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Many of us find INFORMATION_SCHEMA painfully slow to work it when it comes to retrieving table meta data. Many people resort to using file system tools instead to
find for example how much space innodb tables are using and things like it. Besides being just slow accessing information_schema can often impact server performance
dramatically. The cause of majority of this slowness is not opening and closing tables, which can be solved with decent table cache size, and which is very fast for

Online MySQL Configuration Wizard from Percona

Merry Christmas! Just in time for the holidays, we have released a new tool to help you configure and manage your MySQL servers. Our online MySQL Configuration Wizard can help you generate a good basic configuration file for a server. This MySQL tuning wizard is our answer to the commonly asked question, “what is a good default configuration file for my server with 16 GB of RAM?”

Optimizing InnoDB for creating 30,000 tables (and nothing else)

Once upon a time, it would have been considered madness to even attempt to create 30,000 tables in InnoDB. That time is now a memory. We have customers with a lot more tables than a mere 30,000. There have historically been no tests for anything near this many tables in the MySQL test suite.

XtraBackup 1.6.4 respin

Very shortly after the XtraBackup 1.6.4 binaries hit the downloads site and repositories, it was found to have a bug where the master information was not properly stored, thus breaking point in time recovery and the ability to start a slave from a backup.

This was caught and fixed really quickly and we’ve re-spun the XtraBackup 1.6.4 binaries to include this fix. Since we include the BZR revision number in the versions, you will see that 1.6.4-314 replaces 1.6.4-313. The gap to get a faulty binary was very small, so not many people should be affected.

Five-Six-Four — Dave and Keith will soon head out the door!

MySQL 5.6.4 & MySQL Cluster 7.2 availbale from http://Labs.MySQL.Com

Binary Log Replayer

When using the replication slave stream, or mysql command line client and mysqlbinlog output from a binary/relay log, all statements are executed in a single thread as quickly as possible.

Percona Testing: Innodb crash / recovery tests available

Not everyone may know this, but there are precious few innodb crash recovery tests available.

Some folks have noticed this and asked for something to be done about it, but unfortunately, no tests have been created for the main MySQL branch.

Oracle "Technologist of the Year: Developer" Award

I am honored to receive Oracle's Technologist of the Year: Developer award, formerly Oracle Magazine Editors’ Choice Awards.

Technologist of the Year Award is given for individuals for their technical achievements with regard to Oracle products.

Percona Toolkit PDF manual now available

Not to be outdone by Vadim’s announcement, I also have one: Percona Toolkit’s manual is now available as PDF (requires registration). You can get it here:

Thanks to Mauricio Stekl, who did all the hard work to create the PDF of the manual — and did it fast, too.

Percona Live MySQL Conference comes to Washington DC

If you are using or considering MySQL, and you’re in the Washington DC area, there’s an excellent MySQL conference coming up on January 11th. I know because I am helping organize it.

The event is Percona Live. It’s the latest installment in our series of regional events, which have been very well received in New York, London, and San Francisco. Take a look at the schedule of talks — this will be a very solid day of learning and networking.

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