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Speaking at the Southern Computer Measurement Group meeting on Thursday

I’ll be presenting at the Southern Computer Measurement Group’s meeting on Thursday. I’ll discuss how to extract scalability and performance metrics from TCP/IP packet headers. Registration is inexpensive, but it’s even less if you register by Monday. There is a full schedule of other good talks — it is an all-day meeting.

MySQL Enterprise Backup Part I

This is the first in a series of postings on the MySQL Enterprise tools. I know most of you reading are dedicated community server users but you may have wondered ‘What do you get when you buy MySQL Enterprise server?’

Impressions from Percona Live, London

Am now back from Percona Live, London. Here are some quick impressions of mine.

The physical location of the conference was excellent, not far from Tower Bridge. The conference area itself was nice and has good atmosphere. Very well organized. Kudos to Percona!


The official theme for the conference was "Discover the Power of MySQL". However, looking back at the conference, I think the de-facto theme was "High Availability and Scale Out for MySQL".

Book Review – The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

href="" rel="attachment wp-att-1790"> class="alignleft size-full wp-image-1790" title="lean startup" src="" alt="The Lean Startup cover" width="148" height="224" />What do you do after founding not one, but two companies and watching them fail miserably all by the time you were barely out of college?

Contest for Glory: write a self throttling MySQL query

What's all this about?

I've you've been to my talk in London, then you've already got this as homework. If not, allow me to fill in the details:

I was speaking about MySQL's programmatic nature in many aspects (best if you read the slides!). We discussed user defined variables, derived tables, ordering constructs, order of evaluation, time suspension and time calculation.

Slides from my talk: "Programmatic Queries: things you can code with SQL"

Here are the slides from my talk Programmatic Queries: things you can code with SQL held on October 25th on the Percona Live event, London.

Programmatic Queries: PDF

I wish to thank those who attended my talk.

Clustrix benchmarks under tpcc-mysql workload

I’ve been working with Clustrix team for long time on the evaluation of Clustrix product, and this is the report on performance characteristics of Clustrix under tpcc-mysql workload.

Looking for InnoDB/XtraDB hacker

We are happy to see that Percona Server/XtraDB and XtraBackup are raising popularity and to keep excitement we want to have more features and more performance fixes! If you are experienced software engineer and feel strong enough to hack InnoDB/XtraDB code we invite you to join our development team to work on the following (but not limited to) problems:

Why generalists are better at scaling the web

Recently at href="" target="_blank">Surge 2011, the annual  conference on scalability  and performance, Google's CIO Ben Fried gave an illuminating href="" target="_blank">keynote address. His main insight was that generalists are the people that will lead engineering teams in successfully scaling the web.

Free Percona Live London Reception at Revolution Bar

Even if you didn’t make it to Percona Live London, you can get the chance to hang out with us.
We’re giving a reception at the Revolution Bar America Square just a few meters walk from the Tower Hill Underground between 17:30 and 19:30 today (Tuesday 25 October 2011).

All friends of Percona are welcome. See you there!

Thanks to Clustrix for sponsoring the drinks.

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