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12c Adaptive Plans in SQL Developer

I’ve been working on tuning some SQL statements in a newly upgraded database, from Oracle to As I typically do, I like to use SQL Developer to see the Explain Plan. I was surprised to see some gray text in the Explain Plan output, which you can see below.


Tuning SQL Statements in SQL Developer

This video shows a few tips on how I use SQL Developer when tuning a SQL statement. I hope it helps someone.

Link to YouTube:

Oracle Private Cloud Cookbook with Enterprise Manager 13c

Got your attention don’t I ;-)
This is what I found on and Oracle Books….

Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards

The Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards are open for voting. You can cast your votes until October 15th. The candidates are all well deserving of the award. So vote for your favorite today!

What’s Inside an EM Agent Upload

OEM agents on each host upload data to your management servers every few minutes.
Here’s how you can see exactly what your agent has uploaded.  First, enable local backups of the uploaded files with:
emctl setproperty agent -name 'backupUploadedFiles' -value 'true'
Then bounce the agent and perform an upload like this:

OOW2015 Middleware Management

This posting covers the Middleware Management sessions at OOW2015. Note that these are middleware management via Enterprise Manager, as opposed to sessions specifically covering middleware features and functions.

OOW2015 Database Manageability

This posting covers the Database Manageability sessions at OOW2015. Note that these are database manageability via Enterprise Manager, as opposed to sessions specifically covering database features and functions. The following sessions fall under this category:

OOW2015 Private Cloud and DBLM

Yesterday I posted an entry on what was coming with OOW2015, specifically discussing the Oracle Management Cloud sessions. This post is similar but looking at one of the more “traditional” EM areas that my team is responsible for – Private Cloud and DBLM. The sessions that are of most interest here are:

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