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Percona is Speaking At Open Source Data Center Conference in Nuremberg, Germany

Percona has 2 talks lined up at OSDC in Nuremberg, Germany:
- Taking hot backups with XtraBackup by Alexey Kopytov
- Expert Troubleshooting: Resolving MySQL Problems Quickly  by Kenny Gryp

Feel free to come and say Hi!

Percona MySQL Training Schedule for May, June, & July

Over the coming three months, Percona will be holding our highly acclaimed MySQL courses in the following cities:

I want a mysqldump –ignore-database option

While working with RDS and Google Cloud SQL I have come to realize that excluding the mysql schema from a mysqldump is important. However with many databases, the –all-databases option enables you only to select all or none. There is however an easy solution to exclude one or more databases in mysqldump with this little gem I created.

When is a database schema not a database schema?

mysql> show schemas;
| Database           |
| information_schema |
| innodb             |
| mysql              |
| performance_schema |
4 rows in set (0.00 sec)
mysql> drop schema innodb;
ERROR 1010 (HY000): Error dropping database (can't rmdir './innodb/', errno: 17)

This is an additional schema that is included in an AWS RDS installation. You should not put directories in the MySQL data directory.

Percona Toolkit gripes welcome

What are your pet peeves about the tools? I have a lot. For example, pt-table-sync doesn’t let me do things I want it to do sometimes (and I know it could be made to do them). Another example: pt-query-digest’s tcpdump parser doesn’t pay attention to TCP sequence numbers, so sometimes it invents a really long-running query where there isn’t one. Post your gripes, big and small, in the comments!

Version 1.0 of Percona Monitoring Plugins Released

I’m happy to announce that version 1.0 of Percona Monitoring Plugins is now available. The Percona Monitoring Plugins are high-quality plugins, templates, and add-ons for Nagios and Cacti, so you can add world-class MySQL monitoring to your existing enterprise open-source monitoring products.

Percona Live MySQL Conference & Expo Was A Great Event

Thanks to all of our sponsors, speakers, speaker selection committee, event staff, and especially the attendees for making last week’s conference a resounding success. With over a thousand people, the event made a good comeback after last year’s event, but more importantly, the mood was strongly optimistic. I think a lot of people arrived with some uncertainty about how it would turn out, but the doubts didn’t last long, and after a few hours I believe everyone felt the energy and enthusiasm.

Testing Percona Replication Manager (prm) with Vagrant

If you have recently attended some Percona Live events or if you have checked some slides from Yves Trudeau, you may have heard about Percona Replication Manager (PRM), a new high availability tool for MySQL.

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