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Cursor Obsoletion Dump

After our recent upgrades to Oracle, we noticed a few non-production databases that were filling up the DIAGNOSTIC_DEST. There were huge trace files in there which contained this type of information:
----- Cursor Obsoletion Dump sql_id=6aca4drrt76x3 -----
Parent cursor obsoleted 1 time(s).
It appears this is a known bug in Oracle turned on some diagnostic info and forgot to turn it off. But you can turn it off in your environments with the following:
alter system set "_kks_obsolete_dump_threshold" = 0;

Oracle Extends Cloud Leadership With Oracle Management Cloud for IT Operations

New Cloud Services Enable Organizations to Gain an End-to-End View of Applications From End-Users to the Underlying Infrastructure, Effectively Manage Diverse IT Environments and Drive DevOps Efforts….
Read what Finance Yahoo tell us about it 

Oracle 12.2 Sharding

I’ve been working with MongoDB a bit and one of the things I like about it is how sharding helps the platform achieve high performance. MongoDB is not the only database platform that uses sharding, just one of the more mainstream ones. While I’ve been working with MongoDB and admiring sharding and the ability to handle JSON documents, I’ve also been troubled by a few other things.

12.2 RAC/GI New Features

I attended a session today at Oracle Open World 2015 by Markus Michalewicz which highlighted some new features we can look forward to for Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12.2, currently in beta.  There were lots of new features, but a few stood out as major changes to the architecture.

Oracle 12cR2 now in Beta

Today at Oracle Open World 2015, I learned that Oracle12cR2 is now in beta. I attended a session from Oracle VP Andy Mendelsohn where he highlighted a few of the new features found in 12.2. This is not an exhaustive list, but contains some highlights from that session.

SQL Developer 4.1.2

SQL Developer 4.1.2 was just released today. The new version can be downloaded from the usual place on OTN. I had no problems installing it on my MacBook Pro.

Should I monitor the MGMTDB database?

During the installation of Oracle Grid Infrastructure you had the option to install the Grid Infrastructure Management Repository (GIMR) database MGMTDB. With, that option went away, and the MGMTDB database became mandatory. Given that it’s a database, the question of whether it should be monitored by Enterprise Manager was raised by a number of customers, and unfortunately a variety of different answers were forthcoming from different sources in Oracle.

Must See Session at This Year’s OOW

I’ve seen a lot of interesting posts about what’s going to be presented next week at OOW15, and I’ve blogged about those specific to Enterprise Manager previously – see the links Private Cloud and DBLM, Database Manageability and Middleware Management for more detail.

Oracle 12c Upgrade Issues

I recently upgraded a critical production system from Oracle to This is also a 3-node Oracle RAC database. I ran into a few issues which needed resolution after the upgrade. Hopefully this helps out others in their upgrades.

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