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Announcing Percona Server 5.1.65-14.0

Percona is glad to announce the release of Percona Server 5.1.65-14.0 on September 4th, 2012 (Downloads are available here and from the Percona Software Repositories).

When is MIN(DATE) != MIN(DATE) ?

Inspiration for this post is courtesy of a friend and former colleague of mine, Greg Youngblood, who pinged me last week with an interesting MySQL puzzle. He was running Percona Server 5.5.21 with a table structure that looks something like this:

 update_time DATETIME NOT NULL,
 INDEX `uid` (uid, update_time),
 INDEX `bar` (some_other_columns)

When he ran this query:

common_schema 1.1 released: split(), try-catch, killall(), profiling

I'm very happy to announce the release of common_schema, version 1.1 (revision 300).

This version boasts with compelling new features: innovative QueryScript syntax, libraries, views which add to your skills as a DBA, making some maintenance and management tasks a breeze.

Two Dallas talks this week!

Two talks in the Dallas area this week. On Tuesday, the North Texas MySQL Users Group, a special interest group of the Dallas Oracle Users Group, is meeting and the subject will be MySQL 101. So please load MySQL and Workbench on a laptop (or try to) and we will go over the basics. RVP so we can get the right amount of pizza ordered!

What should a DBA do?

I was thinking recently about what a DBA does, and decided to blog about what I think a DBA could/should do. Most DBAs I know are mired in day-to-day firefighting and time-consuming tedium. This forces them to operate in reactive mode (because they don’t have enough time to “get caught up”), and keeps them from more valuable things they could be doing. Here’s my short and incomplete list:

Looking for MySQL 4.1

I had need today to download a version of MySQL 4.1 to test something. The MySQL Developer Zone archives no longer provides any software before 5.0.

While this may have long reached EOL and is no longer support, customers still do run this version of MySQL.

Anybody that can help out with binaries (on several OS’s), it would be appreciated.

Dealing with deadlocks in a busy MySQL server

The servers I help manage have a lot of deadlocks, especially around a few central tables that are important to many business functions. The queries against them are complex, and they crunch a lot of data in some cases. As a result, we have long-running transactions that often deadlock against others, and there are even many short-running jobs that touch only a single row at a time that can’t get their work done sometimes.

Visualization tools for pt-query-digest tables

When you process MySQL slow query logs using pt-query-digest you can store samples of each query into query_review table and historical values for review trend analysis into query_review_history table. But it could be difficult to easily browse those tables without a good GUI tool.

Month of August in Percona Community Forums

Month was a busy month in Percona Community Forums with a lot of great questions asked and most answered. It is great to see both independent community and Percona employees participating in discussion. Thank you. Here are some things you would learn from following Percona Forums in August:

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