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GI Upgrade

The patchset has been out for a bit now. I am just now finding time to be able to take my first look at it. I’m interested, like many others, in looking at the In Memory database option. But I need to upgrade my Grid Infrastructure before I can upgrade my database.
The upgrade went smoothly. The only thing I thought was odd was a prerequisite check failed on the panic_on_oops kernel parameter. I was upgrading from to so this is a brand new check. The OUI provided a fixup script which I ran and then proceeded without any other upgrade issues.

EM12c: End-User Monitoring for Oracle Fusion Middleware

When interested in End User monitoring you got to view this new video on the Oracle Learning Library:
Have fun….

Reducing Downtime While Patching Multi-OMS Environments

Enterprise Manager has now been released for a few weeks, as well as the OMS Bundle patches (also known as System patches). If you plan to apply these bundle patches to your OMS, and you are concerned about the downtime, then, you can reduce the downtime by referring to this whitepaper that contains patching instructions to reduce downtime.


Got a pleasant surprise when trying to download Grid Infrastructure the other day. GI is now two download files, 3 of 8 and 4 of 8 instead of just one as was seen in previous versions. Then I went back and looked at GI was also two files. Not sure why it didn’t … Continue reading »

DB Popularity

I ran across this web page that ranked databases by popularity:
This is completely unscientific and doesn’t take market share into account. But I thought the results were interesting none-the-less.

Enhancements to Monitoring in EM12c Release 4

Dear Readers,
What are the enhancements to the Enterprise Monitoring Framework in EM12c Release 4?

Oracle In-Memory Cost

Just read an interesting post by James Morle on the “true cost” of Oracle’s new In-Memory database option. It’s a good read.

Enterprise Manager Agent Deployment gets better on Windows

Dear Readers,
In Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4, released in June 2014, agent deployment on Windows just got better.

Database Cloud gets better in Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4

There are a number of great improvements to the Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) capability in Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4.
As a recap, in earlie
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