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Meet Percona Team at OSCON

Yes, We will be at OSCON next week. I will be talking about Optimizing MySQL Configuration and host a BOF on MySQL Sharding Replication and Clustering if you’re interested in any of these technologies please come by and share your story. I would love to see both users and technology vendors working in this field.

MySQL joins: ON vs. USING vs. Theta-style

What is the difference between the following three syntaxes?

SELECT * FROM film JOIN film_actor ON (film.film_id = film_actor.film_id)
SELECT * FROM film JOIN film_actor USING (film_id)
SELECT * FROM film, film_actor WHERE film.film_id = film_actor.film_id

The difference is mostly syntactic sugar, but with a couple interesting notes.

To put names, the first two are called "ANSI-style" while the third is called "Theta-style".

Percona Playback 0.3 development release

I’m glad to announce the third Percona Playback release – another alpha release of a new software package designed to replay database server load. The first two versions were released in April, just in time for my talk at the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo: Replaying Database Load with Percona Playback.

Recent Presentations at Charlotte South East LinuxFest

At the recent South East LinuxFest in June 2012 I gave two MySQL presentations.

Effective MySQL: Backup and Recovery

Effective MySQL: Backup and Recovery by Ronald Bradford

Impact of memory allocators on MySQL performance

MySQL server intensively uses dynamic memory allocation so a good choice of memory allocator is quite important for the proper utilization of CPU/RAM resources. Efficient memory allocator should help to improve scalability, increase throughput and keep memory footprint under the control. In this post I’m going to check impact of several memory allocators on the performance/scalability of MySQL server in the read-only workloads.

MySQL Connect — Come learn from the best

Did you ever wonder how the big companies run things behind the scenes? Come to the MySQL Connect Conference and learn from the best. There are over seventy sessions and the following session are from MySQL customers. And please note the early registration discount window is closing!

Notes on row based replication

MySQL's Row Based Replication (RBR) succeeds (though not replaces) Statement Based Replication (SBR), as of version 5.1.

Anyone who is familiar with replication data drift -- the unexplained growing data difference between master & slave -- might wish to look into row based replication. On multiple servers I'm handling the change to RBR has eliminated (to the best of my findings) replication data drift.

Is 100% uptime really possible?

This post isn’t about NuoDB, although it was prompted by the phrase “100% uptime” that I’ve seen them use a few times. I want to suggest that people think slightly differently about uptime and availability.

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