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Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) and Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center resources, news, and support articles.

Oracle RAC Performance Tuning

I am proud to announce that my book is now available for purchase! Please order Oracle RAC Performance Tuning today!–Focus/dp/0986119415/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1423756491&sr=8-2&keywords=peasland
Writing this book was a great experience for me and I hope the readers get value out of it.

Resolving Conflicts While Patching the EM Agent

Unless you’re in a cave asleep, you’ve seen the recent Oracle PSUs and patches that were released in January.  This has many of my customers patching their agents, and a few have noticed a problem with some previously applied patches.  Thanks to Brian for pointing this out!

A new blog post on using Snap Clone on EMC storage with ASM

Just a quick note here to say I’ve added a new blog post to the official Enterprise Manager blog site. You can find it here.

Enterprise Manager Presentations at RMOUG Training Days 2015

RMOUG Training Days – Feb 17-19 (Denver)
This is a great regional Oracle User’s Group conference with some of the best speakers you’ll find on multiple subjects!  Something enticing about being in freezing cold temperatures during ski season I think?  My colleague Kellyn Pot’vin-Gorman does a great job promoting it and making sure people get a great educational experience.

Sample Schemas on GitHub

Oracle’s sample schemas are an extra download. For Oracle 12c, the sample schemas are in file 7 of 8 of the downloads. So if you want the sample schemas, you have to go to OTN or Metalink for the patchset version and download the file.
Someone also posted the sample schemas on GitHub here:

SQLT and Partitioning

I was made aware of this today: Note 1951018.1 SQLT Utility and Partitioning Tables
The person who pointed this out was afraid that they would be violating licensing if they used SQLT, which would create partitioned tables. If you read the note carefully, SQLT will only create partitioned tables if you have Partitioning installed and enabled. If you aren’t licensed, why is this installed? Installing an unlicensed option is a very easy way to have someone accidentally use it and get yourself caught in an audit.

Enterprise Manager Patching FAQ

Every time a new plug-in, patch or PSU comes out for Enterprise Manager, I get a series of questions.   I’m going to quickly address a few of the ones I’ve gotten this month with the release of the new plug-ins and the PSU patches to try and help you in updating your EM site. I wrote a detailed blog EM Patching 101 about the various patches, and that’s still relevant so read if you haven’t (or read it again)!

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