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Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

Oracle’s standby databases have been around for a long time now. The primary ships redo to the standby to keep them in sync. It seems to be a natural fit that Oracle has now extended this concept to a backup and recovery appliance. The idea is that you take one backup of your database at the start. That’s it…one backup. No more full or incremental backups. The Oracle database sends redo to the appliance which then applies the redo to the backup on the device. The backup on the appliance is always kept up-to-date.

Creation of a basic report in EM12c using BI Publisher

Just published on Oracle Learning Library: the creation of a basic report in EM12c R4, using BI Publisher


Configure BI Publisher and Setup BIP Security

As you might already know, EM12c introduces the ability to create reports using BI Publisher. You should also be aware of the fact that the Information Publisher option (the ‘out of box’ reports that have been in Enterprise Manager since release 10) might not be there in a next major release of EM.
Oracle Learning Library just released an instruction video, showing the configuration of BI Publisher and the BIP Security setup.

Error 1033 received logging on to the standby

Upgraded production to a few nights ago. The primary is 3-node RAC and the standby is 2-node RAC. Notice that one of the threads was not transmitting redo to the standby. Saw this repeatedly in the alert log:
Error 1033 received logging on to the standby
Turns out this was a problem of my own making. In $ORACLE_HOME/dbs, I had the following:

Good Time for DBAs?

Is this a good time to be a DBA? My biased opinion is that any time is a good time to be a DBA. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics released an outlook indicating that DBA positions are expected to increase 15% between 2012 and 2022.
Now comes this article that says about 50% of DBAs are expected to leave the market in the next 10 years.

Latest Bundle Patch for EM12c and White paper for reducing downtime when patching the OMS

Enterprise Manager was released in June 2014, and the OMS Bundle patches  have also been released in July 2014.

Oracle coming in 2016

Oracle will be releasing Oracle 12cR2 in the first half of 2016. See Metalink Note 742060.1 for the current release schedule. The Oracle patchset is not on the list but there is a chance it will be out before 12cR2. We’ll have to wait and see I guess. Now for the burning question…do I … Continue reading »

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