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No Error Log Table, So No Choices Correct? (7990)

Thanks to Steven Feuerstein PL/SQL Challenge for this story

The 13 October quiz tested your knowledge of the DBMS_ERRLOG package and what happens when you try to create an error logging table for a table that has unsupported column types, such as CLOB.

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Several players wrote with objections along this line:

I disagree with your answer to this quiz. You say that ORA-00942... propagates unhandled from the block. While this is true, I still selected 'none of the answers are true' because before this error shows, you get the following error when you attempt to execute the create_error_log statement: 'ORA-20069: unsupported column type(s) found: CLOB_VALUE....' so in my opinion, none of the answers are correct.

The question stated "I execute the following statements:" and indeed the execution of this block:

   DBMS_ERRLOG.create_error_log (dml_table_name => 'PLCH_EMPLOYEES');

will result in ORA-20069 being raised. But we never stated that each of these statements ran without error, only that we ran them.

Then, because the error logging table was not created, the attempt to use LOG ERRORS with the DML statement causes ORA-00942 (table or view does not exist) to be raised.

My main objective with this quiz was to make you aware that you could get a very puzzling error (table or view does not exist) from a DML statement against a table that clearly does exist. It is not in any way obvious that the error has to do with the fact that the underlying, unnamed error logging table does not exist.

But if you agree that "this is true" - that (to repeat the choice we scored as correct):

The following exception propagates unhandled from the block:
ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

Then I do not see how you can also argue that no choices are correct.

Your thoughts?

Cheers, Steven Feuerstein

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