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Logging Deadlock errors

The principal source of information for InnoDB diagnostics is the output of SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS but there are some sections that are not very useful. For example, LATEST DETECTED DEADLOCK only shows, as the name implies, the latest error detected. If you have 100 deadlocks per minute you will be able to see only the latest one and that is not very helpful when you are debugging your application code.

The Math of Automated Failover

There are number of people recently blogging about MySQL automated failover, based on production incident which GitHub disclosed.

My first sharded MySQL application, 5 years later

High Performance MySQL has a long discussion on “sharding,” examining many options and their benefits and drawbacks. What does sharding look like in the real world?

Dump and reload InnoDB buffer pool in MySQL 5.6

After Gavin Towey’s recent blog post about Percona Server’s buffer pool dump locking the server for the duration of the operation, I thought I should re-examine MySQL 5.6′s implementation of a similar feature. When InnoDB engineers first announced the feature, I didn’t think it was complete enough to serve a DBA’s needs fully.

Record performance with PCIe Micron RealSSD™ P320h

I have a chance to test Micron RealSSD™ P320h. Initially I was expecting a good performance, but you know, how big could be a difference with other products on market? PCIe SSD market is getting crowded, and every company is trying to show the best performance. And at the end, there is a single PCIe slot, single controller, we are probably about to reach limits of these components.
However I was really surprised to see performance numbers with Micron P320h.

Is automated failover the root of all evil?

Github’s recent post-mortem is well worth reading. They had a series of interrelated failures that caused their MySQL servers to become unavailable. The money quote:

Three wishes for a new year

Another new year by Jewish calendar. What do I wish for the following year?

How to free 15GB of disk space in a tenth of a second

One of the MySQL servers I help manage was encountering some problems with a full data directory. It was a bit mysterious, because we couldn’t find any files to account for the increased usage. Here are some things we checked:

Announcing Percona Playback 0.4 (now with packages!)

We are glad to announce the availability of Percona Playback 0.4, the first release where we’ve released binary packages alongside our source release.

Binary packages for RHEL/CentOS 6 are available with Debian/Ubuntu packages soon to come (we are ensuring our dependencies are correct before publishing). Packages and source may be downloaded from here and are available in our EXPERIMENTAL repositories.

Announcing Percona Server 5.6.6-60.1 Alpha

Percona is glad to announce the ALPHA release of Percona Server 5.6.6-60.1 on August 27, 2012 (Downloads are available here and from the EXPERIMENTAL Percona Software Repositories, although currently only for RHEL/CentOS as we are working on ensuring compatibility with our Debian/Ubuntu packages).

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