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ORA-7445 core dump [kokscold()+849] from EM 12c

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Original Post can be viewed at ORA-7445 core dump [kokscold()+849] from EM 12c

The first problem reported by my EM 12c is an ORA-7445 error. After checking the alert log following is the exact message:

Sun Feb 19 12:09:41 2012 Errors in file /u01/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/pkldb/pkldb/trace/pkldb_j035_14712.trc (incident=52961): ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [kokscold()+849] [SIGSEGV] [ADDR:0x50] [PC:0x115E16F] [Address not mapped to object] [] Incident details in: /u01/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/pkldb/pkldb/incident/incdir_52961/pkldb_j035_14712_i52961.trc

From the incident trace file:

*** 2012-02-19 12:09:43.016 dbkedDefDump(): Starting a non-incident diagnostic dump (flags=0x3, level=3, mask=0x0) ----- Current SQL Statement for this session (sql_id=azmq8z48r7wk4) ----- /* SQL Analyze(117,1) */ MERGE INTO MGMT_ARU_PATCH_RECOMMENDATIONS p USING (SELECT :1 as patch_guid, :2 as PATCH_TYPE, :3 as BUG_ID, :4 as REQUEST_ID, :5 as PLATFORM_ID, :6 as PRODUCT_ID, :7 as RELEASE_ID , :8 as LANGUAGE_ID, :9 as CLASSIFICATION_ID, :10 as PLATFORM, :11 as PRODUCT, :12 as RELEASE, :13 as LANGUAGE, :14 as CLASSIFICATION, :15 as ARU_TARGET_TYPE, :16 as ABSTRACT, :17 as RELEASE_DATE, :18 as LOAD_TIMESTAMP, :19 as TEXT_CONTENT, :20 as SUPPORT_LEVEL, :21 as SUPPORT_LEVEL_ID FROM DUAL) n ON [Read More] Weblog

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