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Modern platforms: flash, disk, log-structured, update-in-place

Someone who knows a lot about storage asked me whether we can spend IOPS to improve compression.

When deploying a pure-flash server I want a database engine that optimizes for compression as more compression means less flash must be purchased. The engine can do extra IOPS in search of more compression. Column-wise storage is an example of a feature that can improve compression at the cost of extra disk reads.

Percona is hiring

Thinking about a new career? Percona is hiring for a variety of positions. Sales, server engineering, training, consulting, support, and occasionally other things too. It’s a great place to work. I’m totally biased, but it’s still a great place to work. Further Reading:Want to hack Maatkit and Aspersa? We’re hiring Percona wants to hire a [...]

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MariaDB 5.3 is released as GA!

Congratulations to Monty Program and the many community contributors for releasing the GA version of MariaDB 5.3. We were in our annual all-staff meeting last week, so we are a little slow to blog about this and acknowledge the great work that has gone into MariaDB. Better late than never, I hope.

MySQL can ignore --relay-log-space-limit

Do you have replication slaves that ignore --relay-log-space-limit? This bug has been open for a while on the bug system that isn't I was forced to fix it myself to avert a mutiny. I am amused that the variable named ignore_log_space_limit is part of the problem.

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