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Speaking at "August Penguin 2011"

I will be speaking at August Penguin 2011 (אוגוסט פינגווין), on August 12th in Ramat-Gan, Israel.

August Penguin is the annual meeting of Hamakor society: an Israeli society for Free Software and Open-Source Code (read more here).

Technical debt

Last time I checked there was one test in the MySQL test suite (mtr) that covers one case for crash recovery. Perhaps there is a private test suite. Given that I modify InnoDB and replication code and that I frequently debug crashes at work I wish there were more tests. I added many tests in the Facebook patch for crash recovery to confirm that recovery works for the replication slave, replication master and InnoDB. While doing so I found at least one bug in rpl_transaction_enabled.

7 Ways to Troubleshoot MySQL

MySQL databases are a great workhorse of the internet.  They back tons of modern websites, from blogs and checkout carts, to huge sites like Facebook.  But these technologies don't run themselves.  When you're faced with a system that is slowing down, you'll need the right tools to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem.  MySQL has a huge community following and that means scores of great tools for your toolbox.

1. Use innotop

Percona turns 5 years old

It’s August 1st, 2011, and five years ago on or about this date (who can remember clearly?) Peter Zaitsev and Vadim Tkachenko founded Percona. What’s happened in the last five years?

5 Ways to Avoid EC2 Outages

href=""> class="alignleft size-full wp-image-1416" title="electric symbol 2" src="" alt="" width="221" height="197" />1. Backup outside of the Cloud

Thanks Oracle for the ACE Award

Keith Larson (Oracle’s MySQL Community Manager) nominated me to become an Oracle ACE. Thank you Oracle — it feels very good to receive this award.

Care and Feeding of a MySQL Server for Linux Administrators

I will be presenting Care and Feeding of a MySQL Server for Linux Adminstrators twice in August. The first is August 2nd at the Oracle Office in Frisco, Texas at 4:30 PM (Suite 300 ,7640 Warren Parkway, Frisco, TX). We will have refreshments, door prizes, and a discussion about having a meeting (or two) in the Irving office.

MySQL Consulting – MySQL Services – MySQL Expert

Call or SKYPE us in New York City: +1-212-533-6828

MySQL in the Cloud

3 Ways to Boost Cloud Scalability

href=""> class="alignleft size-full wp-image-1401" title="cloud computing" src="" alt="" width="258" height="212" />Deploying in the Amazon cloud is touted as a great way to achieve high scalability while paying only for the computing power you use. How do you get the best scalability from the technology?

1. Use Auto-scaling

Intel 320 SSD read performance

(this is cross-post from
While PCI-e Flash cards show great performance, I am often asked about alternatives, as price for PCI-e cards is still significant and not acceptable for small companies and startups.

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