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Forums.MySQL.Com as a gym for mental exercise

The MySQL Forums seem to be have been around forever. There are groups for announcements, performance, InnoDB, Cluster, Replication, Certification, Events, questions in German, partitioning, and just under a hundred MySQL related subjects in total. Most folks in the MySQLverse seem to regularly lurk in one or more of the forums. There area great source of information and sometimes humor. But are you using the forums to help build your MySQL mental muscle?

STOP: DELETE IGNORE on Tables with Foreign Keys Can Break Replication

DELETE IGNORE suppresses errors and downgrades them as warnings, if you are not aware how IGNORE behaves on tables with FOREIGN KEYs, you could be in for a surprise.

Let’s take a table with data as example, column c1 on table t2 references column c1 on table t1 – both columns have identical set of rows for simplicity.

Collaborate 2012 MySQL Sessions

Collaborate 2012 MySQL Sessions

Please mark you calendars for the MySQL sessions at Collaborate this April in Las Vegas.

More details about SchoonerSQL performance, please!

Schooner has a blog post showing that one node of their product beats 9 nodes of Clustrix’s in throughput. But this reduces everything to a single number, and that’s not everything that matters. If you’ve looked at Vadim’s white paper about Clustrix’s (paid-for) performance evaluation with Percona, you see there is a lot of detail about how consistent the throughput and response time are.

See you in Austin March 6th at Society for Information Technoligy and Teacher Education

I will be in Austin for SITE presenting Teaching Database Concepts with Open Source Software on Wednesday, March 6th. So if you are a teacher attending SITE, please come attend my session. And bring your boots so we can hit 6th Street afterwards!

Verifying backup integrity with CHECK TABLES

An attendee to Espen’s recent webinar asked how to check tables for corruption. This kind of ties into my recent post on InnoDB’s handling of corrupted pages, because the best way to check for corruption is with CHECK TABLES, but if a page is corrupt, InnoDB will crash the server to prevent access to the corrupt data.

MySQL command line vs. visual editors - reflections

My previous post drew some attention, and in particular two comments I wish to relate to. I also wish to make a more fine-grained observation on visual editors.

One comment is by Peter Laursen, who rejected the generalization in my post, and another by wlad, who was harsher (but to the point), suggesting my post translated to "I don't know it, therefore it sucks".

Central Virginia MySQL Meetup has reached cruising altitude

The first Central Virginia MySQL Meetup was a nice little howdy-do, and as a test flight, I think it showed that the bird can get off the ground quite nicely. So, with the generous help of our meeting host Meddius, we’re going to do it regularly on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. The next event is already scheduled — I will be talking about high availability options for MySQL.

MySQL Cluster 7.1.19 is available to download

The binary version for MySQL Cluster 7.1.19 has now been made available at (GPL version) or (comm

MySQL Embedded Online Forum — Tuesday

MySQL Embedded Online Forum

Tuesday, January 31, 2012 9:00AM PST – 12:00 PM PST

Think You Know MySQL? Get the Facts.

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