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Innodb Table Locks

Innodb uses row level locks right ? So if you see locked tables reported in SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS you might be confused and rightfully so as Innodb table locking is a bit more complicated than traditional MyISAM table locks.

Let me start with some examples. First lets run SELECT Query:

Percona’s “Developer Training for MySQL” is now available via Live Virtual Training

Today, Percona announces that Live Virtual Training is now an option for busy professionals.

Percona Live NY 2012 Super Saver discounts end tomorrow. Book Now!

If you’re looking for best prices for Percona Live NY 2012, taking place Oct 1,2 in New York do not delay and book now. Super Saver discounts ends tomorrow, which can save you hundreds of dollars off conference prices list prices. These are the best prices you can get by booking early – There will be no other discounts available that will get you to this price.

See you in Los Angeles and San Diego August 1st and 2nd

I will be Southern California next week at two public events in Los Angeles and San Diego. MySQL 5.6 Update on August 1st and MySQL: New Features, Programming Mistakes and Optimization on August 2nd. Both are in Oracle offices, start at 7PM, and there will be Pizza! Please be totally cool dudes and dudettes and RSVP so we can order enough pizza to keep things totally tubular! And there will be MySQL SWAG given away!

VMWare VM - The Default Platform for MySQL

The MySQL Market Continues to Grow
I am continuing to see the continued growth of MySQL not only in the SMB market but in Fortune 500 accounts.    I recently asked a large customer what their distribution of databases is and they responded with:

2000 Oracle databases
4000 SQL Server databases
6000 MySQL databases

MySQL the Internet Database Platform

Since taking over MySQL, Oracle has added

SQL Injection Questions Followup

I presented a webinar today about SQL Injection, to try to clear up some of the misconceptions that many other blogs and articles have about this security risk.  You can register for the webinar even now that I’ve presented it, and you’ll be emailed a link to the recording, which will be available soon.

During my webinar, a number of attendees asked some good questions, and I wasn’t able to answer them all before the hour was up.  Here are the questions and my answers.

Dilbert — How long to train a DBA? Dallas MySQL Users Group Meeting

Today’s Dilbert asks how long to train a technical writer to become a Database Analyst. The answer? 45 minutes!

Percona XtraDB Cluster: Failure Scenarios with only 2 nodes

During the design period of a new cluster, it is always advised to have at least 3 nodes (this is the case with PXC but it’s also the same with PRM). But why and what are the risks ?

Save Money on MySQL Connect, MySQL Community Team presentations in August

Save money on your ticket to MySQl Connect by registering on or before the 27th of July. This is your chance to talk to the engineers that write MySQL, the folks at the big companies who are doing amazing things with MySQL, and network with other MySQL-ers.

And you can catch the MySQL Community Team at these events:

New variable slave_max_allowed_packet for slave servers

One month ago I wrote about how a big read_buffer_size could break the replication. The bug is indeed not solved but now there is an official workaround to ease this problem using a new configuration variable:

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