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The MySQL init-script mess

I don’t think there is a single good-quality MySQL init script for a Unix-like operating system. On Windows, there is the service facility, and I used to write Windows services. Based on that, I believe Windows has a pretty good claim to better reliability for start/stop services with MySQL.

What’s wrong with the init scripts? Well, let me count the reasons! Wait, I’m out of fingers and toes.

Collaborate — Day 1

The MySQL sessions at Collaborate started strong after an amazing keynote by former astronaut Mark Kelly about working to become a naval aviator, astronaut, and helping his wife — Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords — after an assassination attempt on her life last year.

Joining many tables in MySQL – optimizer_search_depth

Working on customer case today I ran into interesting problem – query joining about 20 tables (thank you ORM by joining all tables connected with foreign keys just in case) which would take 5 seconds even though in the read less than 1000 rows and doing it completely in memory. The plan optimizer picked was very good one, yet you could notice EXPLAIN itself was taking same 5 seconds, which points to problem with optimizer performance. Note though if you have subqueries these might need to be executed during EXPLAIN phase yet making it unusable to check the optimizer performance.

Benchmarks challenges of XtraDB Cluster

We are running internally a lot of benchmarks on our recently announced Percona XtraDB Cluster, and I am going to publish these results soon.
But before that I wanted to mention that proper benchmark of distributed system comes with a lot of challenges.
I am saying that not to complain, but to make sure, if you are going to benchmark XtraDB Cluster yourself, there is a lot of things to take into account.

MySQL Community Team in Vegas April 22nd – 26th

Collaborate is in Las Vegas next and the MySQL Community Team will be there promoting MySQL. Keith Larson and I are presenting two sessions on MySQL for Oracle DBAs or How to Speak MySQL for Beginners. More and more Oracle DBAs are discovering MySQL among their corporate infrastructure and need a little guidance to walk them through some of the differences between Oracle 11g and MySQL. Several years ago, the IOUG said 70% of their members use MySQL and it should be much higher by now.

PLMCE High Availability Deep Dive slides and Document

The slides and accompanying document of the High availability deep dive tutorial have all been uploaded and can be downloaded from the link below:

For the slides, you’ll find a PDF and a pptx version, the gdocs animations works somewhat OK with pptx. Also, the VMs will stay available from a at least few months from here:

Xen and VMWare:

A post-conference tradition

It’s nice that this happened again this year:

The question I ask myself every year is, When am I going to get time to study all of these great blog posts?

Percona is Speaking At Open Source Data Center Conference in Nuremberg, Germany

Percona has 2 talks lined up at OSDC in Nuremberg, Germany:
- Taking hot backups with XtraBackup by Alexey Kopytov
- Expert Troubleshooting: Resolving MySQL Problems Quickly  by Kenny Gryp

Feel free to come and say Hi!

Percona MySQL Training Schedule for May, June, & July

Over the coming three months, Percona will be holding our highly acclaimed MySQL courses in the following cities:

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