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Oracle MySQL resources, news, and support articles.

Big Data miss from the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal’s Heard on the Street column this morning was oddly titled Oracle’s Little Issue With Big Data. The point of the article is that data is exploding but the WSJ does not see how Oracle is going to take advantage of that explosion. But I found it odd that WSJ has missed the point!

Percona welcomes Drizzle 7.1

The Drizzle team has published the first Drizzle 7.1 stable release. The announcement on the Drizzle blog covers some of the major improvements in this release over the previous stable release, Drizzle 7.0. I plan to write a variety of blog posts on each of the new features over the coming weeks. Major features include:

Percona Announces New Relic Partnership

I’m delighted to announce a partnership with New Relic. The press release has the details (all new Gold and Platinum support contracts get free New Relic subscriptions) but I wanted to add some of the behind-the-scenes context.

Automated, integrated sharding — the new killer database feature

MySQL became wildly successful in part because it had built-in, simple replication. Sure, it had lots of interesting failure scenarios and was not great at first — it is much better these days — but it was nevertheless successful because there was a single, out-of-the-box, not-very-complex way to do replication. I have opined many times before that this was one of the killer features missing from PostgreSQL. I think that can large explain why MySQL became more popular more quickly.

How We Got Here

We have spent months planning and preparing for the MySQL conference that begins tomorrow. It seems appropriate to reflect on this process, where the open source and business communities are now, and what we have planned for the future.

Use Java with MySQL?

If you have a Java-based product and are, or are thinking of, using MySQL as an embedded database, this webinar is for you. This is a great webinar for OEM/Embedded customers/prospects (particularly, if they develop in Java)!

Indiana Linux Fest, Colaborate 12 and a Moodle Moot

I will be at the Indiana Linux Fest this weekend, presenting the Care and Feeding of a MySQL Database for Linux Administrators on Saturday just before lunch. Later this month I will be in Las Vegas for Collaborate 12 to present MySQL for Oracle DBAs or How to Speak MySQL for beginners on April 25th at 12:15.

Sessions I want to see at MySQL conference 2012

In case you live under a rock, the MySQL conference starts on Tuesday. There are 8 concurrent tracks of content. Aside from my own talks, here are the sessions I would most like to see.

On Tuesday:

common_schema talk at Percona Live

Are you attending PerconaLive?

Allow me to suggest you attend the Common Schema: a framework for MySQL server administration session on April 12, 14:00 - 14:50 @ Ballroom F.

This talk is by none other than Roland Bouman. Roland co-authored parts of common_schema, and is a great speaker.

High Availability Deep Dive tutorial at PLMCE

(a slightly modify rebroadcast of Florian’s post)

If you are interested by High availability solution with MySQL, Florian Haas from and myself myself will be co-presenting next Tuesday a tutorial on the topic. It is never too late to register!

For the ones who are already registered, here’s advance information which you will find useful.

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