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Middleware Diagnostics Advisor (MDA) Setup

One of the areas I’ve been exploring recently is the setup and use of the Middleware Diagnostics Advisor, more commonly known as MDA. MDA is an advisor in EM12c that analyzes the entire stack and provides diagnostic findings by identifying root causes for any problems it discovers. It correlates and analyzes the input and offers advice on how to resolve the problem. For example, it can help you identify that slow SQL statements or a JDBC connection pool is causing a performance bottleneck.

Force EM Target Discovery

You can correct incomplete target discovery on a host by using the emctl config agent command.

Oracle 12c Upgrade Issues

I’m in the middle of testing for my company’s Oracle 12c production upgrades coming in September. Thankfully, I have a lot of good testbeds to fine-tune the upgrade process before proceeding to production. So far, things have been pretty smooth, even much better than my to upgrades a year ago. I thought I’d outline a few things I’ve dealt with during our testing in case this helps someone else down the road.


When you are into SOA Suite 12c and want to setup monitoring in EM12c, take a look at this article on written by Michel Schildmeyer.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12cR5 – Let’s connect to the Oracle Cloud

Just came across this article from Martin Berger “Oracle Enterprise Manager 12cR5 – Let’s connect to the Oracle Cloud”, you might want to take a look at his blog
Keep up the good work Martin!

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