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Enterprise Manager Agent Deployment gets better on Windows

Dear Readers,
In Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4, released in June 2014, agent deployment on Windows just got better.

Database Cloud gets better in Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4

There are a number of great improvements to the Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) capability in Enterprise Manager 12c Release 4.
As a recap, in earlie

Now on Twitter

I now have a professional Twitter account. I can be followed on @BPeaslandDBA

Need for a Target Property CMDB?

Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c provides us with means to take total control of our Security, Monitoring and Incident Management models. Using Administration and Dynamic Groups, Roles and Administrator controlled ‘Solution Groups’ we are able to route Incidents based on our organization structure.
Therefor we are more and more relying on Target Properties like: Lifecycle Phase, Line Of Business, Department etc. When monitoring thousands of Targets, management of these Properties is a huge challenge.

Oracle Released

Oracle just released the patchset approximately thirteen months after was made available. There are a few new features with this release that can be seen here.

Improved topology browser

Going through the recently released EM12c version, you can’t miss several improvements…
Let’s take a look at the topology browser after selecting a composed target like a Generic Service, EM Console Service is this example:

New Parameters in

I am working towards upgrading databases from to This should go smoothly, right? Well after I upgraded a development database, I got a call about a slow performing query. In all of the databases, the query runs in about 50 seconds. In the databases, the query runs in 4 minutes. The execution plans are different even though the table/index stats are identical. So this is a version-related problem. One of the things I did was to check the parameters between the different versions.

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