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Getting to Know EMDIAG – repvfy diag all

If you’ve worked with me, or called me about a problem with your Enterprise Manager, or even attended any of my sessions, you’ve probably heard me talk about EMDIAG.   One of the most popular components of EMDIAG is the Repvfy tool. This is basically a series of scripts and queries that will provide data from the repository to help diagnose configuration and data issues.

Who is using my swap space?

Most of the time, I post entries in this blog to share knowledge with others. Sometimes, I post an entry so that in the future, I can quickly find an answer to something I know I forgot. This is one of those times. If other’s find this useful, great!

TNS-12519 w/o Max Processes Reached

I got a call from someone that they were getting TNS-12519 errors in their application. Sure enough, those messages were in the listener.log file as well. Hybrid Cloud Cloning

Just came across an interesting article on Hybrid Cloud Cloning, using EM12c latest… Hybrid Cloud Cloning
It is written by Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman, a wellknown speaker at many Oracle events. I am pretty sure you find this post and her blog worthwhile to read.

How to Document Upload Destinations

We’re in the process of implementing a load balancing server for our OMS cluster.  The migration itself consists of changing the REPOSITORY_URL and emdWalletSrcUrl addresses inside the $ORACLE_HOME/agent_inst/sysman/config/ file and then resecuring the agent — on each host in our environment.
How do I know when I’ve changed the upload destination on every host?  I need a scorecard.

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