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UTF-8 with MySQL and LAMP

A recent question on a mailing list was the best practices for UTF-8 and PHP/MySQL. The following are the configurations I used in my multi-language projects.

btrfs – probably not ready yet

Every time I have a conversation on SSD, someone mentions btrfs filesystem. And usually it is colored as a solution that will solve all our problems, improve overall performance and SSD in particular, and it is a saviour. Of course it caught my curiosity and I decided to perform a benchmark similar to what I did on ext4 filesystem over Intel 520 SSD.

Have you tested pt-online-schema-change?

I’ve been seeing a lot of interest in pt-online-schema-change (nonblocking MySQL schema changes), with a lively discussion on the mailing list (which I think I’m not keeping up with…) and a couple of bug reports filed. I’m really interested whether people have tested it rigorously to ensure that it maintains your data integrity. I have done so, and there is a set of tests for it in the codebase, but nothing replaces real-world testing.

MySQL Cluster 7.2.6 is available for download

The binary version for MySQL Cluster 7.2.6 has now been made available at (GPL version) or (comme

Getting rid of huge ibdata file, no dump required

You have been told (guilty as charged), that the only way to get rid of the huge InnoDB tablespace file (commonly named ibdata1), when moving to innodb_file_per_table, is to do a logical dump of your data, completely erase everything, then import the dump.

Intel 520 SSD in MySQL sysbench oltp benchmark

In my raw IO benchmark of Intel 520 SSD we saw that the drive does not provide uniform throughput and response time, but it is interesting how does it affect workload if it comes from MySQL.
I prepared benchmarks results for Sysbench OLTP workload with MySQL running on Intel 520.
You can download it there.


The Roucky Mountain Oracle Users Group’s MySQL Special Interest Group met today for four presentations.

Effective MySql’s Ronald Bradford explaining Explain

Upcoming conferences to learn more about MySQL Cluster & Replication

There are a couple of conferences coming up where you can expect to learn about the latest developments in MySQL Cluster and MySQL Replication (as well as what else is happening in MySQL 5.6).

Training in London next week

I’m going to deliver MySQL Training next week (May 21-24) in London.
This is a rare opportunity as I do not personally deliver a lot of Training, especially outside of US. There are still some places left if you want to sign up.

You will also get a signed copy of High Performance MySQL 3rd edition as an attendee.

Benchmarking single-row insert performance on Amazon EC2

I have been working for a customer benchmarking insert performance on Amazon EC2, and I have some interesting results that I wanted to share. I used a nice and effective tool iiBench which has been developed by Tokutek. Though the “1 billion row insert challenge” for which this tool was originally built is long over, but still the tool serves well for benchmark purposes.

OK, let’s start off with the configuration details.

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