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Managing Oracle Database 12c with Enterprise Manager – Part X - Database as a Service

We are discussing the management of Oracle Database 12c in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.

Collaborate ’15

It’s time for another phenomenal Collaborate conference next week, made even more fabulous by the fact that I’ll be there for the first time! For some reason, Collaborate is one of the few big user group conferences I haven’t made it to before, so when my boss asked me to go and present at it I leapt at the chance.

Data Cloning and Refresh

For some time now, I’ve been creating blog posts that walk you through using some of the Enterprise Manager technology to perform specific tasks. For example, there’s one here on setting up Chargeback in EM I’ve never been really satisfied with the way these blog posts turn out, as to document a step by step process like this takes lots of screenshots and you end up with a post that’s a mile long.

SQL Server Missing Log File

We recently had one of our SQL Server instances experience a very large volume of change. Not suprisingly, the transaction log grew really big and was very close to filling up the disk. I had our SysAdmins add more space to the transaction log disk. The process that generated the large volume of transactions is a one-off process and I wanted to shrink the transaction log and let the SysAdmin take his space back to the storage pool. So I did as any SQL Server DBA might do. I took a backup of the transaction log. After that, I attempted the shrink operation.

EM12c Now Allows DB12c for Repos

It is now possible to use Oracle 12c as a repository database for Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control. Oracle 12c is almost 2 years old and the first patch set is almost 1 year old. So its about time in my opinion.
If you are planning on using DB12c for your EM12c repository, then make sure you read Note 1987905.1 for important information on the patches you’ll need to apply.

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