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A Tale of Two Conferences — Midwest PHP and Kansas Linuxfest

MySQL and I were proud to present talks at two recent events — Midwest PHP and Kansas Linuxfest — and it made me realize how vital the smaller shows are to the Opensource Community at large and MySQL in particular. I go to many larger shows like SCaLE where thousands attend.

Loops in shell scripting

If you are die hard Bourne Shell (/bin/sh) scripter, it can be a challenge not to be enticed by the syntax niceties of the Born Again Borne Shell (/bin/bash).

One example is the {..} syntax

for I in {0..5}
   echo $I

This syntax is not valid in /bin/sh on Linux.

for I in {0..5}
   echo $I

NOTE: However apparently it does work in Mac OS X, which is derived from BSD, not Linux.

Choosing a good sharding key in MongoDB (and MySQL)

MongoDB 3.0 was recently released. Instead of focusing on what’s new – that is so easy to find, let’s rather talk about something that has not changed a lot since the early MongoDB days. This topic is sharding and most specifically: how to choose a good sharding key. Note that most of the discussion will also apply to MySQL, so if you are more interested in sharding than in MongoDB, it could still be worth reading.When do you want to shard?In general sharding is recommended with MongoDB as soon as any of these conditions is met:

Getting started guide for OpenStack contributors

So you want to contribute to OpenStack? I can help!

Understanding when EXPLAIN is not using an index as intended

When reading a MySQL Query Execution Plan (QEP) produced by the EXPLAIN command, generally one of the first observations is to validate an index is being used per table (i.e. per row of output). In MySQL, this is observed with the key column.

In the following two simple single table examples we see the use of the PRIMARY key. To the untrained eye this may lead to assume that the right index is being used.

MySQL QA Episode 1: Bash/GNU Tools & Linux Upskill & Scripting Fun

MySQL QA Episode #1: Bash/GNU Tools & Linux Upskill & Scripting FunThis episode consists of 13 parts, and an introduction. See videos belowIn HD quality (set your player to 720p!)Introduction

Free MySQL QA & Bash/Linux Training Series

Welcome to the MySQL QA Training Series!

MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3.4 Released

MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3.4 is now available to download from My Oracle Support and from the Oracle Software D

Deep dive into MySQL’s innochecksum tool

One of our Percona Support customers recently reported that Percona XtraBackup failed with a page corr

Q&A: Multi-threaded Replication in MySQL 5.6 and MySQL 5.7

My webinar “Multi-threaded Replication in MySQL 5.6 and 5.7″ on February 25 generated several excellent questions following the presentation (available here for playback along with the slides). I didn’t have time to answer many of the questions during the session and so in this post I answer all of them. Thanks to everyone who attended!

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