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Presentation: OpenStack QA – Walkthrough of Processes, Tools and Code

Last night I gave a short webinar to some folks about the basics of contributing to the Tempest project, which is the OpenStack integration test suite. It was the first time I’d used Google Docs to create and give a presentation and I must say I was really impressed with the ease-of-use of Google Docs Presentation. Well done, Google.

High Performance MySQL Third Edition pre-order available

You can pre-order the new edition of High Performance MySQL now on Amazon or via O’Reilly’s website.

Create 3 nodes XtraDB Cluster in 3 minutes

I understand that the new technology can be scaring and this makes entry barriers to try and get familiar with it.
That’s why I created simple set of scripts which setup N nodes cluster on running EC2 instances.

Who wants to write a storage engine?

LevelDB is here. It might make an interesting storage engine for MySQL as it has many performance benefits at the cost of a few limitations: no multi-statement transactions and MyISAM-like concurrency. I doubt we will ever get a production quality LevelDB storage engine for MySQL because the storage engine API is hard, so hard that such projects require funding. This is unfortunate.

Making the impossible: 3 nodes intercontinental replication

In this post I want to show new possibilities which open with Percona XtraDB Cluster.
We will create 3 nodes Cluster with nodes on different continents (Europe, USA, Japan) and each node will accept write queries.
Well, you theoretically could create 3 node traditional MySQL ring replication, but this is not what you want to use day-to-day.

Documentation in SQL: CALL for help()

Documentation is an important part of any project. On the projects I maintain I put a lot of effort on documentation, and, frankly, the majority of time spent on my projects is on documentation.

The matter of keeping the documentation faithful is a topic of interest. I'd like to outline a few documentation bundling possibilities, and the present the coming new documentation method for common_schema. I'll talk about any bundling that is NOT man pages.


SCALE is going to top off a day of MySQL session on January 20th with a Birds of a Feather Session at 18:00 in the Century AB room. Come meet the MySQL Community Team and lets talk MySQL!

MySQL Tech Tours — Santa Clara, El Segundo & Raleigh

MySQL Tech Tour Event – Santa Clara, CA
Thursday, February 9, 2012

MySQL Tech Tour Event – El Segundo, CA
Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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