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Oracle MySQL resources, news, and support articles.

Recovery after DROP & CREATE

In a very popular data loss scenario a table is dropped and empty one is created with the same name. This is because  mysqldump in many cases generates the “DROP TABLE” instruction before the “CREATE TABLE”:

MySQL 5.6 replication gotchas (and bugs)

There has been a lot of talk about MySQL 5.6 replication improvements. With few exceptions, what I have seen was either marketing messages or hearsay. This means that few people have really tried out the new features to see whether they meet the users needs.

As usual, I did try the new version in my environment. I like to form my own opinion based on experiments, and so I have been trying out these features since they have appeared in early milestones.

MySQL Utilities mysqldbcopy

The MySQL Utilities that come with Workbench can make short work of some important tasks. Back before MySQL 4, I used to have to regualrly create a copy of a production database by using a script that used mysqldump to save the database, create the new database, and feed in the data from the dump. It was not pretty but it worked reasonable well. But I longed for a more universal, one step process to do this work. And now we have mysqldbcopy.

Webinar for Full Text Search Throwdown

Tomorrow, August 22 at 10:00am PDT, I’ll present a webinar called Full Text Search Throwdown.  This is a no-nonsense performance comparison of solutions for full text indexing for MySQL applications, including:

  • LIKE predicates and regular expressions
  • MyISAM FULLTEXT indexes
  • InnoDB FULLTEXT indexes
  • Apache Solr
  • Sphinx Search
  • Trigraphs

I’ll compare the performance for building indexes and querying indexes.

A summary of changes in MySQL 5.6

I decided to take another look at MySQL 5.6, and realized that I’ve forgotten how many changes this version will have. Each milestone has many improvements, and there have been many milestones, so my memory of the older ones grows hazy.

The Fine Manual has the details, but here is my attempt at a quick (and probably incomplete and inaccurate) summary.

SQL: selecting top N records per group, another solution

A while back I presented SQL: selecting top N records per group, a "give me the top 5 countries in each continent" type of query, and which used an external numbers table and a lot of tedious casting.

A lightweight MySQL sandbox script

For a long time I’ve been maintaining a set of scripts inspired by Giuseppe Maxia’s MySQL Sandbox, which is a Swiss Army Knife for starting and stopping server instances for jobs such as testing, development, trying out a new version, and so on. My scripts are unpublished, until now. I’ve just kept them in my Dropbox’s bin folder, which I add to my $PATH.

Why won’t MySQL use the best index in a join?

Someone recently asked me why the wrong index was being used for a JOIN, making the query run very slowly. We ran EXPLAIN and saw this abridged output:

Is Oracle really killing MySQL?

There are plenty of "Oracle-is-killing-MySQL" headlines in the tech world:

Is Oracle really consciously and willingly killing MySQL?

I don't think so.

(less) open source

Regression tests for some bugs are not published in new MySQL releases. This was reported by the MariaDB project and Ronald. There are also delays in updating bzr after recent releases, but there have been delays in the past. Questions about what has changed have not been answered, so we are left to guess.

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