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Webinar: The Proper Care and Feeding Of MySQL Databases for Busy Linux Administrators with David Stokes

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 12 PM EST / 4 PM GMT

Are you a Linux Admin who ‘also has’ MySQL DBA responsibilities but no DBA training? Do you wonder why databases are the problem children of all the software services you are responsible for? Then this webinar is for you. You’ll learn all about:

Percona Live Amsterdam - September 21-23, 2015

PL EuropeLogo FullInv CMYK Final Horiz EMAIL

I am attending Percona Live Amsterdam 2015 on September 21-23, 2015.

I will be on stage three times:

MongoDB and Percona TokuMX Security Guidelines

Several reports we’re published in the news about how easy it is to access data stored in some NoSQL systems, including MongoDB. This is not surprising because security was rather relaxed in earlier versions of MongoDB . This post lists some of the common vulnerabilities in MongoDB and Percona TokuMX.

Webinar: Writing Application Code for MySQL High Availability Followup Questions

Thanks to all who attended my webinar last week on Writing Application Code for MySQL High Availability.  This blog is for me to address the extra questions I didn’t have time to answer on the stream.What do you think about using Galera Cluster but writing to a single Node with LVS ?Whatever HA strategy you like that can present  a layer 3 or layer 4 to your application tier is fine.  A lot of people using PXC us it in a single-writer (master/slave) kind of way.

How 1and1 failed me

I manage this blog myself. Not just the content, but also the technology it runs on. The systems & servers are from a hosting company called And recently I had some serious problems. Join 31,000 others and follow Sean Hull on twitter @hullsean. The publishing platform wordpress, as a few versions out of date.

Three wishes for a new year

Another new year by Jewish calendar. What do I wish for the following year?

  1. World peace
  2. Good health to all
  3. Decent, operations friendly built in online table refactoring

The existing online ALTER TABLE solution is still not there. It does not take into consideration the load on the server. In replication stream it's serialized just as any other statement. It's not easy to stop/revert in case of problem.

Improving Sakila database

The Sakila sample database was created almost 10 years ago, as a sample set of data for MySQL courses and examples.

The database was developed by MySQL employees, with substantial contributions form the community.

Beta Test MySQL SWAG

The latest version of MySQL Sakila SWAG is being beta tested this week at the Pacific Northwest PHP Conference.

Plush Sakila on left, Stress Relief Sakila on righ

Plush Sakila on left, Stress Relief Sakila on righ

Percona TokuMX 2.0.2 is now available

Percona is glad to announce the release of Percona TokuMX 2.0.2 on September 10th 2015.

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