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Oracle MySQL resources, news, and support articles.

SQL 101 — Get Your Information in Order

Get Your Information in Order is part one in a series in SQL basics. Finding well written, concise articles on SQL is rare and this one is a gem.

Linuxcon and getting more ‘L’ help for the LAMP stack

Linuxcon was a celebration of twenty years of Linux. I remember colleagues telling me to try the funny little operating system for PCs instead of a BSD variant, their excitement, and making distro ‘floppies’ for . The time has flown, Linux has become a core infrastructure for IT, and many technologies built upon upon Linux has flourished. But could it be better? At least for the database world, things could be better.

Oracle Technology Network Developer Day MySQL – Washington

Oracle Technology Network Developer Day MySQL – Washington will be held Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at the Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel (999 Ninth Street NW Washington, DC 20001). And it is FREE!

Innovation Nation Shakes IT Up

Boy, the conference planners here must have some pull in high places, because they got a 5.9 earthquake to help them with their “Shake IT Up” slogan for Innovation Nation and GOSCON. I was in the upstairs conference hall, and it was pretty dramatic. I’ve never seen/felt/experienced anything quite like that before. All the walls were twisting and shimmying in different directions, and fixtures fell out of the ceiling. Just little ones — but I decided not to rush to the exit, as I was in a huge room and others were already rushing.

5 Scalability Pitfalls to Avoid

href=""> class="alignleft size-full wp-image-1399" title="scalability pitfalls" src="" alt="" width="260" height="220" />1. Object Relational Mappers

A clarification on mk-slave-prefetch

It seems to be a popular misconception that mk-slave-prefetch is designed to keep a MySQL replica server “warm” and ready to serve production traffic in case the master is demoted or fails. This is not what mk-slave-prefetch does. It’s related, and easy to confuse, but its purpose is different.

4 Considerations Migrating to The Cloud

When migrating to the cloud consider security and resource variability, the cultural shift for operations and the new cost model.

1. Costs Move to Operating Expenses

When computing resources move from hardware, components and infrastructure that you buy and own, to those you rent by the hour, they also change places on your balance sheet.  They move from being capital expenses that depreciate over time to operating expenses.

Win a free ticket to Percona Live London!

Win a free ticket to Percona Live London on October 24-25!  Watch
@percona on Twitter, and retweet our TGIF contest tweet to enter.
We’ll pick a random retweet and give away a free ticket each week.  If

Percona Live from a community insider’s perspective

I am writing this on my blog because I want to take the Percona hat off (partially) and wear my community hat a bit. My loyalty was to the MySQL community long before I was involved with Percona.

There are now three Percona Live events for which we have signed venue contracts and begun plans: London in October, Washington DC in January, and Santa Clara in April. I have insider knowledge of what’s going on with planning all three events, and I’m proud and happy that I have a community-member seat at the table.

Review – Who Moved My Cheese

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Spencer Johnson is a great writer.  His business book classic was a real page turner.  He takes a page from the REWORK book and that's a good thing.

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