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Testing backup locks during Xtrabackup SST on Percona XtraDB Cluster

Background on Backup LocksI was very excited to see Backup locks support in release notes for the latest Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.6.21 release. For those who are not aware, backup locks offer an alternative to FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK (FTWRL) in Xtrabackup.

Store UUID in an optimized way

A few years ago Peter Zaitsev, in a post titled “To UUID or not to UUID,” wrote: There is timestamp based part in UUID which has similar properties to auto_increment and which could be used to have values generated at same point in time physically local in BTREE index.”For this post I’ve rearranged the timestamp part of UUID (Universal Unique Identifier) and did some benchmarks.

Making HAProxy 1.5 replication lag aware in MySQL

HAProxy is frequently used as a software load balancer in the MySQL world. Peter Boros, in a past post, explained how to set it up with Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) so that it only sends queries to available nodes. The same approach can be used in a regular master-slaves setup to spread the read load across multiple slaves. However with MySQL replication, another factor comes into play: replication lag.

MySQL 5.7 on a new Laptop

MySQL 5.7.5-m15 shoud be an easy install on a new laptop but I got bit! My faitful ol’ laptop has been put to pasture and I am busy getting a new laptop loaded with all the items I need for my job. I set up my Ubuntu 14.04 software and started adding all the usual suspects. That means Ubuntu providing MySQL 5.5 but I wanted 5.7. So I added the package to access the MySQL apt-get repository (see A Quick Guide to Using the MySQL APT Repository.

InnoDB’s multi-versioning handling can be Achilles’ heel

I believe InnoDB storage engine architecture is great for a lot of online workloads, however, there are no silver bullets in technology and all design choices have their trade offs. In this blog post I’m going to talk about one important InnoDB limitation that you should consider.

DFW Unix User Group – MySQL Workbench January 8th

MySQL Workbench will be the subject of the January 8th presentation of the DFW Unix User Group. Pizza before the meeting at the IBM Innovation Center at 1177 South Beltline Road, in Coppell, just south of the Airline Drive traffic light, and just west of North Lake.

OpenStack Live tutorials & sessions to bring OpenStack users up to speed

I attended the OpenStack Paris summit last month (Percona had a booth there). It was my first opportunity to meet face-to-face with this thriving community of developers and users. I’m proud that Percona is part of this open source family and look forward to reconnecting with many of the developers and users I met in Paris – as well as meeting new faces – at OpenStack Live in Silicon Valley April 13-14.

MySQL Tutorials: A time to learn at Percona Live 2015

The many hours of intensive tutorials, led by some of the top minds in MySQL, have always been a major draw each year to the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo. And 2015’s event will be no exception.

SYS Schema Second Steps

The SYS Schema is a valuable set of tools for any MySQL DBA and last entry covered in the installation and first, tentative steps. You also should peruse Mark Leith’s presentation from the recent MySQL Central @ Oracle Open World. There is a lot in the SYS Schema and this blog entry is a look what has been so nicely gift wrapped at a cursory level. I hope to explore further and in greater detail but right now is still exploration at a simple level.

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