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Oracle MySQL resources, news, and support articles.

MySQL 5.6 Replication Enhancements – webinar replay

Global Transaction IDs - simplifying replication management

Configuring MySQL For High Number of Connections per Second

One thing I noticed during the observation was that there were roughly 2,000 new connections to MySQL per second during peak times. This is a high number by any account.

Looking for RAID Controller without Battery Learning problems ?

A lot have been written about Battery Learning Cycle problems and its impact to MySQL Performance. Here are couple of links (1,2). It is good to see though there are some controllers coming out which solve this problem, namely Adaptec 5Z series controllers (Z stands for Zero Maintenance).

Optimizer Tracing

A a new tracing capability has been added to the MySQL optimizer with 5.6.3. Optimizer Tracing goes beyond EXPLAIN EXTENDED to show how the optimizer treats queries. The demonstration of this feature at Oracle Open World had several noted DBAs speechless.

The most important MySQL Reference Manual page

In my opinion, The Server Option and Variable Reference at rates as my most important page. This is a consolidated index that enables a drill down to the Server Command Options, System Variables, Startup and replication specifics, as well as important information on default values and differences between versions including point releases.

Help needed with EXPLAIN and EXPLAIN EXTENDED examples

I am working on a presentation for the San Francisco MySQL Users Group on using EXPLAIN and EXPLAIN EXTENDED. But I need some help from the MySQL Community. Do you have any good examples of EXPLAIN EXTENDED providing unexpected results when compared to the original query? Please post your statement and possibly a SHOW CREATE TABLE below or send them to david.stokes AT Oracle.


New Central Virginia MySQL Meetup

I’ve created a Central Virginia MySQL Meetup group for those of you in the area. Our first event will be in a couple of weeks at Meddius’s headquarters. I’d like to meet and get to know more people in this area who use MySQL, so come out and we’ll have a good time together! Oh, and beer. And pizza. Of course.

Last chance for a discount on Percona Live DC!

In just over a week, we’ll be running a Percona Live MySQL conference in the nation’s capital, in a beautiful modern conference facility that has its own Metro rail stop. And for a limited time, you can save 20% with this discount code: PerLiveDC.

If you’re in the DC area and you use MySQL, this is the event you shouldn’t miss. Here’s what you’ll see:

Percona Toolkit 2.0.1 and 1.0.2 released

I’m happy to announce that we’ve released Percona Toolkit 2.0.1, a major new version of our essential DBA toolkit, as well as a minor bugfix update to the old 1.0.x series. You can download it from the project homepage, or install it through our RPM and DEB repositories.

Time to vote for MySQL sessions at FOSDEM

Fosdem 2012 info There is a room dedicated to MySQL at FOSDEM 2012. (Thanks to @lefred for organizing). The CfP has received 37 submissions, but there will be time slots only for 12 to 15 talks. So now it's up to the community.
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