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How to Remove an Exadata Server from OEM

Just like everything else in Enterprise Manager, an Exadata is a target and all of its components are targets.  All of these pieces can be removed through the 12c console.
Select Exadata from the bottom of the main Targets drop-down to display a list of Database Machines in your environment.  Highlight the row containing the subject machine and press the Big Red X to take you into the detail page.

Porting Installation Files to Different tmp Directory

If a full /tmp directory is blocking you from running an installer script, try this:

Memory Pressure Analysis Risk State

I have a Test database that is a 2-node RAC system. I am working towards the goal of getting the production database to Oracle in about a month’s timeframe. This of course means that I have to get Grid Infrastructure upgraded prior to the db upgrade. I have upgraded GI on my standby cluster and on my Test database as well. The primary GI upgrade is scheduled for this evening.
Ever since I upgraded GI in Test a few weeks ago, I’ve been getting alerts from EM12c similar to the following:

Consolidation Planning

More and more companies are consolidating environments.  Server sprawl has a high cost to any business and finding ways to consolidate to more powerful servers or to the cloud is a productive undertaking for any company.
The Consolidation planner in Enterprise Manager has been around for quite some time, but many still don’t utilize this great feature.
Read about this feature on the DBA Kevlar from Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman

Remember RAC Instances in Perf Tools

I was using Lighty to examine performance of a new Oracle RAC database that went into service today. You can see something similar in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control if you choose. Anyway, here is the performance graph of the RAC database in question.


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