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News Flash: SQL Injection Still a Problem

The threat of SQL injection has appeared prominently in the news recently:

New security fixes for MySQL reported

6 new security fixes for Oracle MySQL have been detailed in the most current Oracle Critical Patch Update (CPU).

These are:

MySQL error handling on server side: a NO GO!

There is no reasonable way to catch and diagnose errors on server side. It is nearly impossible to know exactly what went wrong.

To illustrate, consider the following query:

INSERT INTO my_table (my_column) VALUES (300);

What could go wrong with this query?

Free MySQL webinar: zero-downtime schema changes

If you haven’t checked into pt-online-schema-change yet, now’s a great time to sign up for my free webinar Thursday, July 19, 3-4 PM EDT. I’ll explain and demonstrate the tool, and walk you through everything you need to decide whether it’s right for you.

If you haven’t even heard about pt-online-schema-change yet, the short version is it lets you alter tables in MySQL with practically no downtime at all.

Encrypting your MySQL backups and more

Assuming you have a backup and recovery strategy in place, how secure is your data? Does a hacker need to obtain access to your production system bypassing all the appropriate security protection you have in place, or just the unencrypted data on the backup server?

OSCON MySQL BOF — please note changed day & time

Come joins us at a Birds of a Feather Session at OSCON

What compression do you use?

The following is an evaluation of various compression utilities that I tested when reviewing the various options for MySQL backup strategies. The overall winner in performance was pigz, a parallel implementation of gzip. If you use gzip today as most organizations do, this one change will improve your backup compression times.

Details of the test:

Recent Presentations Buenos Aires MySQL/NoSQL/Cloud Conference

The first annual Latin America MySQL/NoSQL/Cloud Conference was held in Buenos Aires Argentina from June 26-28. Kudos to Santiago Lertora from Binlogic who had the vision for the conference in his country and made it happen. I look forward to the second annual event.

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