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Speaking at HighLoad conference, Moscow, Russia, Training and Hiring

I’m going to be speaking on Highload++ conference October 3,4 in Moscow, Russia. This is a great conference which gathers amazing quality of speakers from Russia and around the world and I usually learn a lot and enjoy talking to a lot of great people on this event.

This week’s TGIF Percona Live ticket giveaway

It’s Friday again (already?) and as usual, we have a free ticket for Percona Live London. This time Tokutek is doing the honors of running the contest and selecting the winner. Instructions for entering the contest are on their blog, at the top of my recent guest post about covering indexes.

Book Review – Help! by Oliver Burkeman

href="" target="_blank"> class="size-full wp-image-1566 alignleft" title="helpjacket-191x300" src="" alt="Help! by Oliver Burkeman" width="191" height="300" />

iHeavy Newsletter 84 – Restaurant Scalability

href=""> class="alignleft size-full wp-image-1534" title="Photo by Paul Balchin" src="" alt="restaurant scalability" width="240" height="240" />Restaurant Scalability

Could pro-waitering serve up some lessons on web scalability? Observing peak hour dining at a New York restaurant gave us some insight.

Intel 320 SSD write performance – contd.

I wrote about Intel 320 SSD write performance before, but I was not satisfied with these results.

Visualizing reqstat

The reqstat tool was written to provide a vmstat like output of total web requests happening in real time. This really lightweight monitoring leverages memcached and has a trivial impact for immediate benefit.

MySQL For Oracle DBAs or Speaking MySQL for Beginners

I will be presenting at Oracle Open World but my presentation is not designed for a MySQL Audience. MySQL for Oracle DBAs or Speaking MySQL for Beginners will help Oracle DBAs embrace MySQL. Many Oracle shops also have MySQL and 11G or RAC DBAs can easily add MySQL skills to their existing set but can benefit from some gentle nudges in the right direction to get them started.

Visualizing crowd sourcing data

At the closing keynote of the recent Strata Summit in New York, O’Reilly Media founder Tim O’Reilly showed a representation of crowd sourced data on Wikipedia of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, showing a befo

Three wishes for a new year

It's another new year by Jewish calendar. And what do I wish for in the following year? hacked?

As per was hacked and quote “infecting visitors with malware” .. true or false? …

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