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Oracle PL/SQL (Procedural Language/Structured Query Language) resources, news, and support articles.

Steven Feuerstein, Tree Killer

I don't just like trees. I am in awe of trees. Sometimes, I must confess, I do walk up to a tree to trace the texture of its bark with my fingers, or just lean up against the big trunk, feel its strength, and age, look up to follow the wonderful twisting branches up into the sky.

And now, October, of course, it is time to have one's breath taken away by the changing leaf colors, as in:

No more daily quizzes? Oh my!

In case you ever have visited the PL/SQL Challenge or generally follow my obsessive behaviors, I have just announced at the PL/SQL Challenge blog that I plan to stop offering daily quizzes starting in 2014.

Feedback Needed: A new vision for the PL/SQL Challenge

We started the PL/SQL Challenge in April 2010 with a daily PL/SQL quiz. Over the years since, we have added weekly APEX, SQL and Logic quizzes, as well as monthly quizzes, quarterly championships and much, much more: over 1,200 to date!

Through it all we published five new quizzes on PL/SQL each week, come rain or shine, holiday or workday. And it should come as no big surprise, given that this whole site was my idea (Steven Feuerstein), that I have written more quizzes than everyone else combined: over 1,000. Wow.

Television is not our best friend

My granddaughter, Loey, will be two at the end of October 2013. She is a delight. And very observant. Several times in the past two weeks, as I've been holding her - so her face is close to mine - and I say something, she'll stick her index finger in my mouth and say:

"What's this?"

And I realize she is pointing at a filling, a blob of shiny metal in my mouth (actually, whole lots of them. I am a good flosser and fine brusher, but I am also an awesome eater. I have had many cavities in my life).

Instant Column Removal

alter table to_make_cols_vanish_instantly
set unused (the_cols_you_want_to_drop);

Dropping columns from large tables can be a time consuming process. Setting
columns unused is a very handy way to "drop" columns in your miniscule
release window.

Quiz Week, Day 5: Film SQL Brainteasers

Finishing up the week, we’re back onto films again, I hope you enjoyed this week’s quizzes. If you missed any, then take a look at the TV shows, albums, books and computer games. As always, put your answers in the comments.

Quiz Week, Day 4: Computer Game SQL Brainteasers

Another three SQL brainteasers for you today, this time popular computer games (look back for TV shows, albums and books). As always, put your answers in the comments.

Quiz Week, Day 3: Book SQL Brainteasers

Following on from TV shows and albums, we’re onto famous books today. As before, enter your answers in the comments.

Vivian Vulture - a Children's Book

I don't just write books about PL/SQL. I also write children's books (much, much harder!). In fact, back in 1991, I wrote my all-time favorite: Vivian Vulture. My incredibly talented wife, Veva Silva, did some fantastic illustrations for it and we plan to publish it soon via Amazon's Createspace. 

Loey Loves Boots

Conversation with Veva Silva a few nights ago:
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