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Fishing with dynamite, brought to you by the randgen and dbqp

I tend to speak highly of the random query generator as a testing tool and thought I would share a story that shows how it can really shine. At our recent dev team meeting, we spent approximately 30 minutes of hack time to produce test cases for 3 rather hard to duplicate bugs. Of course, I would also like to think that the way we have packaged our randgen tests into unittest format for dbqp played some small part, but I might be mildly biased.

Setting per-server threshold in MySQL Enterprise Monitor

I was speaking with a MySQL customer last week and he had a feature request for MEM. He wants different servers to have different threshold values for certain MEM advisor rules and suggests that users be allowed to override the thresholds when scheduling the rule against a server – just as you can with the refresh interval.

Quoting text JavaScript/Python style

Unless your MySQL is configured to use ANSI_QUOTES in sql_mode, you are able to quote your text in one of two forms: using single quotes or double quotes:

Review of Virident FlashMAX MLC cards

I have been following Virident for a long time (e.g. They have great PCIe Flash cards based on SLC NAND.
I always thought that Virident needed to come up with an MLC card, and I am happy to see they have finally done so.

MySQL Enterprise Monitor Part II

Last time, I installed the MySQL Enterprise Monitor and the Monitor Agent on an Ubuntu system. I was able to get both parts to talk to each other and get the graphs to display.

When documentation is code

One of the things I think we did right with Maatkit (and now with Percona Toolkit) is making the documentation part of the code itself. So much redundancy and wrong documentation has been eliminated by making the tool actually read its own documentation when it starts up. As an example, the default value of the –shorten option is defined in the documentation (it’s Perldoc) like this:

Slides from Percona Live,London are now available

We had a lot of great technical presentations at Percona Live, London If you did not have a chance to attend or if you did but could not be at 5 rooms at the same time you can check out slides which have been just made available for download for most of the talks. Enjoy and see you on our future events !

MySQL Enterprise Monitor

MySQL Enterprise Monitor or MEM is a tool to watch over one instance to a farm of MySQL servers, to warn you of problems, and can advise you on fixing problems.

Emulating global transaction ID with pt-heartbeat

Global transaction IDs are being considered for a future version of MySQL. A global transaction ID lets you determine a server’s replication position reliably, among other benefits. This is great when you need to switch a replica to another master, or any number of other needs.

Replication stars

Working with replication, you come across many topologies, some of them sound and established, some of them less so, and some of them still in the realm of the hopeless wishes. I have been working with replication for almost 10 years now, and my wish list grew quite big during this time. In the last 12 months, though, while working at Continuent, some of the topologies that I wanted to work with have moved from the cloud of wishful thinking to the firm land of things that happen. My quest for star replication starts with the most common topology. One master, many slaves.

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