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Making mk-table-checksum less intrusive

About a month ago I needed to compare tens of thousands of tables in hundreds of databases between a few different servers. The obvious choice was, mk-table-checksum! The only problem was, that the tool needs to know the minimum and maximum value of the column by which each table is to be subdivided into chunks and checksummed. This select min(col), max(col) from table locks all write operations on the table and on a big table it meant downtime.

Book Review – Rework

class="alignleft size-full wp-image-1714" title="rework-cover-front-big" src="" alt="rework cover" width="144" height="220" />Rework is chock full of ideas

Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson's new book REWORK is one of the best startup business books I've read since Alan Weiss' Million Dollar Consulting. If you're already a fan of their href="">signal vs noise blog, you'd be familiar with their terse style. Sharp and to the point.

8 Questions to ask an AWS Expert

If you're headhunting a cloud computing expert, specifically someone who knows Amazon Web Services (AWS) and EC2, you'll want to have a battery of questions to ask them to assess their knowledge.  As with any technical interview focus on concepts and big picture.  As the href="">37Signals folks like to say "hire for attitude, train for skill".  Absolutely! id="more-1274">

1. Explain Elastic Block Storage?  What type of performance can you expect?  How do you back it up?  How do you improve performance?

MySQL performance on EC2/EBS versus RDS

A while ago I started a series of posts showing benchmark results on Amazon EC2 servers with RAID’ed EBS volumes and MySQL, versus RDS machines. For reasons that won’t add anything to this discussion, I got sidetracked, and then time passed, and I no longer think it’s a good idea to publish those blog posts in the format I was planning. Instead, I want to write an overview of these two approaches to hosting MySQL in the Amazon cloud.

Computer Science students, learn to write!

The single most important skill I learned in university while getting a degree in Computer Science was how to write better.

Everything important you do in your professional life is about communication. The ability to write clearly and concisely, with at least approximately correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, is vital.

The New Commodity Hardware Craze aka Cloud Computing

Does anyone remember 15 years ago when the dot-com boom was just starting?  A lot of companies were running on Sun.  Sun was the best hardware you could buy for the price.  It was reliable and a lot of engineers had experience with the operating system, SunOS a flavor of Unix.

Yet suddenly companies were switching to cheap crappy hardware.  The stuff failed more often, had lower quality control, and cheaper and slower buses.  Despite all of that, cutting edge firms and startups were moving to commodity hardware in droves.  Why was it so? id="more-1261">

MySQl 5.6 early adopters — we need your help!

Using MySQL 5.6? Tell us what you think!

The MySQL Community Team would like to know what you folks using MySQL 5.6 think of the new features. From time to time we would like to quiz you admittedly good looking and brilliant group about how MySQL 5.6 is being evaluated, if it is solving problems that previously existed, and just how well it works for you. We need feedback from you cutting edge explorers to improve the breed. So please reply to this blog or send me a note at David.Stokes AT Oracle.

Speaking at "August Penguin 2011"

I will be speaking at August Penguin 2011 (אוגוסט פינגווין), on August 12th in Ramat-Gan, Israel.

August Penguin is the annual meeting of Hamakor society: an Israeli society for Free Software and Open-Source Code (read more here).

Technical debt

Last time I checked there was one test in the MySQL test suite (mtr) that covers one case for crash recovery. Perhaps there is a private test suite. Given that I modify InnoDB and replication code and that I frequently debug crashes at work I wish there were more tests. I added many tests in the Facebook patch for crash recovery to confirm that recovery works for the replication slave, replication master and InnoDB. While doing so I found at least one bug in rpl_transaction_enabled.

7 Ways to Troubleshoot MySQL

MySQL databases are a great workhorse of the internet.  They back tons of modern websites, from blogs and checkout carts, to huge sites like Facebook.  But these technologies don't run themselves.  When you're faced with a system that is slowing down, you'll need the right tools to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem.  MySQL has a huge community following and that means scores of great tools for your toolbox.

1. Use innotop

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