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ORA-24247: network access denied by access control list (ACL)

I have a regularly scheduled job on an Oracle RAC database that will send me an email alert for a condition. This happens every 30 minutes. The job has been failing on one of the nodes, but not the others. The job spits out these errors:

Using JVM Diagnostics (JVMD) to help tune production JVMs

Using JVM Diagnostics (JVMD) to help tune production JVMs

Oct2014CPU Crashes ArcGIS Desktop

Right after I applied the Oct2014 SPU to our development database, members of our IT staff started complaining that direct-connect connections with ArcCatalog and ArcMap would crash. The app wouldn’t even connect to the database. I tried various things…even upgrading Oracle Client to to match the database version (it was but nothing worked. I even went so far as to enable both 10046 tracing and client-side SQL*Net tracing. In the 10046 trace, I could see where SQL statements were issued to the database.

Oct 2014 Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform PSU patches have been Released

Oct 2014  Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform PSU patches have been Released

Oct 2014 Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform PSU patches were released on Oct 14, 2014. This includes:

VCS plugin for EM12c

Just had some busy weeks, almost forgot to share this document with you guys, written by my good friend Scott Wardrop.
The VCS Cluster Mintoring Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c provides centralised visibility of Symantec VCS Cluster environments, giving administrators a singe view on component availability and performance at both a cluster and estate level.
Montoring and alerting of VCS components is enabled out-of-the-box

Using JVM Diagnostics (JVMD) to help tune production JVMs

Just crossed this interesting post on Oracle’s blog on Enterprise Manager. When you are in to optimizing your JVMs you might want to take a look at it….
Tuning a production JVM involves more than merely adding more RAM to it via the -Xmx parameter. It depends upon an understanding of how your application truly behaves in a production environment. Most JVM tuning is done by developers with a simulated load in their Development or QA environment. This is unlikely to be truly representative of the production load running on production hardware with regards to proper JVM tuning.

Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

Oracle’s standby databases have been around for a long time now. The primary ships redo to the standby to keep them in sync. It seems to be a natural fit that Oracle has now extended this concept to a backup and recovery appliance. The idea is that you take one backup of your database at the start. That’s it…one backup. No more full or incremental backups. The Oracle database sends redo to the appliance which then applies the redo to the backup on the device. The backup on the appliance is always kept up-to-date.

Creation of a basic report in EM12c using BI Publisher

Just published on Oracle Learning Library: the creation of a basic report in EM12c R4, using BI Publisher


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