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Announcing Percona Server 5.5.24-26.0

Percona is glad to announce the release of Percona Server 5.5.24-26.0 on June 1st, 2012 (Downloads are available here and from the Percona Software Repositories).

MySQL Cluster running on Raspberry Pi

MySQL Cluster running on Raspberry Pi

A case for MariaDB’s Hash Joins

MariaDB 5.3/5.5 has introduced a new join type “Hash Joins” which is an implementation of a Classic Block-based Hash Join Algorithm. In this post we will see what the Hash Join is, how it works and for what types of queries would it be the right choice. I will show the results of executing benchmarks for different queries and explain the results so that you have a better understanding of when using the Hash Join will be best and when not. Although Hash Joins are available since MariaDB 5.3, but I will be running my benchmarks on the newer MariaDB 5.5.


The South East Linux Fest is next week in Charlotte, North Carolina and will feature a MySQL day on Friday with two FULL tracks.

MySQL Tracks for SELF

Data compression in InnoDB for text and blob fields

Have you wanted to compress only certain types of columns in a table while leaving other columns uncompressed? While working on a customer case this week I saw an interesting problem where a table had many heavily utilized TEXT fields with some read queries exceeding 500MB (!!), and stored in a 100GB table. In this case we were not allowed to make any query or application logic changes so we chose to implement the Barracuda file format and utilize compressed rows as this appealed to me for this mostly-read application.

Percona at SELF

There is a great conference – SELF (South East Linux Fest) taking place in June 8-9 in Charlotte,NC
This conference has a great lineup for MySQL with 2 tracks on Friday dedicated to it. There are many great speakers both from Oracle and community on the list.
From Percona I will speak about Optimizing MySQL Configuration and Baron will talk about Forecasting MySQL Scalability from TCP Traffic.
See you there !

MySQL Innovation Day — live or webcast

MySQL Innovation Day is June 5th and you should attend in you are in the vicinity of Redwood Shores, California. But if you are not in the area, you can catch the live webcast. By the way, did I mention this is all free!

9:00 a.m. Welcome and Introduction
9:10 a.m. Keynote: What’s New and Cool in MySQL
9:40 a.m.

Lightning Talks

Better Availability with InnoDB Online Operations

Getting rid of huge ibdata file, no dump required, part II

This post continues Getting rid of huge ibdata file, no dump required, part I, where I describe way of converting your single-tablespace InnoDB database into a file-per-table one, without the pain of exporting and importing everything at once.

In previous part we put aside the issue of foreign keys. We address this issue now.

Why I’m not an ACM member

I took a course on engineering ethics as part of my degree in computer science, and decided that it was very important for me to formally ascribe to a recognized code of conduct. This is not just a principle, but also an important legal matter in today’s litigious atmosphere. Court cases have literally been defended by engineers pointing to a code of ethics as their guidelines for actions and decisions.

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