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Analyze Long-term Performance Across Enterprise Databases Using AWR Warehouse

Just came accross a great video on youtube and I think you should watch it…


Oracle Big Data SQL

Oracle announced a new product called Big Data SQL that will be available in the Fall. I think this product will be interesting. The one downside I see is that it appears to only run on an Oracle appliance which means you are forced to use their hardware as well.
For more information, see the following.

Want to get rid of your crontab jobs?

Using Enterprise Manager and want to get rid of your crontab jobs?
Read all about how to implement your jobs in the EM Job System in Convert crontab jobs to Enterprise Manager Jobs by Adeesh Fulay.
YES, at now costs…!

Managing Siebel configurations – EM12c

Most of the post on my blog relate to Data Center focus monitoring and management.
EM12c Cloud Control also allows for complete Application monitoring and management. By means of the Application Management Suites monitoring and management for the following applications are available:

Sitemap – Quick access to any target related action

Just another nice and handy feature in EM12c – the Target Sitemap
For instance from the All Targets page, right click a Target and select Home – Target Sitemap, which will bring up the Target Sitemap page allowing you quic access to any targe related action…

INS-41112 and INS-41113

Trying to install Grid Infrastructure on my new hosts on my laptop (see my previous post), I ran into two errors: INS-41112 and INS-41113.
For the INS-41112 error, I determined that I had a firewall running. Stopping iptables fixed this error.

Oracle RAC on MacBook Pro with VMWare Fusion

My laptop is a MacBook Pro. Being that I work in the real world, it means that I often have to run software products that can only be installed on a Windows system.  So I have to run a Windows VM on my laptop to support those applications. For no good reason, I use VMWare Fusion for my virtual environments on my laptop.

Monitoring the Monitor – EM

When dealing with a high target volume OMS, you need to get and stay in control of its health and stability.
EM 12.1.04 now gives us additional features to be aware of:

  • Initialization parameter compliance for you EM repository database
  • The status of all Repository Jobs
  • Metric loading characteristics
  • Purge policies

Just take a look at this interesting post on Oracle’s blog on EM Cloud Control to Major Tom, written by Andrew Bulloch

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