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Call for disclosure on MySQL Conference 2012

Percona has announced Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo 2012. Kudos for their vision and entrepreneurship. I have seen comments praising their commitment to the community and their willingness to filling a void. I have to dot a few i's and cross some t's on this matter.

Finding CURRENT_USER for any user

A MySQL account is a user/host combination. A MySQL connection is done by a user connecting from some host.

However, the user/host from which the connection is made are not the same as the user/host as specified in the account. For example, the account may be created thus:

Percona Live London: CFP, Registration, Sponsorships Open

The first two Percona Live MySQL conferences in San Francisco and New York were sold-to-capacity events with the bonus of great evening parties. Percona Live’s huge popularity convinced us to take the conference series on the road to London, England. We also decided to broaden learning, content, networking, presentation and marketing opportunities for attendees and sponsors by extending it to two days!

Cloud for Burst Capacity

One very strong case for cloud computing is that it can satisfy applications with seasonal traffic patterns.  One way to test the advantages of the cloud is through a hybrid approach.

Cloud infrastructure can be built completely through scripts.  You can spinup specific AMIs or machine images, automatically install and update packages, install your credentials, startup services, and you're running.

iHeavy Insights 83 – Shoe Leather Cost

Shoe leather cost is similar to opportunity cost.  It refers to the cost of counteracting inflation by keeping less of your assets in cash.  Your strategy would require more trips to the bank and more walking, and incur a cost in the wearing out of the leather in your shoes.

Preprocessing Data

There are many ways of improving response times for users. There are some people that spend a lot of time, energy and money on trying to have the application respond as fast as possible at the time when the users made the request.

Those people may miss out on an opportunity to do some or all of the processing the application needs to do at a different point in time. In other words, if you preprocess your data ahead of time, you can reduce the time it takes to complete a request.


Allow me to give you three examples of what I mean:

Making mk-table-checksum less intrusive

About a month ago I needed to compare tens of thousands of tables in hundreds of databases between a few different servers. The obvious choice was, mk-table-checksum! The only problem was, that the tool needs to know the minimum and maximum value of the column by which each table is to be subdivided into chunks and checksummed. This select min(col), max(col) from table locks all write operations on the table and on a big table it meant downtime.

Book Review – Rework

class="alignleft size-full wp-image-1714" title="rework-cover-front-big" src="" alt="rework cover" width="144" height="220" />Rework is chock full of ideas

Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson's new book REWORK is one of the best startup business books I've read since Alan Weiss' Million Dollar Consulting. If you're already a fan of their href="">signal vs noise blog, you'd be familiar with their terse style. Sharp and to the point.

8 Questions to ask an AWS Expert

If you're headhunting a cloud computing expert, specifically someone who knows Amazon Web Services (AWS) and EC2, you'll want to have a battery of questions to ask them to assess their knowledge.  As with any technical interview focus on concepts and big picture.  As the href="">37Signals folks like to say "hire for attitude, train for skill".  Absolutely! id="more-1274">

1. Explain Elastic Block Storage?  What type of performance can you expect?  How do you back it up?  How do you improve performance?

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