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More fun with dates

Thanks to Scott Wesley for this story

Last week I had a post reminding us to consider the time component of our date data types.

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Here I'm just listing some fun with dates, either from single row sql expressions or cool little queries.

sysdate today
,trunc(sysdate) midnight_today
,trunc(sysdate)+1/86400 one_second
,trunc(sysdate)+2/24 two_hours
,trunc(sysdate)+30/60/24 thirty_minutes
,trunc(sysdate) + interval '2:30' hour to minute two_hour_thirty
,trunc(sysdate,'mm') start_of_month
,trunc(sysdate,'yy') start_of_year
,trunc(sysdate,'yy')+6 financial_year
,extract(year from sysdate) year_as_number
,to_char(sysdate,'yyyy') year_as_varchar2
,(sysdate - add_months(sysdate,6)) year to month interval_months
,(Sysdate-(sysdate+2+30/60/24)) day(9) to second interval_daysec

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