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Monitoring Linux processes using Metric Extensions in EM12c

Some time ago I had to check the status of a Linux process using a User Defined Metric running in EM11g. Recently I had to do the same using EM12c, which was easily taken care of by creating a Metric Extension using the same perl script I used for the UDM.
I thought it might be of any interest to you…
Monitoring Linux processes using Metric Extensions

EM12c: Weblogic host is up, but EM doesn't show metric data (ORA-01882)

Issue: On EM12c, Weblogic Server is discovered successfully. On EM12c UI, one can see various middleware targets and their respective availbility status. But when one wants to see the details metrics like Servlets and JSPs metrics or Work Manager etc. It shows 'Unavailable' as shown in screenshot below:

Obtain Database Patchsets

I see this question asked often on the My Oracle Support Communities, so it must not be that obvious as it seems to be. So I figured I would post this on my blog. The question is “how do I obtain the XX patchset for my Oracle database”? Sometimes people post the link to the exact patchset. But here is how you can find any patchset for any Oracle database version.
Sign on to Metalink ( and click on the Patches and Updates tab.

Oracle Interface Changes

I regularly participate in the My Oracle Support Communities and answer lots of questions there. Late last week, Oracle changed the interface and like many people, I haven’t necessarily found it to be better. I am getting used to the new UI. And as I use it more and get past the learning curve, it isn’t nearly as bad as my first day with the interface.

Managing IaaS and DBaaS Clouds with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c

I just noticed the release of this new book focussing on the management of clouds using EM12c Clout Control, I thought you might like to know.

TEMPFILE Offline Physical Standby

I received an alert from Enterprise Manager Cloud Control that a tempfile was offline in my physical standby database.
Message=The temporary file /u01/app/oracle/oradata/ncpp/temp/temp01.dbf is OFFLINE.
We recently did a restore of the standby, i.e. recreated it from a backup. Surprisingly only 7 of the 8 tempfiles were available. One tempfile was missing. I found this odd, but I’d like to get the tempfile back.

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