Roberto Mancini into the best team in Britain as will be proved when we win the Premier League in April.

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They have got two of the worlds’ top Oracle speakers on stage. Actually that is slightly incorrect. They have one of the worlds’ top Oracle speakers talking twice and me also on stage.

The agenda looks very strong

Jonathan Lewis  – Beating the Oracle Optimizer
Phillip Brown – Experiences of a DBA
Jonathan Lewis  – Redo
Peter Homes  – Oracle 10g/11g Automatic Memory management  – cautionary tales
John Hallas – ADRCI (will try and add some new stuff to the talk I gave at the conference)

The date is March 27th and this is the link to it

As we have recently removed AMM from a large Peoplesoft database (10g) and an important EBS (11g)  database in the last couple of months because of problems whereby the constant  resizing of memory chunks eventually caused the databases to hang  I will be interested to hear what Peter has to say. In fact I did post an entry on the problems caused by AMM  – (the EBS database in this case).

I am looking forward to the day

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