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EM12c Release 4: Job System Easter Eggs – Part 1: New Progress Tracking UI

So you just installed a new EM12c R4 environment or upgraded your existing EM environment to EM12c R4. Post upgrade you go to the Job System activity page (via Enterprise->Job->Activity menu) and view the progress details  of a job. Well nothing seems to have changed, its the same UI, the same multi-page drill down to view step output, same no. of clicks, etc. Wrong!

GWFG in Oracle RAC

I have a deadlock being reported in my 3-node Oracle RAC database (version as can be seen in the Alert Log. Being that this is an Oracle RAC database, resources are managed globally and the Lock Manager Daemon (LMD) gets involved. The message in the alert log pointed me to a LMD trace file which contained this Global Wait-For-Graph (GWFG).

Oracle Private Database Cloud REST APIs

While we spend a lot of time developing GUI for our private cloud features – like the self service portal, setup screens, etc, a large percentage of our customers use these features via our APIs, both EMCLI and REST based.
Q: So why would anyone not use the out of the box cloud (self service) portal and use the APIs instead?
A: Well, there are many reasons:

Who Needs to be Super?

In the days past, everybody in EM used to end up with Super Administrator privileges due to lack of granularity in permissions.  Not any more!  Now we have more permissions than you know what to do with, but that’s another blog topic all together!
Here’s a quick list of activities that one might still need Super Administrator for – note these are all considered EM administration activities and most are accessed through the Setup menu:

Editing EM12c Jobs in Bulk

I recently received requests for suggestions on how to edit EM12c jobs in bulk. The two examples that were presented to me were:

  1. Change the start time of 70+ jobs
  2. Change the oracle home path in 80+ RMAN script jobs

So how do we do this?
Option 1: Log into EM12c, navigate to each and every job, click edit and make the desired changes. This of course gets boring after the 4th job, not to mention the potential for developing carpel tunnel syndrome.

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