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Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) and Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center resources, news, and support articles.

Clean Up Your Old OEM Blackouts

All those limited duration or one-time blackouts need to be manually cleaned after they end or are stopped.  This combination of database query and EM CLI command does the job quickly and easily.

EM Express versus EM Cloud Control

Recently I was asked the question “What is the real difference between EM Cloud Control [NOTE: I’ll refer to this as EM12c through the rest of this post] and EM Database Express in 12c?” It was (for me) a pretty easy question to answer, but I wanted to provide the questioner with a link to the place in the Enterprise Manager documentation where it covers that in detail. Somewhat to my surprise, I wasn’t able to find such a link – well, not quickly anyway.

SQL Monitoring in SQL Developer

In my last article for SearchOracle (referenced in my last post to this blog) I showed an example of how I quickly got to the root cause of a poor performing query using SQL Monitoring in Enterprise Manager.

Installing Enterprise Manager 12c For Testing

A question I get asked fairly often when I’m at conferences, either during the Q&A for my sessions or in general chit chat (a.k.a. networking) afterwards is “I want to play around with the features in Enterprise Manager 12c but don’t want to do that in our Production environment. How do I go about installing a copy of Enterprise Manager 12c somewhere else in the easiest way as a test environment?” The answer to that is pretty straightforward.

Proper Tools Make Tuning Fast Work

I am starting to write articles for publishing on I have been loosely affiliated with them since 2001, mostly in their Ask The Experts section. My first article is on the benefits that tools can play in making your tuning life much easier. This article is posted here:


I’m working on getting my companies databases upgraded to Oracle before our databases lose free Extended Support in Jan 2016. One of the “gotchas” for us is that the SEC_CASE_SENSITIVE_LOGON parameter is deprecated in 12c. It’s still there, but who knows for how long.

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