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This is my 100th post to this blog!!!

Standby Network Tuning

I’ve been working on tuning our network configuration between our primary and standby databases. This entry shows the steps I took.

SQL Developer 4.0 Released

The latest/greatest version of Oracle’s free SQL Developer has now been released. Previously, version 4.0 was in Early Adopter release, which I think is just a fancy way of saying “beta”.
If you want to see new features or tips and tricks, then go to That Jeff Smith’s blog. He is the product manager for this product and writes about lots of new things in the product. I visit his blog regularly.

Flushing Single Cursor

Earlier today, I was answering a question where someone proposed as a possible solution the idea of flushing the Shared Pool to solve a problem with one SQL statement. I find this to be bad advice. As I stated in my reply, why kill all end user’s performance to solve one guy’s problem? My answer was that if we needed to remove that SQL statement from the Shared Pool, let’s flush the cursor. This ability has been around since Oracle 10g. And Oracle employee blogged the details here:

Setting up Incident Solution Groups in EM12c

When allowing access to EM12c to multiple teams, each of these teams will have its own responsibility for specific Targets in the Datacentre.

In this article I describe the approach to setup Solution Groups in EM12c.

EM12c Database Time Spent Waiting alerts

I have an Oracle EM12c environment (version set up to monitor my production databases. On one database, I occasionally get an alert for the ‘Database Time Spent Waiting (%)’ category. Yet I have disabled this metric in EM.
I found out that this metric is a server-side alert. Disabling in the OMS does not stop the metric from being collected by the agent on the server side. The part that I don’t understand is that if I have disabled the metric in the OMS, even if the agent informs the OMS of the problem, shouldn’t the OMS ignore it? Why do I still get the alert?

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