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Linux Journal Readers Choice Award for Best Database — MySQL

MySQL is the 2011 Readers Choice Award for Best Database.

It may not be the most-exciting topic around, but databases make the world go round. MySQL with its dolphin mascot takes first place again this year, with more than twice as many votes as its closest competition, PostgreSQL.

However, I do take issue with the It may not be the most-exciting topic around quip. MySQL is very exciting!

Collaborate 12 — Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

Keith Larson and I will be presenting MySQL for Oracle DBAs or How to Speak MySQL for beginners at Collaborate 12 in April at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas.

Which Linux distribution for a MySQL database server? A specific point of view.

One of the more common questions I get asked is which Linux distribution I would use for a MySQL database server. Bearing the responsibility for someone else’s success means I should advise something that is stable, reliable, easy to manage and has plenty of resources available online. It should also allow running MySQL without too much hassle. Unless there are individual circumstances, it actually makes the decision quite easy.

Announcing Percona Live Washington DC MySQL Conference

If you are close to Washington DC, you should plan to attend our Percona Live event on January 11th at the DC Convention Center. We have three tracks of expert speakers on core MySQL-related topics.

MySQL HA Solutions – webinar replay

If you were unable to attend the live webinar (or you want to go back and listen to it again) then it’s now available to view on-line here.

An opportunity to participate in MySQL research

I’m researching algorithms for automatic fault detection in MySQL (see my previous post for context). I need real-world data samples to test the algorithm. Can you help by sending me a bit of data from your production server?

Announcing PAM authentication plugin for MySQL (early access release)

We are pleased to announce availability of an early access version of Percona’s PAM Authentication plugin for MySQL. This plugin supports MySQL-5.5.x, Percona Server 5.5.x and MariaDB 5.2.x. The PAM Authentication plugin can be used for:

What does MariaDB’s user feedback feature report?

I was curious what information MariaDB’s “phone home” user feedback plugin sends. (It works on more than just MariaDB, by the way.)

It’s easy enough to find out: just load the plugin, then select from the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.FEEDBACK table. This returns a lot of rows that are obviously the status counters and variables, as well as the plugins loaded in the server. A quick exclusion join will eliminate those, and the result on my laptop is this:

Marketing a bug in 3 easy steps

  1. File a request for crash recovery tests and wait a few months
  2. File a request for error injection tests during InnoDB DDL and wait a few months
  3. Lose a table during alter table because untested error handling is incorrect and blog about it

kernel_mutex problem cont. Or triple your throughput

This is to follow up my previous post with kernel_mutex problem.

First, I may have an explanation why the performance degrades to significantly and why innodb_sync_spin_loops may fix it.
Second, if that is correct ( or not, but we can try anyway), than playing with innodb_thread_concurrency also may help. So I ran some benchmarks with innodb_thread_concurrency.

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